Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Regency shoot out

Last week at the Regency hotel there was  a weigh in for a boxing match.

Crime and the sport of boxing travel hand in hand and once in a while everything comes to the surface.
The video below shows the panic as 2 pistol carrying and 2 AK47 shooters came in and did their business.
I passed the venue a few hours later and picked up two men a woman and a kid, all the buzz was about what happened. The men were tough enough, both boxers and then one got a text.............Next thing he got a video of the shooting.
You could plainly hear a kid shouting "Daddy Daddy help me!"
It was the voice of the child in the back seat of the taxi.
I shouted "Turn that off, Son your daddy was there to protect you all the time. Don't you be a bit afraid."
The dad realized what he had done and said that it gave him a hell of a fright as well.
Their car was in the car park and was locked in and they had to go back to Galway and come back again and collect it later.
Then on Monday another shooting. It seems like bad blood problems need to be worked out.

Crime and boxing often come hand in hand look at Frank Warren the boxing promoter who was shot at one time.

I have had a problem with a porter at the Westbury hotel..
This is the problem.

So what can I say, a car pulls up behind me, he goes up to the porter and gives him something.
The driver approaches me and says"I have a booking but I can't park in front of the hotel, you know"
The next person out to the airport is for him.
This scumbag robber charges between €30 to €50 for an airport job.
Which should cost around €25
If they complain he says "This is a Mercedes, what do you expect?"

If I complain to the "Managers" they will say that it is nothing to do with them.

But the customer remembers that their hotel porter led them to a cab that charged them 50% more than normal.

This could become a bigger problem

Something lighter  

Friday, February 05, 2016

Death of the perfectionest

Tram lines going down on O'Connell St.Note the 30Kph sign

Clearys store stands closed and the removal men clear out the remaining stock from Boyers
which closed down last week.
Its an awful kick in the arse to be shown the door after 30.40 or even 50 years service.
I hope their ambition does not guide them towards taxi driving.
I wish them all the best of luck, its not easy for the young or old to find a job.

Here I am taking a break, not much work on the streets at the moment.
"Herring days"As they say in London.

You know its very important that you take life at a steady pace.
So I will cut my cloth and relax a bit.

Ambition drives many people on..
To be the best in the business, without doubt they are the best.
This is what it is all about!
Take the chef Benoit Violier (link) who killed himself just after his restaurant was voted the best in the world.
He killed himself as many believe he could not stand the pressure of failure.

I read once in the Sunday Times of a restaurant in Italy which was very successful.

If you wanted to eat there you had to book many weeks in advance.
One day a small gent was eating there and after his meal he asked to meet the owner.
The small man said "Good afternoon my name is Egon Ronay I compose the good food guide!
This place is a really first class establishment and we would like to honor you with two gold stars, an honor which has never been given to any establishment before ."
"Sir we are so happy that you have come to this quiet corner of Italy, did you enjoyed your meal? Yes?"
So they talked about food, about life and he introduced him to his entire staff.
"Now monsieur Ronay, I love this place, our staff are motivated,happy and keen to learn, The people who supply my food strive to be the best.Our clients are the best in the world. They have no great expectations when they come through the door, but mostly they leave happy and content.

Now if you put a great award into the equation things will change.
Food critics would arrive to critasie my food..Just to make a name for themselves..
Others would try to demand free meals just for a good report.
Perhaps you can see where I an standing now?
Here is your bill Mr Ronay. Please come back again, you will be very very welcome"

This was the first ever restaurant to turn down gold stars,
A Chef in France killed himself a few years ago when he lost one of his two stars, the father of beautiful twin boys.
As a mark of respect to his great art as a wonderful chef many restaurants in France gave back their gold stars.

So which is the best way to measure success?

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Look after the poor.

                               A highly nervous person lives in this yellow house in Crumlin 6 cameras

A really good one the other day.
A celebrity chef gets into a taxi, at the journeys end he says "I have no change, I will pay you later.You know who I am?"
As quick as a flash the driver said we will go to the Garda station and we will take it from there.
Then the conversation went over and back. Look said the taxi driver I will need proof that you said you would pay me later. "But I only have a €50 note."
"That's fine, give it to me and I will give you the change when I see you again".
Big change of attitude.

