Sunday, July 14, 2019

My new phone is gone

This Scottish car was brought from the legend  Arnold Clarke

A hero of Irish folk music Luke Kelly

This wonderful car is 30 years old !

This story started a few years ago...

So I have an old Iphone and it was giving me big problems.
It was my birthday, so I treated myself to a brand new phone.
I swear to God the salesperson in the Carfone warehouse told me that
"Everything will transfer over to the new phone"
2 hours later they told me that as I had over 300 contacts on the old phone and only 1/2 of the numbers transferred over. But now I was pressed for time and took the phone.
Before I left the store I turned over to the apps and found that the Halo taxi drivers app had not transferred over. "Well you see apps are in a different format. This is an Android phone"
I said that this is not what I was told, so I wanted to cancell the deal.
The manager came out and simply said.
"Once the seal on the box is broken there is no going back"
Then as I was talking to him he turned his back towards me and stood there with his back to me.

I was upset with him and I still am.

My youngest son got the phone.

I huffed and puffed with emails to the carfone warehouse who at the time boasted about their wonderful.customer service. I got nowhere,I typed a letter to their solicitors on Mount St. A few weeks later I got a snotty letter from someone to tell me that I could download the apps again on to the different platform.
I said that the logs and history would not be intact.  No reply

So I went back to my old phone and Andrew my Chinese tec guro did great work on the old phone, he took everything off. Put in a new battery,updated the software, scanned the phone for viruses and downloaded the information again and scanned it once more.
I was like a new phone !!.

A few years later someone told me that "COMREG" would have taken up my case, so now you know if it happens to you.

I bought a Hiwawi phone in February and I was adding things over to it bit by bit.
Coming up to St.Patricks day I started to use the old Iphone again to get me over the busy period.
Then when I looked for the new phone again it had vanished !!!!
I have looked everywhere since the end of March.
St Anthony was promised up to €20 but he did not deliver.
I told his boss (God)still no Joy.

So at last I bought another phone and I am going Android.

I really would never wish bad fortune on anyone but that store where I bought the first phone was in the Clearys building on O,Connell St. The store closed soon after and everyone was was kicked out.

This is just a great positive example of customer service.

Vista print make business cards etc and  I oreded some business cards to promote the blog.
(Have you got one)
So the order was due and did not arrive.
So I contacted the help desk.
"Your order was delivered on the14th"

So a couple more contacts later I got this.

Dear John 
There seems to have been a problem with your order.
As a long time customer of Vistaprint I would like to say sorry.
I am refunding the cost of your order to your credit card and we are reprinting your order today and we will send it to you by express post at no cost.

Now that is service.

With Guinness I had a flat can and I sent it back to them and I nearly had to take them to court to get a refund !

So there is my rant, normal service will resume shortly 

The King of comedy has died

The sad news broke last week of the passing of Brendan Grace
If he was not the King of Irish comedy he was defenately the Clown prince.

I just have to give you a sample in case he is unknown to you.

Have a Google if you want some more

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Happy 4th July

Happy 4th of July to you all

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Gay pride

This is the old synagogue on Haddington Rd

A  little bit of art is great

Believe it or not this is a goat house influenced by a trip to Morocco

This weekend saw the gay pride festival which went down a storm.
Our prime minister is gay and our minister for children is also gay, so different from so different than it was 20 years ago or when a gay man was beaten to death in Fairview park and because he was a gay man the culprit got off almost scott free. There was a lot of anger at the time.
With all the hate against the churches sexual transgerssions sex has become a talked about and more open subject.

Its strange how as they say you speak of someone and suddenly they are front page news.
I was at the Westbury hotel and I picked up an American lady going out to a riding stabeles up in the Dublin mountains.
She has an idyllic life in the States, they have 2 horses a pony a donkey an emu a duck a skunk 4  dogs and a few other animals.
So I told her the story about a Japanese pop star who was making music video here in Ireland.
My van carried the camera man the electrician and the sound man, the chaufer car had the singer his manager the director and a Dutch interpreter of Japanese English.
On day 2 we went up to Meath near Tara to the show jumping stables of Paul Darra.
We waited while the powers that be discussed camera angles and lenses to be used.
A young blonde girl came along on her horse and on the second time around she passed me I gave her a smile and she smiled back. Nothing was happening so she got off the horse and sat down on a bale of hay beside me. After a bit of banter I showed her one of my very favorite magic tricks.
You fold up a €5 note and when you open it out again its a €50..It got a great reaction.

"Its been really wonderful talking to you, but I have to be somewhere else soon.
Tell them that if they don't start filming in 15 minutes I will be gone"

So I went over and spoke to the Dutch girl and she only half listned.
15 minutes later she handed me the horse and told me to tell them that she had gone.
This time when I told them they all woke up and in great panic called her back on the phone.
All smiles I popped her up on the horse ans within 20 minutes the film scene was complete.
She rode the horse over to me and asked me if I would ride the horse around for 20 minutes or so as he was very cold from all the standing around. Then I was to pop him over a few jumpes and take him back to the stables.
She told me that it was such a pleasure talking to me,
"I have to be so careful about who I talk to and where I go"
Strange I thought.
I rode the horse around for 20 minutes then over a few jumps ( I used to work in a National Hunt racing establisnment) and then back to the stabeles.
A stable girl came over and said "Wow the Princess must really like you. No one has ever been allowed to ride any of her horses, you are the first ever"
"Is that her name Princess?" I said.
"God no! Did nobody tell you? That is the daughter of the King of Jordan Princess Haya"

Well the King died a few years later and she married Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum the ruler of Dubai. He has 6 wives and she has 2 children by him.

