Monday, September 16, 2019

All packed

All packed up its a 3 am start so I have to go to bed now

If you are a Dublin taxi driver make sure to join into the taxi drivers special day out
Sept 21st Paddy Drac has passed away but Circus Vegas and the Garda band will be there.

The phone number I have is 087 1213344  or 086 3701215

One thing for sure you will never complain about anything when you see how these kids cope in spite of  their problems.

Its the first time I have missed it

And just to keep you thinking

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Off to Spain

Two chancy lads

A bicycle designed by a nutter.

Why would you think he was an electrician?

This is a house built from transport containers built in Ringsend

Dublin V Kerry Replay on SATURDAY

Good luck to all

So here we are at the end of the Summer and the weather is fantastic.
I am heading to Spain for a wedding. then we stay on for 2 weeks visiting Grenada and the local sights.
The weather will probably better here, cooler and sunny.

I have still been thinking of a job I brought from Clontarf Castle hotel to the German bank in Eastpoint. She was very pretty and dressed so well.
At the end of the trip she paid me and said
"This is the best taxi ride that I have ever had in my life by far"
I have the child lock on the outside door on the back and I opened the door to let her out.
As she got out she slipped her arm around my waist and gave me the gentlest kiss on the cheek, it was like a butterfly touching my cheek..
"Thank you"
And she was gone.

Later that day I found out that the bank had sacked more than 200 traders.


I drop a note to my God to look after her.

My last bank Rabo bank a Dutch bank closed down their Irish operation because


Well thats what an ex employee told me.

Well I was in a store and a big display was up selling Santa Claus baby grows with Santa hats.
The notice arrived last month about Christmas partys.

A good few years ago when I had a 6 seater taxi I was waved down by a group of gloomy people.
Their boss had invited them to McDonalds for their Christmas dinner!
They were sure it was a joke,
It wasn't
The boss arrived and bought them all a happy meal and left.

They were really angry, one guy was really witty he said

"He didn't even let me pick out my toy"

As they emptied out two guys went into planning mode.
One of them had been brought in to rescue the company from going bankrupt a year ago,
if he could save it he could sink it!
He joined in a hurry and had not been asked to sign non disclosure contracts.

"I will place a few bombs and he will soon find out that he has no company, then you guys will be working for me"
 When the last guy was getting out I asked him how long it would take?
"Six months, he will not see it coming"

What an asshole !
Why would you antagonize your staff like that ?

What goes round comes round  

Sunday, September 08, 2019

A simple tip

Toyota Proximity key front and back

Remove the concierge key

With a knife or screwdriver prize it open

there is the battery (Open from the back)

Here is something you can do.
Do it while sitting at a table so you are in control.
Try to get batterys with corresponding make and numbers I got 10 for £12 from Amazon.
Once upon a time I was told by a garage that they would need to replace the battery in my key.
They wanted £20, I just popped over with the spare key and when I checked the "Faulty" key fob they had taken the battery out..

One last thing. On a hot summers day you took off your jacket and threw it into the boot of your Porsche
You close the boot and the car locks itself ??????? They do that !
The keys are in your jacket pocket now locked in the boot and you are locked out.

Try this. Ring home and ask someone there to get the spare key from the desk.
Now for a drum role .
"Hold the key to the phone and when I count to three press the unlock button on the keys"

You turn your phone to speaker and hold it to your lock the magic begins

Not every car will pop open, sometimes you will have to do it twice

Worth a try anyhow.

always have a spare key if you have only one key and it is put in the washing machine the replacement process is around €2,500

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Dublin is cosmopolitan now

Sometimes you wonder if the guy was qualified

This is a house in Ringsend made from two storage containers

An unfortunate accident, the Lexus is only a few days old

A money making machine on the Clontarf Rd

A really good idea

I had an unusual morning, the first job was from Istanbul in Turkey, internet chap.
An Indian lady going to Blanchardstown
Two guys from Uruguay to Ranelagh
Then a guy from Eritrea   
The last guy was surprised that I knew where it was or that I knew anything about the country.
Ethiopia beside Eritrea has many strikingly beautiful women, they are also the fastest runners on earth.
They are very hard to catch for sure.

