Monday, June 20, 2016

My own cruise through a day.

                                 Amsterdam train station        
                            The bicycle shed

                                         Street art Dublin

Well here we are at the start of another week. I hope it will be a good one for you all.

I went to a show  a show a few weeks ago and while I was going over to get my tickets I popped into the show in the CHQ building (Click here) It was really massive, I told 2 hotel concierges about it..Both of them said that they knew nothing about it (4 and 5 star hotels) If I was in charge of marketing it I would give free family passes to every hotel worker and tour bus driver in the city.
If people don't see it they wont know how good it is.
By word of mouth word would soon spread around.

But in this day and age it doesn't surprise me that the people who should know don't.

Bloomsday passed over the heads of all those hotel staff.
The Shelbourne was the only people who made a big effort.

Anyhow that is all water under the bridge now.

Popping around going here and there.

As taxi drivers we meet all sorts and people of different manners.

Sometimes you make a quick judgment on someone, often right and sometimes so very wrong.
They got in near Grafton St heading for Gardner St Lower.
Two very hard looking women with a 2 year old child.
Traffic was slow and I took the quicker traffic route through Townsend St,,,,
Boy was I wrong going that way!
But I stopped the meter before we reached Tara St and crossed the river, then we came across an "Ambulance" with a green stripe on the back.
"God I hate to see them" she said.
"That's no ordinary ambulance, they use them to remove dead bodies" I said.

"I know that they took away my 14 year son in one.
I will never ever forget it"

So it was no good time floozies recovering after a big nights drink, it was the massive hangover after the loss of a child.

I never share my problems with strangers.
They are more than likely carrying a bigger cross.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Chuck Feeney

The most remarkable person I ever met.

Let him be an inspiration to you 

America brought out a law which said you could not donate more than $2,000 without declaring who you were.
I drove him to the press conference and read about him the next day.


Such a mild mannered and clever man I ever met

Monday, June 13, 2016

Aileans sighted

   At many main stations in Holland they have pianos with "play me" notices

This has to be an Celestial  landing craft..On a corner, Double lines,On a pedestrian crossing and on the footpath..
It has to be a space traveler!!!

You know I used to think that when it came to brains we were pretty much equal.
Here is an example that proves it is not so.
Two guys going to the American ambassadors residence, I overheard one of the guys ask the porter at the hotel
"what is the story about tipping?"
So later on off we went, the conversation was about jet lag etc.
Then one asked "Whats the guys name we are meeting?"

Perhaps these guys are the people from space?

So they were going to the American Ambassadors house, they were dressed in casuals and they didn't even know in a clear and definite way who they were meeting.
So we arrived €16.80.
I gave him a printed receipt and his change, as they got out I just happened to notice that one of them had a take away tea in his hand.
Instead of driving off I said.
"Lads if you are not on drugs or brain damaged could you take a look at yourselves?"

They looked at me as if I was stupid.

"You are going into an Embassy building dressed like 2 hippies, America is mourning a mass murder and you waltz in with a cup of tea in your hand!!!! Are yous fucking mad?"

They put the tea back into my cup hoder..

I guess the tip will come further down the line, but I won't hold my breath.

I hope they won't tip the porter either.

3 minutes later I picked up a Spanish family who were really lovely €14 for an €11 job.

The difference between people is immense.

Tank god for Tango.. Here is the wonderful Kristina and Julian showing you how.
Kristina is so wonderful click here

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Back from Holland

 Trappist monks make great beer.
 This road crosses the border

    A building in Amsterdam Yes the top leans out at least 2 ft.
 This is a car park which is under a lake, 3 floors or more.
They did it because they can.

A quick dash and I was gone to Holland.
I was there many years ago and my brother in law has lived there for more than 30 years, more than enough time for a visit.
The Dutch people are great workers,1/2 the country is under sea level. While we were there Paris got flooded.
No floods in Amsterdam.
It is well known that if the Dutch people lived in Ireland it would feed the world.
If the Irish lived in Holland we would drown.
 If you ever saw the truck loads of flowers coming into Dublin every week you would well believe it.

We fall very short when it comes to how things should be done.

A baby was in a parked car in the sun last week. 
Someone phoned for the cops but there wasn't a car available!!.
The people in the car beside it filmed the situation (Over 20c)  
When the parents came back they gave out to them and said that they would put the footage on you tube.  
Again the parents were not concerned.
But when it got attention the parents asked the Garda to have the footage taken down in case it distressed their parents.

Hold on!

The Garda couldn't send a car around and now they are concerned that someone might see the footage and be distressed!.

This is a load of Bollix.. 

But a dog died in a locked car last week and now they seem to be coming to grips with the situation. 

Back to work and may I say great as the Dutch are it is really great to be home. 

But as a wise man once said to me.

"Its easy to make the world a better place.
Just start in your own corner and work from there " 

As for the kid in the car?

And more of Uber.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Police are helpless (Or hopeless)

 This church in Booterstown is a bit strange.
It should have been built in Alexandria in Egypt.
 A grand day, you don;t often see it
  Google Google and here it is.

A good few years ago I picked up 2 Canadian guys.
"What do you guys do for a living?"
Judges    came the reply.
They were working on the inquiry into the Donegal garda.
There was a time that if a Garda was a bit of an asshole they would send him as far away as possible.
Donegal fitted the bill.
But one or two bad apples soon rots the whole barrel.
These guys were on a roll and fitted up a family who were standing up to them with a murder rap.