So what has she done to be in the news?

She skipped off and ran away with her 2 kids and £31 million to Germany where she is lookind for government protection there, now she has moved to London.
The King is very strict and he is screaming blue murder.

The King made the news a while back when one of his daughters made a bid to escape from Dubai by boat.
He got the navy out and brought her home.

The story is told of the beaututiful bird in the guilded cage who is surrounded by beauty but has no freedom.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

First prize Norway

A really super vintage car at MSL motors in Ballsbridge

Cruise ships are arriving in Dublin again

Norway           265

United States
United Kingdom

The other day I looked at the stat counter and Norway once again came first place
More than the USA ?
This often happens in winter as the nights in Norway are long.

So the yearly renewing of the taxi licence has come arrived.

Get your papers together John !

Not as easy as it seems, I am looking everywhere I hope I will be ready.
Perhaps I will buy a motorised rickshaw instead.
No liscence, no insurance, no meter, no tax. No joke!

But next year my son may be taking over the taxi, he is studying the knowledge, he is studying online through the MyTaxi online tutorial.
I was telling a customer about it and he told me that they got a taxi one night and the driver was going around in cyrcles, when they were passing the same landmark for the third time they asked the driver to stop.
They gave him the choice of letting them out there and then or they would call the police.
They had come from Cork to attend a function, he had not one clue wher he was or where he was going.
I checked with them and they said that they did not pay him,

God to think how little the streets are policed.
Unfortunately a foreign guy raped 3 women at Christmas.
This happens when you decide to take shortcuts.

In Spain you have to have lived there for 5 years, be able to speak Spanish, hold a full Spanish driving liscence ie. have completed a Spanish driving test.
All that before you sit your PSV test in Spain.

My son is having problems learning the ropes and he has lived here all his life.
I went into Easons our biggest bookstore for city maps.
"No we have cleared off all the travel maps to make room for the school books."
The schools will not be back for 6 weeks.

If you need city maps you can go to the office of the Ordinance survey in the Pheonix Park.
I went to Amazin.

Its not all foreign drivers tht cause the problems, I know a good few Irish drivers who have the motto

"I go that extra mile"

Here is the mother of all taxi tests.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Cruise ships are back

A stork takes abreak before his next delivery

Free Beer! Read the small print

DO you need a lift? Plenty of cranes in Dublin port

Every so often I see something and you have to scratch your head and say.
"Well I've seen it all now" and then a short time later you see something which makes you say it again.
A huge cruise ship came into Dublin port. These ships can hold 3,000 people.
SOS Taxis needed!
So I did 3 runs and when I was heading back for job nr.4 3 people stopped me.
"Please help us. We ordered 2 cabs and the man told us to stand here and we hav been standing here for 2 hours" The three of them were all over 70 years old, So I loaded them up.
As I drove past the guy from the port in charge of taxis he started to shout abuse at me.
I had not joined the queue and brought the people he wanted me to bring, so he was annoyed.
A little further another port employee stopped me.
"He wants to talk to you"
I just said that I would not be shouted at like that as I am not a dog and drove out of the port.
The couple were Isreali so I told them of a their wonderful singer who had a voice from God
Ofra Haza. Then we spoke of her sad death from aids.
"Her husband gave aids the bastard" Said the Isreali man
So we drove to their hotels.
The woman who was on her own said that her grandfather was Jewish but the faith passes on through the blood ie. your mother has to be Jewish for you to be Jewish.
I knew all this as my wife once taught the Jewish children in Broomfield Ave national school for a while.

First call was the hotel near Google the Royal canal hotel.
How much?
The couple paid what was on the meter to the other woman so that she could pay everything at the end of the journey.
So we arrived at the Arlington hotel.
"Now we have to work out the fair?"She said.!
I was surprised.
"Yes indeed. What length of the journey did they take me out of my way?"
I am still surprised as I had rescued her and now she had this strrange attitude.
"From the ship to their hotel they paid for all the journey, for your part of that journey as well.
All I am asking you to pay for the final leg."
Then she loostned her purse and paid me. NO TIP.
The Jewish couple slipped a couple had slipped a couple of euro into my hand and they did thank me 2 or 3 times.
I think in the taxi regulations state that each person who share a taxi pays the full fair, though I have never pushed that.
Hundreds of people were waiting to be evacuated from the ship.
Mostly airport jobe €20 a pop. But I had had enough.
But the airport is another story they can have hundreds of people waiting and the guys that are in charge of the queueing system do not call up the cars in time. 600 cars waiting to come up and 200 passengers waiting for taxis.
When I started driving an airport permit costed £10 per year. You paid 70p as you entered the holding area and you agged on an airport pick up caharge of £1.50 plus an allowance for each bag carried.
Now an airport pass costs €440 every year and no airport pick up fee and no baggage allowance.

The port queueing system should be looked at 5 or 6 buses taking people to the airport for €5 a pop and a few other buses going to the stations.

