Friday, January 18, 2019

First chance to be good

I got a run out to Finglas and I came back through Ballymun. there was a good looking girl at the bus stop and she waved me down, then with the door held open she yelled for her partntner to hop in.
They were fully fledged drug addicts and by God the trip to this point had not been good for them.
You have to remember that once they were kids who were full of hope and asperations.
The girl was once really very attractive, he was a complete wreck.
So I talked to them about their lives, or should I say their coming deaths.
"Do ya see here mister, at night you can buy a rock of Crack cocaine for €20 and its like a supermarket up here at night time. Its kids of 12 and 13 that are doing the dealing. They are too young to be arrested so the cops just do nothing at all ant its getting worse every week"

 An American lady told me that we aint got any drug problems until crack cocaine or ice comes to town. 

Just pray when you go to your church, temple or mosque that your family are spared the hell that this pair are going through. So before we reached journeys end I told them that this ride was on the house and not to tell anyone in case the word got out that I was going soft in the head.
My Lord they were really happy, not many people cut them any slack in their daly lives. 

At present we make a 2 hour each way drive every week to visit our grandchildren.
Its great to see them, the next generation growing up strong and healthy.
They live in Northern Ireland and we stop for a 10 min break in Castlebellingham, just to stretch the legs. I bought a coffee there before Christmas and put in the cup holder and headed off for the second leg of the journey. 10 minutes later I picked up the cup and the dring was stone cold!
I carried on, had the day with the kids.
Then coming back we stopped off at the other filling station opposite the one I had come off on.
As we drove in a truck came flying towards us. (He was using the entry road as an exit)
I went up on the grass and missed him.
So I told the lad on the till my story about the truck and he said "I can't do anything about that"
I explained that there must be camera footage and he should take a note, he nodded his head.
Then I mentioned my coffee and instead of saying sorry about that he said "I can do nothing about that"
I am trying a few emails to Applegreen to see if I can get a response.

I went to school with a guy who worked as a radio officer on ships.
On more than one occasion he radioed a ship called "the herald of free enterprise
Captain Emergency your bow doors are open.
They would clear the port with the big doors at the front of the ship open to clear the fumes foo the car decks. Problem was that the wash from a passing ship would sint the boat.
One night this is what happened and the captain said that it was an error.
My pal gave evedance that it had happened on many occasions and all his calls were recorded on the emergency waveband..This time it happened at night when no one noticed they were still open.
 So you see things can be prevented !

Some poor sod took a bad turn on the DART and hundreds of peoples travel plans were thrown in a heap, with the wet morning it was good for taxis though

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Herring days

I Know that I have met her. She died recently and left €3 million to charity

Find this book on Amazon, I met Denis and it is an education

Irelands eye off Howth

Good morning Dublin
Its 6 AM and I went to bed early so I am up before the work starts.

These are the "herrring days" The time when the work drops off and we have so little work that we cannot afford meat and only eat herrings.
Well that comes from the London cabbies, not as bad here.
We have Google and Facebook and 100 other Hi tec companies giving out work.
For myself I feel that if our flawed tax regime changed that they would be gone in a flash, this would turn vast areas of our city into ghost towns. So until then I will not rock the boat.
I picked up an interesting lady going out to UCD university in Bellfield. She wanted the science section, I said that I didn't know where that was, she said that her fone did not work here so she put in the information to my fone.

"Its in Dublin 4" she said

Now what I meant was that I did not know where the science block was.
On the way she told me that she was a scientist and was looking for a backer who could help her to encourage pharmasutacle companies to produce drugs which would tacke the causes of illness rather than treat the sysmptoms.
A very clever observation and I wish her good luck with that one.
I know a few high level thinkers, but I know that anything coming from me would be not well recieved coming from a taxi driver. (Perhaps its me)

Damn it a whole section delieted itself

So I stopped for a cup of coffee in Cafe Java in Sandymount where the best coffee is found.
I parked outside the butchers opposite and when I came out a lady approached me with a greayhound in tow. "How are you today Master McGrath?" He is very well John.
Someone I had not met in 20 years, then I remembered her.
I was on a job in Blackrock and a complete nutcase owned the house we were working on. The builder had a row with her and pulled out. 
Then he sued her. 
She had charged all the work to her store, he won the case and the sheriff came to retrieve assetts from the store. 
Then the shit hit the fan.
"No work was done in the store"
But she had charged all to work to the store.
Well when the fraud squad  were finished with her it cost her around 1/2 million punts.
Then the lady said said to me
"Whats my name?"
Shit! I couldn't think of Clodagh, when she said it I said "You have a fantastic memory"

If I took you by the hand and walked you for a mile throught this city even I would be surprised at how many people I know.. An American girl wanted to know if I was a film star?
"No! I just know a lot of people ".

There is an exam center near Dennis Mahonys garage in Finglas.  
I have been there before!
I got a call to go there today from Sandymount and the address that the people the gave her was no help at all.
My hopeful prospect was a doctor who was doing an exam to allow her to work in England. 
She seemed bright enough, no problem I think 

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Over the hump.