I know the guy and he is a complete asshole, I would love to capture him on video and plaster him all over YouTube....  His celebrity days are numbered.

There is a saying "Be kind to people on the way up. They will remember you and be kind to you on the way back down".For some it is a very short journey.

I got a reality check today a rough enough guy waving down the taxi. I paused and stopped.
He turned around to a woman with a buggy, he was so happy.
"We have been trying to get a taxi for ages, we have been in Temple St.hospital since 7pm last night and were wrecked.
Springarden St.please"
I felt a right heel but he looked like a junkie and you never know.
On arrival with €6.50 on the clock I asked for €5 "No son take a €10"
"I want to give you some good luck so take the fiver back, buy a treat for the child."
Only then would he take it back, there is a hell of a gap between the rich and the poor. The poor look after the workers,I suppose they know what it is like to work hard for little money.
Contrast that to a client getting out on Westminster Rd, 2 Jags in the drive and they put out their hands for 20c change.

Last night I had a girl from Sweden in the car, her accent was strange. She came from Persia (Iran).
I couldn't see her face in the dark and as I helped her out with her bags I saw her face, beautiful black hair and dark eyes, "Wow you look amazing and your black hair is so strong."
"Its a strange fact of life, In Sweden they find me very attractive. But I want to have blue eyes,fair skin and blond hair. We always want what we haven't got"She said laughing

On that subject someone in Ireland won €66 million in the Euromillions jackpot.
I kid you not about telling people, everyone changes towards you when you inherit a windfall like that.

If you win it tell no one, give a bit to the homeless and to Fr.McVerry to help in his fight against drugs. As Chuck Feeney once said "Anyone could live on $3 Million, so give away the rest"

By the way he has funded education in Ireland to the tune of €1.5 Billion A hell of a guy.

I just found this.

In Ireland, the list of educational projects associated with Atlantic is enormous:
€13.5 million to develop Boole Library at UCC;
€20.5 million for the Tyndall National Institute;
 €22.2 million for The Helix at DCU;
€13.1 million for Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience;
€9.1 million for TCD Ussher Library;
€9.8 million for the National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science at NUI Galway;
€21.9 million for UL’s Bernal research project.
On it goes.
“No buildings bear Chuck’s name,” notes Atlantic’s chief executive, Christopher G Oechsli, “though in a couple, someone managed to sneak a plaque on to a wall . . . But Chuck has been clear about this. He has been known to insist that, if a name is to appear somewhere on a plaque or honour roll, it be the name of another donor who was willing to take his challenge to contribute in a big way.”

Yes and when I met him he gave me a €5 tip.

January is gone ! Wow so many flowers are open its mad.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Uber has bigger plans, starting in Limerick


 From the back of a New York bus before Christmas.

There will be big trouble ahead for taxi drivers in Ireland if Ubers plans go ahead.
They are opening up Uber to ride sharing using ordinary cars.
This means that un vetted people will be logging on and picking up.
Uber says that they will cover the public liability aspect of the insurance, but they do mot have a license to pick people up.

Prepare to smell gun smoke !

Just Google Uber driver and you will see what I mean.
Look at what is just happening in Paris,,,, and not for the first time.
Uber Pop is what will be coming to Limerick.

Click here to read more.
While you are at it take a click here

There is a lot more on YouTube

Its ok for me I am about to retire, but driving a taxi in future will hold no kudos for anyone.
It will be a race to the bottom for the worst transport service in the world.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Turner display ending.

                                     Georgian Dublin
                                Inside the National gallery
                                         Turners "Sunset over Petworth Park, Sussex.

Turner painted many water colors Sunrise,sunsets. storms all done just right.

But the paintings can only be shown in the month of January when the light is at its lowest.

The gallery is closed on Mondays so there is only 5 days left to see them.

While you are there take a look at the Carravego a priceless work of art.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lotto dreams

This fantastic speed boat was on O'Connell St last Wednesday.
I feel that it was there to advertise the Lotto, or perhaps we are going to get ocean racing in Dublin.
Princess Caroline of Monaco married a playboy who loved to race these beasts, he almost bankrupted the principality before he got killed, which brought his lavish lifestyle to an end.