Philomena Lynott was buried the other day.
She was the mother of Phil Lynott the rock star.
If you ever met her you would never forget her.
She was in my taxi twice, the second time for free.
I told her that my 13 year old son had gone wild  and without missing a beat she gave me her phone number, a few days later she gave David an hour of her time. I think it helped him.
She used to go to prisons to talk to young offenders.
Later on she visited local hospaces to cheer up the old people.She was a star
She was over in England to visit her son and he overdosed on heroin.
There was panic and she rang a local doctor who thought he had a chill.
If she had rung one of his friends they would have directed her to the correct doctor who would have known what to do.
I bet she gave Philo a good kick on the arse when she met him again.

Now for the voice of an angel Ofra Haza

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The man who gave and gave

The history of MSL motors, the guy in the middle once dragged me into the garage to get a good photo of a vintage car.

News on the street is that it is very cold

A Citroen 2CV
About the top photo, Stephen the founder of the MSL became the richest man in Ireland.

 Years ago I bought a 2CV van after its first service it was hard to start.
I went back twice but all they said was "There all like that"
Not much help.
I asked around and found a Lebanese air frame mechanic who worked at the airport.
I phoned him and he told me to buy points and  spark plugs and to come to his house in Stepaside on Saturday morning. I arrived and he held up his bandaged hand.
He had cut a sinew on the back of his hand and could not work for 6 weeks.
I was disappointed and turned to go.
Then I had a flash of insperation and went back.
I became his hands and he coached me through the service.
He was happy for the company and told me all the little things that there was to know about the car.
It is a 2 cylinder air cooled engine.
When I took out a spark plug he jumped off his chair. Who put that plug in? I said the garage.
That is a short reach plug. You should only use Champion L87Y a long reach plug.
For the next 10 years she ran like a Swiss watch.
Another thing is that it takes a very special brake fluid, never mix it with a different type.

Every week I say a prayer for a passenger who got into my taxi 16 or more years ago.
Last night I wrote a letter to him as his Dublin office is closed down, mission complete.
Before the office closed I used email to stay in touch.
I would hate for him to die and not know how much he affected my life in a positive way.
Now I asked a mutual friend of his to pass on my letter.

If you know me I am talking about Chuck Feeney the man who made and gave away $8 billion.

So for heros I aim high.

 Crime rears its ugly head here all the time.
2 Boys of 13/14 are on trial for killing and raping a 14 year old girl
A man was stabbed in O'Connell St and died
A girl was raped at a Luas stop the other day.
The gang land shootings go on

It is very hard to keep your mind on the positive.
I have told many people to listen to Robin Sharma, he is great

Ah she is playing my song

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

D day

I was distracted and was unable to post to remember D day

25 years ago we crossed over to France in the car ferry and it happened to be the 50th anniversary of D day. The kids were small and they talked to Canadian and American soldiers about that day 50 years ago.

It was no picnic for sure, when they landed they were mown down and those who survived were never the same people again.

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Some rough angels

These murals are on the celling as tou enter the Costa Coffee on Dawsin St 

People pop in and out of my life every day, most are soon forgotten. But today i had a chance meeting that has stayed with me.
I got a fare to the Mater hospital and just as I dropped off a rough enough pair of lads jumped in.
Constitution Hill was the destination.
"Jesus lads give me a clue I've hit a blank"
Turns out that we were all hitting blanks all the time, directions were given and when we arrived I knew where it was.
Now this pair were no ordinary pair, one was very sick and I told the  skelaton one that I wished I could give him 4 stone of weight, then he showed me his colostimy bag and tubes hanging out of him.

They could have been brothers, but they were very close and caring of each other, there was real love there.

One thing that kills me in this job is tipping.
I really don't care if the do or don't, but the people who do are golden.

€8.20 on the meter. "Give us a €5" and they insisted on paying me €10

God bless them the sick one has very little time left on this earth.

MyTaxi the app is changing its name again.
It was Hailo now it will be known as I'm free.
Apps have changed the way we work but today the maps were not placing the people in the correct location, then the job changes itself half way through.
I could send them an email but I don't think they really care about anything but their 12% which they charge the driver.

Sunday, June 02, 2019

Cars Cars and more cars

I dropped off a job on Shelbourne Rd the other day and I spotted the Mercedes car above in the window of the MSL garage. I saw a parking space and went in to have a goo.

The last time I was in that garage I was trying to take a photo of a vintage car in the showroom and I was brought in by a man.
"Are you mad! you can't take a photo through the glass.
Do you know anything about this car?
I'll get the keys"
Coming back with the keys he said 
"Any time you are passing please by come in.
Tell one of those lazey boys to get the keys.
They don't know that a person dressed like you could most likely be rich !
But we both know that you are a man of good taste."
He turned out to be Nigel O'Flaherty the founders son.
He has died since then.
A driver went in there many years ago.
His parents had died and the family home was sold and he had cash for a treat.
As he walked into the showroom a salesman walked over to him and told him to turn around and walk straight back out again as he only wante to waste their time as  he couldn't afford anything in the garage.
I have no doubt if this story had reached management the salesman would have been out the door first.