The inquiry tossed out a good bit of the truth, and people started to doubt that not everything a garda says is the truth.

In the modern day a certain Garda Morris McCabe in Bailieborough blew the whistle on what was happening on his beat. It is now alleged that the main tack in the senior gardas resolve was to paint him as a trouble maker and that he was doing this through malicious intent.
The effort to shut him up could have been used to sort out the garda shortcomings in the area, the incompetence resulted in the death of an innocent woman. The perpetrator was allowed to walk free eirlier after (it is alleged) a very serious assault was just put down to a slight push.
The taxi driver involved was not even told of the upcoming court case.

Anyhoo in Dublin the inter gang warfare continues.
Its not tit for tat. Its tat all the time. 6 hits against the Monk.
The garda are powerless to help or so they say.
Something happens and 100 garda arrive sirens blaring, they rope off the street and the shooters are 3 miles away.Drug dealers work in the open on Buckingham St and Aimiens St.
All in 100 yards of the Store St. Garda station.
A poor little girl from Brazil was caught by her back pack and spun around. On the ground she was punched and kicked then robbed.
Her fone stolen she was devastated, all her contacts gone.
The garda said that there is "Nothing they could do about it"


Well if you are in Dublin or if you are coming don't miss the Leonardo DeVinci exhibition in the national gallery(click here)

Anyhow the sun is shining now.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

The boss is back

Bruce Springsteen is back in town.

What a man he is slightly younger than me and he shows everyone that the rocking chair is for later.
I found his tour dates on the net and I tell you he works and plays very hard. Click here

Traffic was completely mad yesterday with the "Boss"and an Ireland/ Holland football match on at the same time. I went down to the ferry from Holyhead where 200 passengers were coming out with only 2 taxis waiting. My guy going into the city center with no luggage. Tough as nails he was and when we approached the center he announced that he had no money and needed to go to a bank link.
99 times out of 100 this means he is going to leave you standing while he does a runner.
My heart sank, but he said. "Hold my fone buddy, I'll be back". He did come back and gave me €20 for his €12 fare.
You can never tell,
A Russian man who would be the leading role in a gangster move did the "Keep the change" last week as well, he was a boxing promoter in Moldova.
Then a(supposedly) well brought kid in a really expensive area will punch you in the face and run off.

Then watch as they explain to a judge when they are caught.

 So this video comes along  "I am not that person, It's not me".
Who could it be?  Not once do we hear the words. I AM SO SO SORRY!

But these things happen in a flash, video is great.

Today my friends there is a march to highlight the number of family's who are homeless in Ireland.
Over 2,000 children have no place to call home. Hundreds of hotel rooms are being rented to provide shelter for homeless familys. There is a hotel around the corner from me and around 40 rooms are rented out to the state.
Women with children and familys.
They cannot use the lounge downstairs or go into the garden, its like a prison and it is so wrong.
On a sunny day one mother with her 2 kids were walking back into the hotel going through the garden. There were other kids there playing with a dog. The kid who couldn't use the garden asked his mother. "HOW CAN THE DOG PLAY IN THE GARDEN AND I CAN'T?"

There are a lot of things to fix in the Ireland of 2016

Just a thought. Years ago I went to the National Library and read the Freemans Journal from around 1840. Ireland was in the depths of famine. People were dropping in the streets from starvation and disease. There were counts of the dead from all the "Workhouses" around Ireland. There were advertisements for ships to Australia Canada and America..4 million people died or emigrated.

Then in the paper there was advertisements for Vichy water, melons and other exotic foods.
Grand balls, and other announcements.


The papers are now on computer, go and have a look.(You might even find it on the net)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A day in the city

Once in a while I take a day or 2 off. But I prefer to work every day.
It keeps me young.
But today I went for a haircut and then to see "Epic Ireland" Click here.
I met the Canadian guy who bought the CHQ building a while ago and he really is a great person.
Then I bought a ticket for Darren Brown in the Board Gas theater.

Don't miss this show, I really mean it..
Its really so good I can't recommend it highly enough.

Lives pass through taxi drivers hands so quickly.
I have often brought home lame ducks to our home but I really have to stop doing this as our home is not a hotel, no matter what happens.
Some of the "Guests" have become friends for life, that is good. Others treat our hospitality like a right and contribute nothing towards the home. Nether in work, cooking or laundry.
Imagine your host doing your laundry and cooking ?
So this girl was crying all the way through her journey. She was from Brazil and really gorgeous.
She had not managed to connect in Ireland, she had nowhere to stay and had not managed to find any friends.
Boys and girls please note when a pretty girl like her arrives in Ireland she is quickly sicked into prostitution,
I don't know how to rescue them myself but Ruhama can help.

Its strange that at this time of year first communions are taking place, when I worked nights and the "Girls" worked the streets a big number of mothers would swell the ranks to get money for that perfect first communion.
The money lenders used to prosper at this time as well.
Poverty is a really hard master.
A billionaire told me that debt would strangle anyone.
"Live within your means whether you make €100 per week or €500 a week.
Live within your budget.
He was worth more than  $7  billion dollars as it turned out.

Its really good advice.

Irish people have gone around the world for hundreds of years.
We made our mark for sure.
A great book to read is "Wherever green is worn" By Tim Pat Coogan
It will surprise you.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The sun is out and Dublin is beautiful.

 When the sun is out there is no place like Dublin

But we get a bit of rain as well.

Rain Rain go to Spain and don't come come back to here again.