Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Error / Mistake

Anyone can make an error, its when you don't correct it it becomes a mistake.
We are running a big jobs expo in Croke park soon
According to the website it will be held in April, so we asked our son in London to book.
But when he tried there was problems.
So we rang the organizers  in Dublin.

" We were on the website and we couldn't book tickets"
"That's right there is a mistake on the website, it's not until May."

So thousands of € have been spent to design a website which will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people and the error remains.

Quite a mistake when you consider that it is to show how efficient the Irish are in doing business and when it comes to HiTec we are tops.
but we can't correct a date on a website.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Reality check

 One big event in the week was the solar eclipse
But God did a great sunset !

What fantastic weather we are having at present.
A girl from Norway once told me that the weather changes here every hour, but you Irish are amazed by the weather all the time.. That is true, but it is fantastic now.

I had a bad start to my day today. A flat wheel ! Then the nuts had been tightened by an asshole mechanic and I could not shift them..
Well in the end I did it. I fixed the hole which was caused by a nail.

We have an expression in our house.

"Perhaps it broke a bigger cross"

Meaning that the bolt of lightening only hit the Tyre and did no more harm..

I had a good morning and pulled into a local hotel to get the papers and a coffee, there I met a college who works  every day God sends and never complains.
After a few words I showed him a photo of my granddaughter, then he told me about his grandson.
Sixteen years old he had passed away from a brain tumor in Florida before Christmas.
In Ireland we have a failing health system, over there in the USA the mighty $ rules.
And if you are poor you are well and truly fucked.
Over here our system is failing the people but for certain  illnesses like cancer your treatment is nearly free.
By the miracle of Ifones John let me see a short documentary about his grandson as shown on TV in Florida....
Something like that when it is shared brings you back to reality.

A flat wheel at home with my tools ready is nothing compared to a brain tumor in a 16 year old child.
John is a great guy he never moans, works hard and has a great laugh with all his customers, you would never think he had a problem in his life.

So I shook out my feathers and worked a great day in the sunshine of Dublin

Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy St.Patricks day

As I write the clock approaches midnight.

A happy St.Patricks day to you all. May you be Irish for the day.

The app store has a special app you can download which will put you where you should be to connect with all the action.
It really is a big deal, people are here from all over the world, I suppose it would be like the rush to see Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Rio.

Irish people have gone over the entire world, 2/3 of Americans claim an Irish link including Mr.Obama.
There is a book called "Wherever Green Is Worn" By Tim Pat Coogan It is a great book to buy for a long haul flight. Did you know 60,000 people were sent to Barbados as slaves in the time of Cromwell?
But we went to many other places of our free will.

So go green for the day.

I will see you in the other end if God wills it.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The St. Patricks day festival

I had been having trouble with my mobile phone freezing and not working in general.
So I stopped into a phone shop,
"Buy a new phone" was the retort.
Then I went to Andrew who works in the internet cafe at the bottom of Philipsburgh ave,
He took the phone,"turn it off or it will go on fire,the battery is faulty"
So with a new battery fitted it was not right, then Andrew backed up my phone on his computer, wiped the phone, upgraded the operating system and put all my stuff back on.
Everything is perfect again,
HailO is sending me work again.

Today is the 12th 5 days to go until St.Patrick's day

A few days ago I sent an email to my girl who supplys me with city maps.
I give them to customers and give hundreds to other taxi drivers.
Well I hardly believe it but she told me that they don't distribute the maps to taxi drivers any more.
If I wanted to give maps to my customers I should take them from hotels or I should go to the tourist office.

There are  loads of videos on you tube about how the different branches in the hospitality industry have decided to make this the best Paddy's day ever.

Take a click here to see some of what will be happening (Without  maps )

Saturday, March 07, 2015

36 hours in London

 A sheet of laminated glass fractured, so this gang arrived to replace it, very little change from 3 grand I reckon

 Beside the Board Gas theater we have Facebook.

 From Blackpool the birthplace of Jaguar cars read the story (Click here)

The magician walks up to an empty packing case and puts down his briefcase,undoes the catches and stands back while a grown man pops up his head and waves to us,Join the magic circle !

This week I went to London and rented a van to move my sons belongings to his new home.
The Satnav took me through London without making a mistake, science (when it works) is a wonderful thing.
The return trip finished with a really hard landing in Dublin. It reminded me of the old joke.
" A good landing is when you can walk away from the aircraft
A great landing is when you can use the plane again"

Ask Harrison Ford about that.

So now it is down to attacking the bundles of receipts and doing my taxes.