Howth lighthouse

This turkey went into hiding. We will find him again next year

Inside the exhibition at the CHQ

The mileake on my first Prius, still going strong.

Well here we are in 2019 and there is no going back.
I saw around 10 2019 cars already.
In case you don't know car regestration numbers go year plus 1 or 2 beginning or second half, county or city then the number. The lord mayor of Dublin is always 1  or 191D1
As Micheal Cane would say "not many people know that"

Speaking of him there was a programme on the BBC about working class actors and Micheal Cane came into the conversation.
He spoke of how he had become famous and had moved on in his life, he went back to look at his old manor around the Elephant and Castle.
He met an old man in a long black coat looking around to see if he could find landmarks of his past as well.
They came together and shook hands.
They had both come on a long journey from the old days.
It was Charlie Chaplin.

A wonderful Polish girl wo works in Facebook went home with her husband and child for Christmas.
They went with a German airline and as they got ready for take off the captain stopprd the plane.
There was too many bags on board. So they had to get off and identify their luggage and get it all loaded again. For some reason they were not called and the plane went without them. So much for checking things twice.
They were stranded and all the planes were full, then late the next day they got a seat.
But her husband and baby girl got sick.
Then when they arrived in Poland the airline couldn't find their luggage!!!!!
So a couple of days their luggage was found, the cases burst open and clothes everywhere..

I did feel sorry for her.
Perhaps she will give Ryanair a shot next time.

Just a thought.

Why are Polish women so beautiful.?

here is a copy of modern times
I hope you enjoy it.
It is very relavent even today.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Thank you

Just a few lines to say a big thank you to all my customers and the many blog followers from around the world.
Its been a good year for me.
No great illness in the immediate family.
My sons nephew developed Leukemia but thanks to all the doctors he is set to go back to school after Christmas DV

We take a lot of things for granted for sure and our health is often the price we pay.

There is a blog written by an Australian nurse who worked in a hospice with people who were dying, she held their hand and asked about their regrets.
I think the book she wrote was called "Regrets I,ve had a few"
I regret I can't find it !!
But google Robin Sharma and listen to  a few of his talks on YouTube and it will help you yo balance your life for 2019

Over the last few days there was an evection on a farmhouse where 3 elderly people were kicked out of their home by a bunch of thugs employed by the bank. They owed a lot of money for sure.
The enforcers were dressed in black and wore balaclavas.
On video one of theneighbours asked
"How do you feel yo be doing this to a fellow Irishman"
His reply was "I'm not Irish I'm English"

Well later that night a group of balaclava wearing people arrived wirh clubs and iron bars,
They used a chainsaw to cut through the front  door and hammered them. Four were sent to hospital.
The rest of them fled across the fields.
They also had an alsatian dog to stand guard but the dog was killed.
All the cars and jeeps which they had used to bring them down to the farm were torched.
The invaders on the night singled out the ringleader and told to him his name and his home address.
So he now knows that HE can be found as well.
The next time he will not be as cockey.

There is no right side to what happened, no matter how much money was owed the actions on both were wrong.
I never saw any of the Princes of the banking scandal having had their property siezed in the dead of night.

So goodnight to one and all, may your God bless you until we meet again. 
Remember if you break wind blame the dog

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Mama won't you buy me a Mercedies benz

Sunrise, much better in real life

For this month on my vintage car callender we have the wonderful Ford Mustang
The above car was designed by Lee Iacocca  I put the video of Jay Leno and himself looking over the Mustang now 50 years old.
TheMustang stopped Ford going bankrupt, Lee also rescued Chrysler.
A bit of a legend, there is one around the corner from me.

I am barred from my local pub for 3 years now and a customer today asked me what I did.
Well there was a girl in a wheelchair and the bar man couldn't see her.
She asked me to call Andy so she could get a drink.
Andy was watching a replay of the Grand National, but I called his name 3 times getting louder each time.
Finally I said "Andy! are you feckin deaf?"
He turned around and said. "What did you say ?"
I just said that he could hear me fine that time  BUT
he took my pint, poured it down the sink, he gave me a refund and told me to never come back.

I spoke to the owner and he said that I shouldn't have said that. Not a word about Andy watching TV

The girl in the car works in PR and told me to go back to apolagise when the pub is busy and say in a loud voice.

"Andy I am sorry for calling you deaf.
When you did not want to serve Cora a drink because you were watching TV.
Well she is dead now.
I know you much prefer to watch television and send stuff on your fone rather than serve customers.
I am sorry that you can't do your job like a normal person.

I hope you can accept my apology

So I just called in to wish all my friends who did not back me up 3 years ago a happy Christmas.

I think I will employ her for sure !

 All the amature drinkers are out  and the usual mayhem is following.
There should be a STOP BUTTON on peoples heads which stops them drinking after a certain amount. At least drunk driving seem to be hit on the head.
Or is it ?
1/5 of the cars in my local supermarket are not insured, or so they say !
People on suspended driving licences do not surrender them and just continue driving.
Which is why in many cases when you get a smack from another car the car just keeps on going.