When I was going out I spoke  to a guy at the desk and asked him if he had met the other great car dealer that I met in the taxi.
Arnold Clarke (Google him)
No Never heard of him.
Starting off with £70 he bought a second hand car and refurbished it.
He sold it and with the help of his dad he went on to be the biggest car dealer in Europe with a turnover of £3 billion in the year I met him. He sold 270,000 cars that year.
Getting out at Brown Thomas I directed him to Louis Copland as I thought that BT staff were a bit aloof. "Come on Dad, we'll buy you a new coat"said his daughter
"I don't need a new coat, I have 2 coats at home"
"Dad its very cold and you didn't bring a coat"
"It looks like were buying a coat"
He turned to me and put €20 into my hand
I said that it was only €10
"John its €10 for et fare and €10 for et tip"
Off he went Sadly he died a year later.

I read a quote from him today.
"I had no choice but to go into business for myself
It was Hobsons choice
No one would give me a job."

So there you have it.
The great ones walk among us.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

May is almost gone

Its 6 AM and the people have come from the ferry, only one person took a taxi

Take a good look at this website.PCP is the biggest con job ever

There are hundreds of homeless people sleeping on the streets of Dublin.

I woke up early and went down to the ferry, the boat had landed and around 40 people were waiting.
There was no bus but no one moved for a taxi and it was blowing a mist of rain.
Then one girl walked over to the first taxi and I drove off as well.
They had had their chance and we all know how taxi drivers are robbing bastards. Still 4 people into town by taxi is cheaper than the bus.
I drove over to the other terminal where a Welsh lady was very glad to see me.
Thats life, swings and roundabouts.
Did you know that we had the Spice Girls in Dublin ? Something like 75,000 people came.
Wow they really enjoyed it. One girl in the taxi paid €200 for her ticket.
Just as well it was good.

Personal Credit Plan
Have a look at the website on the back of the bus or watch the video.

I bought nyfirst new car using a bank loan 8% for 3 years.
I borrowed £800 at say 7%
Yes the nice bank manager said its £800 +3 years intrest £168 for3 years /36 That will be £26.89 per month.. My old dad made me write it down.
First of all on day one you do not owe 3 years intrest
When you make your first payment tou dont owe £800 because you have made a payment off the loan.
Go back down and tell him that he misrepresented the situation and misslead you.

Well at 20 I had to do it.
The manager said that everything was explained to me and I took the loan.

Lucky for me my old school teacher happened to overhear the conversation.
He suggested to the manager that as he had indeed misled me he should give me a term loan.
As you repay the princaple is reduced and you only pay intrest on the remaining balance.

He didn't want to do that but changed his mind when we decided to go to the newspapers.

A guy in my taxi around 16 years ago gave me this advice

"Live within your means, whether you earn €100 or €1000 per week.
Debt is the one thing that will drag you down.
People who live beyond their means will have to work 15 or 20 years longer just to pay off their debts."
That great guy as it turned out to be a multi billionare and one of the nicest people I ever met

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Another milestone

So my birthday came and went, its really just a number. If you are healthy age is no problem.
I got a right kick on the arse last week when I dropped in to see my plasterer Ray. He had been in hospital but I didn't know for what and he didn't tell me.
I pulled into his street and rang his mobile and I didn't get a reply.
Then a man came to his door and waved for me to come in.
I honestly did not recognize him.
His cheek bone and his jaw bone had been cut away, no way did it look like his real self.
Ray was a heavy smoker in his youth and canser had struck him with utter devestation.
So there are a lot of worse things than putting on another year.

So a story from the time when Punts was money
I got a lady from Heuston station going towards Tallagh
She told me her destination and said nothing else.
Heading towards the Spa well roundabout at the Cheshire home there is a bus stop.
Hiding behind it was a copper of the law A Garda.
He ran out from his hiding place and stopped us.
Why have I stopped you?
I have no idea Garda
What speed were you doing?
I was doing 40 mph
What is the speed limit here ?
40 I said.
I will ask you again
What is the speed limit here ?
Well then it must be 30
If you knew it was 30 why were you doing 40?
I was sure it was 40.
Well I will show you now for sure.

So taking out his note book and pen he started to write down my reg, roof sign number, my driving licence details. Then he spotted that my photo on my faire card was affixed with a paper clip instead of glue.
Puffing up his chest he said
"that's an offense as well.
And for not wearing a seat belt you're getting a £40 fine"he roared at the lady in the back
 Just at that moment it was like an explosion in the car, she screamed at the top of her voice and wailed like a banshee, He jumped back and I stood out of the taxi.
"Quick ! Take that woman home"
I got back in and when she got her breath back she told me what had happened.

"My best friend dropped dead in Kerry and I only found out by chance on the day of the funeral.
I went to the funeral and I was in shock, I couldn't cry all day until that bastard stopped you.
I have some power in my job, so give me your details.

I don't know if she shook his cage but they are still doing it at that spot, so be careful

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Bad tixi drivers !

I still have photo problems, so it is time to get help.

I have been trying to find time to have a haircut, I just let it pass me by until I have started to look like the nutty professor.
In Fairview a new barber opened up so I went in, there were a few men in front of me, soon it would be my turn. All the staff were dressed the same with blue dickie bows, a guy to offer you tea or coffee while you waited. Just before it was my turn the man in front said.
"How much is that?" €18 came the reply. "Heres €20, keep the change!"
I jumped up and said that I was late for an appointment and fled.
My barber is €8 and I give him €12 but there is no way I will pay €18 for a simple dry cut.