I hope to be back on line soon.
This computer has been wiped but it is not working like it should work.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

GAA football final

Unless you have been in hiding or you live in Norway you might not know that tomorrow is the all Ireland football final.

Dublin V Kerry

One way that our forefathers tried to make us unique was to encourage Gaelic games.
Hurling and football.
The football has plenty of ball handeling with conditions.
The hurling is fast and furious

Soo take a look, I am sure you can pick it up on Sky


Thursday, August 29, 2019

Time to kick the bear I think

I am going down to Andrew my computer to have my computer exorcised and to have all the evil spirits banished in the hope that I can load photos again.

One day I saw a girl who was in the care of a group based in Islandbridge, she was in the care of a "minder"and as they waited to cross the South Circular Rd. he put his right hand across her left shoulder and started to fondle her breast. She shuddered and the lights changed.
Later on I went into the place but could find no one to complain to.
So I wrote a letter to the person in charge, re a serious sexual assault on one of your patients..
To this day I have had no reply.
The Garda in Kilmanham said that they could do nothing as they would have to see him in the act.

My son was visiting a friend in a laneway parralel to Batchelors walk.
I was waiting in the darkness for him to come out.
There are many call girls in the apartments along there.
A big black BMW came up the laneway and 2 guys got out. The driver went to the end of the laneway and turned and came back down, then he waited for the other 2 guys to come out.
Just as they walked to the car a tall goreign girl came over and started screaming at the biggest guy, then she threw a punch. The driver had come around behind her and he hit her such a punch I swear you could hear he neck snap. Down she went and they threw her in the boot like a bag of coal..
Then they got into the car and started to drive away.
I started my car without turning on the lights and got their number.
I dialed 112 and the muppet that took the call told me.
"We would need a missing persons report before we could act"

So outside a laundrette with a flat upstairs which had a video camera pointing at the front door.
Two travellers were in a white van, they had a Chinese girl between them, she was in floods of tears and they were shouting abuse at her.
I grabbed a pen and the newspaper and wrote the number down. I checked it with my passinger.
I explained that she had been trafficked, "How could that happen?"
There was a big publicity drive about anti slavery, so I wrung the number, no reply, I sent an email no reply. and I rang a few more times.. No result.That night I contacted the website "Stopthetraffik"in the UK. I gave them the details and at 9.30am I got a phone call from Scotland Yard, thanking me for my efforts and that they would intervene.
At 3pm or so I got a call from a very irate Garda. "What are you doing contacting Scotland Yard for?"  He went on, so I made a signed and sworn statement to be met with
" the regestration number you gave does not exist"
It would have to exist !!!
So where is this going ?

A mental hostital in Northern Ireland Muckamore Abbey comes into the spotlight where it is alleged 1,500  crimes of a sexual nature took place in 6 months......I wonder how many whistles were blown before this came to light.  
In care of the state my arse

Monday, August 26, 2019

Is Summer nearly over?

I saw the first school girl in her school uniform wating for the bus home.
On Sunday I brought a German mother and their 2 daughters to their boarding school in Dalkey.
I must take a look out for the swallows going and the arrival of the Brent geese who come all the way from Greenland to spend the winter around Clontarf.
Time and tide wait for no man for sure, there are 2 things you can bet on for sure Death and Taxes
I have that mountain of papers out and on Wednesday I go to my accountant then I can sleep for another year.
I had a young couple in the taxi from Paris going to the Pheonix Park to see the deer.
When we found the deer and it was time to get paid the credit card machiene would not work, on all 3 cards ! "Sacre bleau"
So what to do?
They would be spending an hour with the deer and then I would come back and collect them. OK?
I did a few jobs and I got the call to go back.
On the way into the park I got a phone call from my first customer of the day Dublin port to the airport. "Is my wallet in your car?"
It was not in the car and he just said "Ive been dipped in the airport"
You have to be so careful. An American tourist was stabbed with a screwdriver in Temple Bar.
A beggar asked him for money and he gave him some change.
Then he demanded more money for his friend before stabbing the American in the belly.
He finished his Irish holiday in hospital.

