Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Boycott works

      Rugby world cup trophys on tour
   The start of the huge Gay Pride parade in Dublin.

Just a few words on the passing of time.
Photo problems mean that I cannot load the photos I want.
I will go to my Chinese Guru for a lesson on how to use a computer tomorrow.
Today I met a girl who had Circus connections..She said that even though all the Circus families are are not related that they are all connected through their trade and their art. She was surprised that I knew some showman Polari a secret language used by showmen to communicate secretly in public.

A lady who had a PR company called "Carrot Pr"

A really tight Belgian banker who told me how much she enjoyed the trip and waited for €1 change
"and my receipt"
Then straight away I picked up 2 guys who had used the wrong exit at the airport, €5 tip!

So the canteen at the Kesh where the taxis wait was taken over by a new American company.

Big changes were a comin, fewer staff, different rosters, different opening hours.
The staff in that canteen are very polite and popular.
So the drivers had a boycott of the flyers cafe for 3 days. 
And on the fourth day after loosing thousands of euro the Yankee company realized that the Irish taxi drivers would not be bullied and they gave written agreements to the staff as it should have been from the start.
Wow that place was busy today.

I have a credit card payment system called "Paylaven"It connects to your mobile via bluetooth,
It packed up a few weeks ago and they replaced it. Got it installed and matched to my phone again,
Today I had an American lady to the airport, no its not chip and pin card she said,so I swiped it and a panel appeared on my phone
"Signature Required"
She signed with her finger on the phone
"Checking signature"
"Signature verified...Payment complete"

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