I got it cut in Palmerstown for €13

There was a story of a baerber in Clare who was called to a hotel to cut a guests hair.
It turned out to be Linol Richie and they got on so well that he asked him to cut his hair again when he went on his holidays to America.
I had a celebrity hairdresser on my books years ago, actresses, actors and pop singers you name it.
He flew to Paris and NewYork to cut peoples hair, very high fees.
"My fee is no problem, because I'm worth it"

People come into my life and then they just vanish again. This is my world

Today I picked up a woman going to Blanchardstown shopping center and she told me of 2 times that she had been abused by a taxi driver.
Number one at Heuston station  she asked to go to an address in Dublin 8 the driver just said that he didn't know where it was.( A short job and he didn't want to take it)
Another taxi driver verbally abused her at a time when she had just buried her mother.

So boys and girls, turn on your fone to video and sweep it around. Get his ID get his face and a bit of dialogue. When you get out take his number on the door and roof. then get his reg.

Whatever you do don't start making it obvious what you are at
Keep your hand over the screen and hide the glare 
The taxi regulators number is displayed in every taxi. 

Friday, May 03, 2019

Queen of the May

There are a few small traditions which I follow

Here comes May

I went to my panel beater to bring home my wifes car today and I saw a sight to lift your heart.
2 Swallows sitting on a telegraph wire.

The hearald of Summer finishing their journey from the other side of the world.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

A leak changes my plans

The search for the  new phone continues, the old phone develops more faults by the day.
Perhaps the old phone has eaten the new one.

I look after a house on behalf of a friend who lives abroad, there is a shower upstairs which has leaked into the sitting room below.
The tennants did not ring me and when I went down the other day I discovered it.
It was quite a disaster, I ripped down the celling in the sitting room to see how wet it was.
It was really bad, the Damp Store man sprayed the timbers and I tackled the shower cubicle, ripping it from its foundations I found more of its problems.
The shower cubicle had a corner entrance and I had bought a seal for the door on Amazon, but it didn't quite work. When I was ripping it out I found that the door had been hung upside down, so the magnetic seal was on the inside.
Wait!  Whats those 2 holes doing there ? The handle should have been fitted there and the "Handyman" had taken it off as it was blocking the sliding door.

So then the shower had not been properly "tanked" water had crept in behind the tiles.
So the tiles had to come off.

On Saturday I took out the hoover and found it jammed with dirt.
Out at the dustbin someone opened the back door.
A rush of wind and bang. The result was a broken door handle.
Most of the locksmiths are closed on Saturday, wow what a chase I had to find a replacement handle of sorts. which took another 3 hours to fit as the holes in the door did not match. Then I had to cut the screws to fit the door.
Fogertys in Dame St beside the Olympia, Dyno locks in Capel St do open on Saturday.

Phew !

The only good way to find a trradesman is to ask around
Not one will give you a reciept, I must pay cash.

I told the tennants who are beautiful girls from Brazil that they could shower in my house if they wanted. (Just to help) But they said that they would work something out.

Just an observation, Brazilian people are the most optamistic people you can ever meet, always happy and hugging. Their country should be the richest in the world but there is absolute poverty everywhere. The corruption is totally widespread.
Look on YouTube to see the kind of gun crime which is there.
Let me stop there.
Wonderful people, beautiful country. Total ecomonic devastation.

So the repairs continue into the week.
I really hope it will be right this time. the new shower screen and side panel cost around €800 !

Did you hear this one.

"A light plane has crashed into Glassnevin cemetry 400 bodies have so far been recovered .
Digging continues through the night"

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Useless peoples success stories

The natural history meusium or "The dead zoo"

The cartoon factory is where that yellow thing is.

Welcome back folks.
This Easter we had the most fantastic weather, fantastic for the young and the old.

So did I come across anything of intrest?

Indeed I did. in 1994 two guys were kicked out of Ballyfermot college of art for being useless.
Now into the second year of a three year course things didn't look great.
Cathal Gaffney and Darragh O'Connell they had an idea, putting things down on loose sheets of paper they looked to regester their company. Someone had pity on them and gave them a brown bag to keep their papers together.
They hadn't,t thought of a name..."Eurika !"
Brown bag film studio was born.
This year they are 25 years old and they had a big party in the mansion house for all the friends and staff. Their office is on Smithfield square opposite the Generator hostel.
They have a couple of hundred staff and at least 5 dogs working there.
The first time I came accross them was when I went into a local shop and was surrounded by hippies.
I asked one of them if I had stepped into a time warp ?
"No man we are all cartoonists"

I love stories of people being told that they are useless and then they go on to greatness.
Tim Martin was a very tall schoolboy, but they kept him on for the rugby.
One day a teacher tore strips off him and told him that he was the most useless boy in the school.
He remembered it and to rub the teachers nose in it he called every pub he opned after that teacher.
It says in Wickopedia that he employs over 38,000 people.
I guess Mr.Weatherspoon got that one wrong  

So I am not a religous person Tahank God, but once in a while you have to call up some of his army

So I bought a new fone and when I turned it on a lot of things would not work.
With St.Patricks day coming up I put the fone away carefully. After St.Patricks day I will get it going. So now the fone is missing,
3 weeks or more looking for it.
The patron saint of lost property is St.Anthony.
I promised him €5 nothing €10 still nothing €15 Now he has reached the limit. I will report him to his boss if things keep going on like this.