Anyhow this makes me think a guy from Persia a good few years ago who had moved his operation over here after the downfall of the Shah of Iran. It was like a military operation he told me, converting the cash into art works and gold and bringing it half way across the world.
Now at the end of the tax year he had paid  £1 million in tax and he owed them £8,000 more which he said he would pay next month. The tax official told him that they would have to calculate penalties and interest on the balance.
He turned to me and said
" We have invested a lot of money in this country, this will make money and create employment for years to come. No one from any government agency came to advise us or help us in any way.
They did nothing to earn these taxes which I have paid, they said that the arrears must be paid or I would have to pay penalties and interest.  There is no fairness or justice in this."

He borrowed the outstanding amount and swore that they would be employing good accountants and they would be lucky to get 1/2 that amount next year.

It is a bit unfair that you work and other people reap your rewards.(or should that be rape)

We have hundreds of people loosing their homes here in Ireland, one trophy home which has a floor space of 9,000 square ft.called Gorse Hill on Vico Rd. Dalkey this house which was valued at around €15 million is in the middle of a repossession storm at present.
The banks gave the owner around e70 millions to invest in property he has gone burst owing hundreds of millions.
You and I will be picking up the tab, not one bank official will have their pensions or bonuses taken back.
But you and I (who had no part in any of this) will be told to pay back this money.

Did you see the photo of the puppy that looks like Hitler?

Click here so

Friday, February 27, 2015

Rugby weekend

I took the morning off, did other ING things things.
Shopping, washing, cleaning and thinking.
€300 will not go that far at this moment in time.

Big rugby game coming up Ireland V England.

It should bring some action to town.
I do find that it is just one mad rush, traffic moving at 1/2 walking pace and you can only do one job at a time.
Still win loose or draw it will waken up the town.

Do you notice the brighter evenings?
Spring has sprung.

 What is this?
Well it is like a kettle with no spout and a whisking blade inside.
It makes1 1/2 liters of soya milk for 20cent! A present from my Chinese friends Judy and Euron
And this ?

It came from Halfords and was reduced from e120 to e80, I thought it was a bit dear.
Then the guy said it had been reduced even further, I thought to myself that my taxi is sitting there with a flat battery,  doing nothing. I might as well buy it.
I looked at the receipt later e 35!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does it do?
Well it jump starts a car up to 2000 cc.
It has a compressor to blow up your tyres up to 250 psi
It has a 17ah battery
It has a12V socket,
It has a 2A usb charging socket for your fone or Ipod
2 led lights for changing a wheel for example
It also has a 220V inverter to power your computer for example

It has to be the Swiss army knife of car kit all for e35

Just to say the other day a very dark eyed Italian girl got into the taxi,she had such a great personality.
She spoke English,Italian,French and Spanish  and was working for Irish Ferries.

During the trip I told her that I was working on a book to be published on Kindle soon.

She said that her mother had written 2 books but was afraid to publish them.
Perhaps she is afraid of rejection.
Wow, think if the books were published when she was dead!
Her daughter said that the books are really good, that is really so sad.
To be standing on the edge frozen in fear.

If nobody likes my book?  So what?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

First runner of 2015

Wow! Boys and girls,while you worked and enjoyed the Chinese new year I went off to Blackpool magicians festival 2015. Its the biggest of its kind in the world and in fact it is fascinating to see it all in one place. There would be around 100 magic dealers selling books, DVD's,cards and even large illusions which go for £ thousands. Then they have lectures and 3 magic shows covering every aspect in magic.
The final show was Korean magic, plenty of flashes and scarves,balls,doves and small umbrellas appearing and vanishing. When it is all over the long trek home again brings you through Manchester as Blackpool's airport is now closed.

So back to work where I got my first "runner".
I should have known better, but you have to give a level of trust in order to move forward.
She was a 15 year Roma Gypsy from Sutton to Phibsboro €24. Not a short run. But I grabbed her bag and held on to it, the question is.
Do you waste time by going to to the Garda station? Some waste of time that would be.
Or do you chalk it down to experience?

I asked a Garda to stop her as she walked past him,all he said was I should make a statement.
Anyhow I still have to go back to Howth to buy my fish tomorrow.

All the rest of the people were fantastic, but it is funny how you can allow a runner to sour your whole day.

Anyhow they say travel broadens the mind.

The other day I had a very clever girl in the car. She has a masters degree, speaks 8 languages and she can't get a job..
With all this, Where do you go ?

Monday, February 16, 2015


Sometimes you see something....THEN MANY PEOPLE START TO TALK ABOUT IT.

Prophets taking the prophets words to create hate.

In the Sunday Times magazine there was an article about the burial of a 4 year old boy killed in Ukraine by pro-Russian rebels.
Lying in an open coffin his parents and neighbors are beside themselves in grief.



On the other hand a show is coming to the Bord Gas theater called Stomp Its like the Blue man group
But its not....