Its a bit mad

I heard this song on the radio the other day.
It would make a great party piece.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

A man who never made a mistake made nothing

 I had to do a repair on the mixer tap in the kitchen
"Buy a good one" said the boss.
Then after 2 weeks of nagging I turned off the water and set to work.
Not a big problem really except for the fixing nut at the back of the unit.
I couldn't get it tightnedso after a full days thought I went back to the plumbers merchants where I got a set of tube like wrenches which did the job.
I will share a great secret with you when the book is published.

Today as I swung past the bus garage I noticed there were no taxis there, so I swung in and picked up a young lady who was waiting. She gave me an address then she told me it was in Lucan.
So off we went and as we passed down along the Quays I turned on the satnav.
Now lately the satnav is in a slight state of flux.
As we approached Liffey Valley it put me clearly into the left lane, If I had known then what I know now. (Hindsight is 20/20 vision)
She had her sat nav on and assured me that I was in the right lane.
No escape until we reached Blanchardstown and I took a hit on a toll.
I swung around and back through the back roads to The Penny Hill pub !!!!
Oh it is so much better to give destinations via landmarks.
Provided there are not two pubs with the same name like Slatterys.
I had stopped the meter when we had started to go wrong but it was bloody awful the whole thing.
At least she was not going off on an aeroplane or a ship.

We all can make mistakes this is only natural, this is why God put a rubber on the end of the pencil.

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Time is moving on Ho Ho Ho

Graham shoes on Wicklow St closing down

Life size toy soldiers in the Westbury Hotel

A Turkey is not just for Christmas

A very strange pop up restaurant. Have supper in Dublin while Jimmy in Australia has breakfast.

Its a strange thing how we go through life wishing that you could change decisions that you made.
A friend of mine who drives a taxi wonders if he had gone left instead of right would his day have worked out better. There is a movie called "Sliding doors" which explores the idea.
As for myself I reckon you make your choices and hope to do better next time.

I had a very toxic lady in the taxi last week
So these pair of women were going into St.Ann St. and as I turned into D'Oleer St the traffic was backed up to let a tram go past.
One of them leaned forward and said."You didn't go the way the SatNav was telling you, so I am only giving you €20. The fair was €25. But what can you do?
Then I noticed that it was on a credit card, so I stuck on another€20 after she left.
I really did it by accident and when it dawned on her that I had taken €40 I could see her running down the road after me.Then the phone starts ringing, so I didn't answer.
Later on I sent a text message to her and to the MyTaxi hq saying that the fair was €25 and she short changed me by €5 and to only refund €15. I went to the office and made my point again.
Guess what the did as I asked.
She was a cheeky smart arsed bitch.

So one of our fellow taxi drivers is Indian looking, though he is as Irish as Guinness stout and he was coming down the Swords road minding his own business when a woman cut across the traffic to turn into the Altzimers place before the Bonnington hotel. Bang and all the airbags explode in the car and he pulls over while they sort things out.
He rang his boss (Hired taxi) who told him to get an ambulance. Then the shock struck him and caused him to vomit on the lawn. When he came back over the lady was laughing and joking with the Garda. They looked at his license for a second and just dismissed him as a stupid Indian.
Meanwhile the lady wrote a three page letter to his insurance company.
The insurance company said it looked bad for him.
So he said the magic words.
"You don't have to take my word, or her word for it. Just look at the footage from my dashcam,"

Her company accepted full liability and he had a months paid holiday.

Never leave home without your dashcam.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

New You

 Overall it has not been a great few days, I noticed that MyTaxi took €23 out of my takings without telling me. I went into the office and dropped in my request. As I had not received a call I turned off my App. That is a mistake as well as there are no calls for work coming in any more.
Then later in the day I went out and turned on the app again and went out towards Malahide, not a bad job at all.
On the way back into town I got a job back into the city center.
When the journey was nearly over the customer said.
"I am only giving you €20 because you went the wrong way!!!!!
So they got out.
Then I settled up the Mytaxi payment and BINGO it was on credit and I had charged her another €20.
So I sent in 4 requests that they contact me and that they only credit her €15.
You know what
They gave her back the full €20 and told me to be more careful the next time !

So I am hanging up my saddle for the moment.

Drivers are nothing to the big organizations.
In really I can live without giving them 12% of every job, especally when there is a problem they won't contact me at all.

Here is something.

Look for a book called The top five regrets of the dying.
She had a blog called "Regrets I've had a few"
She worked in a hospice in Australia and spoke to the dying.
Their regrets
"Why did I not spend more time with my kids?
I was a great painter, pianist, author and I just stopped that for my for work"

If you find the blog or read the book.

There is much more to life than work.

When I was in my 20s my father accused me of taking £800 from our family business, nothing would convince him that I had not taken the money.
I went to work in England.
My mother brought in the accountant to go back through the books and  found an accounting error.
He being an Irish father never ever forgave me.

In his mind I had stolen the money, which never existed ,he was shown the error BUT.

He never went to my wedding or played with my children and in many ways we both suffered.

Forgivness is a thing that comes hard to the Irish.

So listen to the following

Tango perhaps

Tango is great !!!!!!!!1