Do you know any more saints ?  St Valintine. His heart is in a shrine in Auinger St. church

Taxi drivers !
Saint Fiacre
In 1640, Nicholas Sauvage, who hired out hackney coaches, lived at the Hotel St. Fiacre in the Rue St Martin, in Paris. (Now 223 rue St Martin in the Marais, according to this post.) As well as being the patron saint of gardeners, Saint Fiacre is now the saint of taxi drivers. 

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Stranger than fiction

A young man talks to his sister

His statue beside the convention center. A long journey between the 2 photos

Happy Easter to one and all.
Still knocking around with no direction in life and no goal in sight.
Once upon a time I met a man who stressed that you should set out a plan foe your life and set goals, when you acheveyour goals you give yourself a reward.
Stress is a killer.
Make a list of things to do, then do the hardest things first.

So anyhow, something very strange happened, though not to me.
A taxi is waiting at the lights and he moves off on green.
A limosene hits him on the back wing of his taxi.
The limo driver said that the taxi broke the lights.
The limo driver was a retired Garda supernatant the taxi driver later finds out.
So anyhow the taxi driver tells the limo driver that his car is fitted with a special camera to monitor his driving and that the footage is stored by  a company in Wexford.
The limo driver takes great intrest in this.

When the taxi driver reports the accident it was discovered that there was a glitch of 1/2 hour which covered the period when the crash happened, nothing was recorded.
So for yourself at the time of a crash you should try and get contacts of people standing around.

Remember that if you have a dashcam to disconnect the power before taking out the chip as it might wipe the chip if you don't.

Another one that happens, the other person says" This was my fault get a quote, thare is no need to get the police involved."
Then 2 weeks later they say "Look you didn.t report it to the police I am not going to pay"
At the time it happned to me I just said. "No I did make a report in less than an hour after you hit me"
He paid straight away.
Take photos as well with your phone.

About Luke Kelly
Phil Coulter wrote this song to make people think about how they see handicapped children.
He chose Luke Kelly to sing it and he did a fantastic job,

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Notre Dame gone

Here we are at Easter and Notre Dame cathedral destroyed by fire.
Tragedy on a grand scale.
Everyone has their own memories of that great city and I remember one Easter being there.
The entire French population took off and blocked the roads onThursday.
The city was empty except for tourists on Saturday.
Then this fantastic drumming sound echoed all over, following the sound I found myself at the cathedral where a large African group were drumming and it went on for hours.

I was a student there learning to speak French, then when I sat my exam I passed and got a job in the international telephone exchange. This was a great place to work as at that time there was no subscriber trunk dialing, a lot of manual hookups.
There was I a guy there who could speak 26 languages,Arabic, Chinese, Japanese all the European languages fluently and he could switch over in a second..
With a talent like that the world was his oyster.
What did he do?
Join the EU or NATO ?
No he worked on and then retired.
What a waste of a brilliant talent.

2 girls walking along the road, I thought the taxi behind me would stop, he didn't and when I stopped and they jumped in my heart sank.
Two junkies on a mission, to buy drugs.
"Turn here mister, then straight on"
Then they were whispering in the back.
I pulled my baton out so that my hand would reach it without effort.
The first  place we went was a no show, then after a few more turns we contacted their dealer.
The driver has to stay back around 50 yards while the deal is going on, its protocol!

So the deal was done and we headed home.
€16 on the clock and one of the girls says
"Mister will ya do it for €15"
I said yes indeed just pay me now and you can jump out when we arrive.

You should have seen the look on their faces. Hurry up I said I have the change.
Money exchanged there was no chance of a runaway passinger.

Another guy who has been in the taxi before, he must be one of the unluckiest people in the world.
I think the last time I had him it was FOC.
He was knocked down by an off duty Garda, she lied about the accident in court and now it looks like she will be done for purgery and her seargent  has come under scrutiny for lying to cover up her actions.
I wish him luck taking on the lying Garda, his injuries are substantial as he was thrown 15 yards and landed on his head.
When he was getting out I wished him luck and I hoped that he might find a good woman to mind him.
"My wife has been in a nursing home for the past 12 years"

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Be careful for what you wish

I wish to win the lotto and unlike most people from Cavan I actually buy a ticket sometimes.

A man got into the taxi years ago going to the Charlemont clinic.
God but I remember details of the trip to this day.
It was like he tatooed his story into my brain.

Be careful what you wish he said.
I had 4 daughters and we all wanted a son, then my wife got pregnant and praise God we had our son.
Everyone danced for joy, a beautiful baby boy.
The girls could not have loved him more, he was hugged and kissed like no one else.
He grew up, playing football at 10,11,12 his sisters were on the sidelines cheering him on.

Then at around 13/14  he changed, he didn't want to play football and he went missing for hours at a time. We all made a big effort to connect but he evaded us.

I didn't work for the Garda but I was connected to them and the lads on the force kept an eye out for him. Arrested for intoxication, held overnight returned home.

He had become a heroin addict at 17 !

I am a wise person I can deal with this I said.

You have no idea how to deal with a heroin addict.

The advice I was given was to throw him out and he would come to his senses, the girls would let him in and feed him. Inside they were bleeding in greif, we all were.

Then one day my wife was coming back home on the bus and she saw him walking along the footpath, he looked like a zombie. 
She jumped off the bus and left her handbag behind on the bus with keys, money ,credit cards.