On credit cards, if you are going abroad ring the credit card provider and tell them.
If they see "Unusial activity" they will block your card as happened me in New York

Two Canadian women in the car and I asked them if the Prius was a big deal in Canada.
Our dealership had one with one million Kms on the clock, no big repairs, shock absorbers and wheel bearings.
A customer crashed it one day and wrote Bernie off and it was like loosing an old friend..

 A Great Great car.

Oh yes the French couple? They went to the pass machine in town and got 2x€20 notes and fair play to the guy he corrected me when I was giving him too much change.
I was giving the change of €50. When you go out of your way to help people they will be loyal.

Doing the tax like I do, all at the end of the year is a killer.

I promise to be a bit more German in the way I do it in future.


United States
17            More readers in Brazil than in the UK
United Kingdom

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

John calling Earth

This computer is driving me mad.
I told mywife that we have to get a new one, she said I will look to see what offers there are.
4 weeks later we have not made a move and the "Back to school offers" are ending.

Today I had 4 accountants in a row in the taxi, it must be a sign.

John! Do your taxes now!

I keep meaning to take account of my business
And Yearly
But I am not German.

I often thought of getting a Chinese accountant.
Then he would present my completed accounts in Chinese every year.

A taxi driver did a comedy spot in one of the comedy clubs
It went down a storm and soon he was doing gigs all over.
They couldn't get enough of him.

Then came his tax return, so he rang the tax office.

"So you have been doing comedy?
Did you get paid?
Now you want to sort out your tax?
Write down your expenses in a colim.
Write down the money you got for the comedy.
Subtract your expenses from your income and send us that amount within 30 days or you will incur penalties and intrest charges"

Some people think it is a joke 

So very soon we will have photos and videos back again

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Exam results

A very sad time for the parents of the little girl who went missing on holiday, at least they have a body, not like the McCanns..  A sad sad day.

Well it has come around again.
The exam results have come around once more.
How you did on a given day in a particular subject might dictate which path you follow, to greatness or failure?
We have to think outside the box a bit here.
Leonardo De Vinci was no dunce, he NEVER went to school, yet his work places him among the worlds best intellects.
One guy who was in my taxi left school aged12 with no qualifications, yet Arnold Clarke was a multi millionaire when I met him.
"Stupid Paddy" had an idea which transported him to the Rolls Royce brigade.
" It wern't for me, or the money.But I didn't want my grandchildren to have to slave like I had to"

It looks like it is time to buy a new computer, this thing is stopping and freezing all the time.

Here is a bonus, watch it to the end.

What do you think ?

Sunday, August 04, 2019

Galway races gone again

Sorry folks no Photos or videos,

It started on Monday and this year it will have been going for 150 years.
The Galway Races
Its a massive event and a good time will be had by all.
Ireland is famous for its horses after all.
And it's mighty sport.
I was going into town this morning when I went over a sharp bump and the plastic panel inside the front wing came loose and came off with quite a bang.
My panel beater said that it happens all the time.
If you drive a taxi make good friends with a panel beater and a good mechanic either one of them will put you back on the road when you are in trouble.

A Dublin woman got into my taxi years ago.

"I don't want to seem rude but how old are you ?"
When I told her she gave out a big laugh
"There you are working yourself into the grave. For what?
When you die you will leave your kids a pile of money, after a few weeks they will have pissed it all away and you will be forgotten forever.
But if you were my fella you would be on the high stool in the pub laughing with your mates.
Then when you would fall off your perch you would leave them a pile of debts.
When they would have paid off all your debts, one thing for sure is that they would never forget you"

So enjoy yourself when you are alive son.