Expensive beasts for sure..

I am cutting back with the taxi work. the house and garden take a few hours out of each day.
It needs to be done and I am cheaper than the bought in help.

For conversation I often in the taxi I might throw in "Where are you going now?"
Job interview seems to come in a lot at present.
Two guys last week from Google were going to Bangalore in India for a wedding

Then "What are you hoping to do?" brought in an unusual answer from a girl today.
She said she hopes to do nursing, she had done a junior nursing course but she had a traumatic experience and had to give it up. "It was a stillborn baby and I wasn't expecting it. I went into shock and had to give it up, next year I will start again, I am much stronger now"

All our lives are like planets spinning and revolving around our suns, some we get close to to have a look at what is going on.

This time next month Blackpool magicians convention will be over.

Just to give you a taste of the North of England sense of humor I will give you this.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

A little scam

Simon Lovell was one of the stars of that piece.

A British magician

Look at him here.

A taxi driver picks someone and gets beaten up robbed in Lucan and his taxi hijacked...
Reg,131D9768  Roof sign 24895 Silver Skoda Superb If you see it report it.

So when the guys involved are caught they get a 2 year suspended sentence and laugh at the poor taxi driver on their way out of the court.

Now look at this.

He was caught by the police and the video went viral.
The punks boss called him in and said "Hit the road Jack, you're fired"

Now go to YouTube and see him cry big crocodile tears.


Just a tip for you drivers out there..  CS gas or Pepper spray are illegal, so is a stun gun.

You know your bad shoulder might need that Deep Heat spray from time to time.?

Well cut 3 inches of thick string and run it down from the back of the nozzle.
Take masking tape from the top to the back of the aerosol covering the thick string, a small piece of tape to stop the nozzle turning, now when you take the aerosol into your hand you know instantly which way it is pointing.

Suddenly in an attack you are back in the driving seat.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The day I blew a fuse.

When you have traveled as many miles as the average taxi driver has you begin to get a 5th sense when something is not right.
Then something else happens and you are even more aware that all is not well.
She lives down beside the bridge at Blackhall Place she is from South America, Bolivia I think.
Many hundreds of people come here from S.America, most do very well but it is so hard to succeed.
It only takes you to meet one toxic person to ruin your entire life.
This young lady is being trafficked into prostitution I believe.
Little things she said! Like one minute phone calls etc.

What can you do?

A few years ago a beautiful young 18 year old Brazilian girl was going to St.Johns Rd. Sandymount, she was innocent and giddy, but as I pulled up at the house and took her bag from the boot she threw her arms around my neck and gave me a big hug.
"Thank you so much, I came here for a casting to become a model, I am so happy"

Nothing could convince her that this not how models are created, "you have to get a portfolio and an agent and even then it is not easy". I told her that I knew a photographer and gave her my number.
I heard nothing back, but I thought about her.

"What if she was your daughter John?" Said the voice in my head

So I took the  morning off, I rang the Garda HQ no answer.
Then  I rang Store St.Garda station and I asked was there any department which deals with vice or prostitution. I was told NO and then that the young lady in question should be deported.
There was no understanding of the situation at all, I rang 2 other Garda stations, Irishtown and Donnybrook.  No luck there either.
I took a break and had a brainwave.
I rang the woman's rape crisis center, a lady there knew exactly where I was coming from.
Ring this number Its a group called Ruhama, their aim is to rescue girls from vice with no blame.
After telling my story again to her I got a big thank you.
"If only other people paid attention"She said.
Please ring this number its "Operation Quest" they are based in Store St.Garda station.
The first place I spoke to.
Two days later someone from the nerve center of this elite squad rang me up to tell me that there was no St. Johns Rd. in Sandymount.Then they rang me 2 days later on to tell me that there was no house with that number on the street.
Then I blew a fuse !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So before you blow a fuse.

Ruhama   01 8360292
Mobile    086 8553853  
                       086 8288539

Now that you know something about it take a look at (click here).