Soon after that she died.
It really was from a broken heart.

One day a Garda arrived at the door with bad news, but to me it was wonderful news Micheal was dead.
Thank God, he has no more fear or pain.

We gave him a wonderful fairwell.

Now John I have cancer and not much time to suffer.
We have a family plot.
My son lies beside his mother and he will lie between us both forever.

We both said God bless.

My prayers are with him

Saturday, April 06, 2019

Phones phones Phones

Cherry blossom A 9 day wonder

The tram was knocked off the track, both vehicles have cameras.

Way back in 1973 the first call was made from a mobile fone.
The joke was that it took another 2 years before the second mobile fone was built.
Now they are such a part of our lives.
The taxi apps have given taxi drivers freedom from the base man. The base man in the taxi dispatch center used to use his power to send his chosen friends the best jobs and make fools of the rest.

My present fone is over 10 years old and it is causing me problems.
I went to the phone shop and bought a Hiwaii one and she transferred all my apps over.
I would have to re load them and my MyTaxi app did not kick in.
So I put it away meaning to tackle it when I am not tired.
Guess what ? I don't know where I put it.
I have been looking for it for 3 weeks now.

Vic I feel your pain.

 I reckon that I am not taking enough rest time. 
Yesterday I had an American family going to the Hilton airport hotel ?
For some reason not known by me I had to ask Mr.Google !
I felt a bit embarrassed as I knew where it was, but I could not pull it up on my own radar.
When something like this happens I stop the meter and often charge them less than was on the meter when I stopped it. 
This is what diecent people do.
The guy was very generous, he gave me a tip and accepted my apology.   

Last week I mentioned 2 taxi drivers who deserved to be punished severly.
Today 2 heroes 
The first guy picked up a couple outside a bar when he notices a man pulling a girl down a laneway at the side of the pub.
When they closed the door the taxi driver said "Sorry about this, something wrong here "
He jumped out of the taxi and ran over to the guy and punched him so hard that he landed on the ground.
"Leave my wife alone ! If I see you again I will kill you"
He put her into the car with the couple and quizzed her.
Rohipnol was the old date rape drug and he had spiked her drink.
After he had dropped off the couple he brought her home.

A French lady in a taxi and she was saying "No I want to go home"
The guy was insisting so when thay reached the mans address the driver got out baton in hand and in no uncertain terms that the lady was staying with him.
She was not drunk but she was badky shaken 

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Karma works

This happened quite a few years ago.
Sunday morning I was outside the Conrad Hilton hotel hoping for a job somewhere.
I was giving directions to a lady who was looking for Baggott St.
(Strange how you can remember the little things)
The concierge came out and started blowing his whistle, I moved over.
Then in a flash he had thrown the bag into the boot.
"Airport" snarled the woman and we set off.
They were arguing like 2 dogs growling at each other.
When I was heading over to the hotel earlier I saw filming starting on one of the Georgian squares.
I mentioned to them to look over and the woman snapped.
"Just get us to the fecking airport, we don't need a sightseeing tour! "
The proper response to that is to take them away from the main drag and kick them out.
But today I wanted to see this to its end.
The rumbling continued between them and at the airport the fare was £18 (Old money)
I took out the bag and extended the handle with his cange in the other hand.

" I hope you left enough time for your flight?"
He said "Course we ave ya feckin moron"
"That change in the hour really fucked up my day"
He said "Wads ya takin abat?"
As I put his change into his hand I said
"The clocks, they went forward an hour last night"

I wish I had a video of his face.
No I didn't ask him which one of us was the moron now.

This won't happen now as our fones jump forwards in the night.

Some people give the human race a bad name, here are 2 taxi drivers for the hall of shame.

A girl from Cabra to Santry Ave. 
On the journey over she told me that her mother from Brazil who had very little English got ito a taxi one day, she had the address written down. 
The driver was Chinese and kept saying that he didn't know where Santry Ave was.
My passinger spoke to him 4 times on the mobile and it went on for a while.
The daughter suggested that as he could not do his job he should let her out to get another car and not charge her.
Suddenly he found his way and charged her €80
The correct charge was €17.

So boys and girs bad things happen. Turn your phone camera to video and quietly record the ID and the driver, when you get out take the roof sign(Its on the door as well) and the reg 
Do not stsrt taking photos as you might well get a punch on the head.
Report it to the police.

Driver number 2
A Pilot was in a taxi around Christmas and he dropped his fone.
He rang the the phone and driver picked up he said that he had found the fone and would ring him back when he had dropped off his present passinger.
When he returned the held up the fone and said "This will cost you €100 to get back"

It was insured but there was photos that he had not backed up.

So he paid...

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The morning after the night before

After a big event like St.Patricks day or new years day concentration is at a low spot.
The Luas (tram) has killed 2 people and there was a crash with a bus, in which the tram was derailed.
Plus a 2 car collision in which both drivers were killed. RIP

I am going to rest up as I nearly had 2 near misses myself. It is important to be on the lookout for the nut behind the steering wheel..It might be you.
I have some photos of the events, but my computer will not load up.

I want you to watch Ken Dodd strutting his stuff.
A comedian of the 60s who had a few gold records. He kept the Beatles off the number one spot back in the day.

His act could go on for 4 hours and he was known as the taxi drivers friend, because the buses were well gone when his act finished.
He was president of the Blackpool magicians club and he entertained us all at the convention.