I picked up an American lady going to Temple bar an €8 journey, she asked me questions all through the journey and seemed happy with my comments. She had asked me if she could pay by card, so as I was setting up the card reader she asked if I would take US Dollars. I said OK and she gave me $50
Keep it
Wow what a lady, I will have to pass it on for good luck.

I cover a lot of miles and I see a lot of things for sure

I was following a car which was going very slow as I was turning left at the  next juction I held back.
The other car in front of me overtook her but she turned left as well.
Then as I went up the road she came to a roundabout and went round it to the right.
She had no L plates bit I wonder what kind of a muppet was sittig in the passinger seat,
She was a Muslim but no L plates or driver sitting with her?

Here is a bad one. From the ferry a guy living in London arrived.
He had missed the flight and had come back over on the ferry. He manages 2 pobs in contral London and he runs a tight ship... No messing or you are out.
He is a qualified self defence instructor and has a black belt. "I can take anyone down with just 2 fingers" He trains kids in London in self defence.
"Knife crime in London is at epademic proportions".

So his daddy deove a taxi in Ireland and he had two passingers in the back. Then he saw one pass a machete to the other, "Just you do as we say and everything will be all right" they said.
He saw a police car coming and he rammed it head on.

The two guys in the back ran away and the cops beat the living shit out of him for crashing into them.......He never drove a taxi again.

So I was watching Judge Judy on you tube.....Best cases

Two girls were in dispute and one of the girls had been stabbed 5 times by the friend of the other girl. As usual Judy got a handel on the situation and she told the girl about a case that she had to deal with years ago.
Four girls on the subway saw another girl with big gold ear rings. One of the girls had a knife and the other 3 girls cheered on the girl with the knife while she stabbed and robbed and killed the girl with the ear rings.
The girl with the ear rings died and the four girls were caught.

Judge Judy found the four girls guilty of murder and though they were only 15 years old they went to jail..

It was appealed but the other judge agreed with Judy.
Just because you are not the one with the knife does not mean you are innovent.

Nice one Judy

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Proximity keys again.

I was going for coffee to Cafe Java off Leeson St and I parked on Sussex terrace.
I noticed a 18 reg Jaguar jeep in front of me with his day lights turned on and the engine running.
When I came back it was still there with the engine running and no one around.
So I asked in the coffee shop and in the restaurant but no owner could be found.
So I phoned the police and told them of the problem. The engine is running and there is no one around. Well if its not obstruction traffic what can we do?
Well its up to you now the car is worth around€100,000 and if someone drives away in it the car with the engine running the insurance company will not pay.
You have the chance to do good.
I had a pickup to do and went off.
I took a look an hour later and the jeep was gone.
For better or worse.

Proximity keys are a pain in the arse.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Welcome from Aegentina

This is the coffee shot at the juction of SCR and Harrington St

GBS George Bernard Shaw

If you run a hoter or a concierge service copy this

So the other day I picked up a father and daughter going to the South Circular Rd.(SCR) for short as it turned out they were from Argentina and had started a coffee shop,they knew little about the links between our two lands so I filled them in.
It is hard when an economy crashes through no fault of the people.
Brazil, Venuezela and all the other S American countries have fantastic people but corrupt rulers.
But they are great people.

I wish them the very best of luck.

It started at 12.04 today and the journey ended at 1.55 almost 2 hours later.
The man needed a part for his respirator, and we covered 31.12 Kms at a cost of €76.20
I had this happen before a few years ago and that time we didn't manage to find part.

Now if you are in the hotel or hospitality buisness in Dublin I have copied the business card of the people who came up trumps an they carry loads of gismos which help you to breathe.
Look up "Sleep Apnia" to see the kind of problems that people can have.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Never a dull moment

Another day another dollar, no two days are the same for sure.