I will visit Andrew in the computer shop and have the bugs taken away.
Then I will write a proper post.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Happy Paddys day to one and all

Boy was it busy for sure.
If you are caught on the wrong side of the parade you will have a hell of a job getting to the airport.
So it is up to everyone to make plans.
A guy from Korea left his laptop in the car, boy was he happy to see me come back with it.
He was pressing €10 into my hand and after 10 Nos I finally accepted €5,
I went home for breakfast and got 2 texts from my Chinese friends about someone whos car had a flat battery.
I live in Clontarf they live in Crumlin a €25 taxi journey away.
I was told it was urgent so I went straight over with my booster pack.
Every home should have one.
On the way over there were 10 or 12 people looking for taxis, but I drove on.
On arrival I started the car and the owner asked me if I would like a cup of tea?
Not "Can I pay you for your time coming over?"
I asked Emma if they were going to some special event?
"No we are going to mass" she said.

Now boys and girls this is taking the piss !
If a garage had come out it would cost around €120 at least.

But I got 4 jobs on the way back including 4 wonderful Brazilian beauty queens.

Life is good. Happy St.Patricks day to one and all.

Bono says it all so well


Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Not long until Paddys day

Look at your phone when you do a SumUp transaction, too late when there gone

A fund raiser at our local saling club

This is where Amzon is !

I will put a video below to explain

Today saw the brief visit of an American girl heading for the airport to go home.
God bless her I hope she made it. People tell me that for domestic flights you have to be there an hour and a half before take off and for trans Atlantic it has to be 3 hours.
She only had an hour..So lets hope.
Her looks were interesting and I asked if she had any Irish blood.
Her answer was priceless.
"I might have. My Mother was Hungarian and my father was from South Korea."
Only then did I see the slight shapeing of her eyelids.
God she is beautiful.
She loved Ireland and I am sure she will be back again.

Another strange thing happned last week.
I picked up a young lady going to Heuston station from Donnybrook.
As we arrived there was €15 on the clock, I handed her the bag and some people coming out of the station jumped in.
As I drove along the quays the phone rang, "you forgot to tie off the transaction on the MyTaxi app"
So try as I could it would not work.
She sent in a note to MyTaxi and I sent in a note as well.
Guess what ?
Once the customer is gone from the car you cannot get the money !!!!
But I rang her as I had her number and got the money today.
Without that contact, I would have been up shit creek without a paddle.

 I know this is a repeat but.

A couple of weeks ago a Google lady arrived at the airport with no money or credit card ?
She gave me her number and asked me to ring her next week.
So I accepted so as not to make her loose her flight.
All the next week I rang and texted to no avail.
It was €28, so I had an idea.
I explained my story in a letter!
A great German girl read the letter and found her.
I could almost hear her saying.
"What kind of person are you? Someone helped you and now you won't pay ?"
The call with payment came the next day.
But the girl who wouldn't pay has destroyed her reputation in Google.

I was off work for around 4 days last week. My right arm was really painful. I couldn't lift my arm as high as my shoulder and the home doctor went to work. It could be a clot or you could be having a stroke, OR A HEART ATTACK.
I went to bed and wore a jacket indoors, took Panadol  and it got better.
At least I didn't pay €40 to the doctor.

A headline in the paper reads 180 non EU nationals obtain licences despite having no leagal status in Ireland,nothing surprises me.

I think that this just prove that great minds have too muck free time

Friday, March 01, 2019

John Haynes RIP

A good old guy died during the week John Haynes of the Haynes manual fame.

Whats that ? You might well ask.

Well John went to boarding school in England and he didn't like Rugby or Hockey.
So he asked his teacher if he could build a car as a project.
He built an Austin 7 and then he sold it.

Then he had an idea !
He wondered if anyone else would like to know how he built it.
So he built another one and had a small book printed taking you through the steps.
The first printing of the book sold out in weeks.
He grew up and joined the Royal air force and a friend of his had an Austin Healey Sprite which was giving trouble. The manual was really bad.
So they stripped down the car and photographed the whole process.
The Haynes manual was born, settings for points, the correct spark plugs and oil are all there.

So I suppose God was having problems with one of his vintage cars and called John up.

I see you can buy them on line now.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Missing person.

This guy came from Iceland to play poker .He walked out of his hotel on the 9th and vanished.

In nead of a little lift. Kavenagh is your man.

How would you like this job ? Plenty of fresh air,

It is really tough on that Icelandic guys folks, after the first 24 hours things are looking worse.
I hope he will turn up happy, safe and well.

A story from the taxi rank last week.
More and more Indian and Pakisyani drivers are coming on stream.
A driver told me that the guy in his local shop was going for his PSV licence.
A few weeks later he passed  ! Smiles all round.
The taxi driver wondered how he got through so fast and the guy told him that he had an interpreter,
he said theat he had problems with English and was provoded with an assistant. 
The assistant provided the answers and he flew it.

In this mad country I am living in I really could see it happening.
Like the time FAS sent me an apprentice who was colour blind !
He was very dangerous.

If I was in charge I would  require that you have lived in the country for 8 years with no criminal record, have a clean driving licence, be able to speak the language of your country.
Then you can sit the knoweledge and off you go.
Like the way it is in Spain. 

So lets raise the standard !