He was on the quays near Blackhall Place when he waved me down.
Going to Finglas and then to Liffey Valley bud, so we had a drugs run at 10 am.
We arrived at his sisters house, a house with 2 burglar alarms and CC TV looking around.
10 minutes later he came out and he gave me a €50.
In good faith brother!
Then off to Liffey Valley near Lucan. As we drove he pulled out a wad of notes and started to count it all.
Money was falling on the floor and I stopped him.
I got 6 boxes of maps from the tourist board and each 20 map bundle has a big elastic band on it and I had 10 or so on my indicator stalk. I took them off, wrap them up in €200 bundles with the elastic bands.
Now you are going places.
So with his cash counted he told me that he was going to buy a second hand car (Good story)
He went into the house and he came back out in 5 minutes. I asked him if he didn't count out the money.
Only his wife was there he said.
Sure enough 15 minutes later he got the call "Hey bud you left me €400 short."
Panic stations..Should we go back? Yes?No?
Head into town bud, we will sort that out later.
So on the way in he took 2 orders for drug deals and phoned them off to his foot soldiers.
Just a point for you. Drug dealers have the cheapest phones as they might have to throw it into the Liffey or off a as it holds vital evedance.
Then out cam a bag of Coke and he had a few snorts.
"You're a good man, you don't judge me"
Good luck with the car I said
I would give him around 3 years to live at most.
He gave me an extra €20 and off he went.

Later that day I was at Connelly and a girl from Russia was talking to the first guy on the rank.
He was not taking the deal and as she walked away she caught my eye.
She had bought a train ticket to Dalkey and the trains were not running.
Would I bring her for €20?
Just because she was good looking is not a good enough reason to refuse.
She is training to become a psychiatrist and we got on like old friends.
The meter was running and the full price would have been only €25
She had paid me and she packed up her bag. Then she put her knee on the seat and turned around and gave me a giant hug and a kiss. "You are wonderful"

Then she was gone with her beautiful blue Russian eyes.

A guy got in going to Heuston station and he told me how his cousin had sexually abused him when he was aged 5 years old and his cousin was 15.
Because he was a minor at the time he got a suspended sentance.

I as a 5 year old child I got a life sentence and my grandfather had a nervous  breakdown

There is no justice on this side of the grave son.

Three journeys on the same day each one so different

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Over the moon

House for sale, a Lotto win might get it

All this will be Google

A Fiat topolino

1920 well before the space shuttle

50 years ago man landed on the moon.
After all the developments which took place people said that it would be very hard to invent something that could be new.
30 years later someone put wheels on a suitcase !

No matter what there are people who can make things much better.
I will write more later 

I must fly 

Sunday, July 14, 2019

My new phone is gone

This Scottish car was brought from the legend  Arnold Clarke

A hero of Irish folk music Luke Kelly

This wonderful car is 30 years old !

This story started a few years ago...

So I have an old Iphone and it was giving me big problems.
It was my birthday, so I treated myself to a brand new phone.
I swear to God the salesperson in the Carfone warehouse told me that
"Everything will transfer over to the new phone"
2 hours later they told me that as I had over 300 contacts on the old phone and only 1/2 of the numbers transferred over. But now I was pressed for time and took the phone.
Before I left the store I turned over to the apps and found that the Halo taxi drivers app had not transferred over. "Well you see apps are in a different format. This is an Android phone"
I said that this is not what I was told, so I wanted to cancell the deal.
The manager came out and simply said.
"Once the seal on the box is broken there is no going back"
Then as I was talking to him he turned his back towards me and stood there with his back to me.

I was upset with him and I still am.

My youngest son got the phone.

I huffed and puffed with emails to the carfone warehouse who at the time boasted about their wonderful.customer service. I got nowhere,I typed a letter to their solicitors on Mount St. A few weeks later I got a snotty letter from someone to tell me that I could download the apps again on to the different platform.
I said that the logs and history would not be intact.  No reply

So I went back to my old phone and Andrew my Chinese tec guro did great work on the old phone, he took everything off. Put in a new battery,updated the software, scanned the phone for viruses and downloaded the information again and scanned it once more.
I was like a new phone !!.

A few years later someone told me that "COMREG" would have taken up my case, so now you know if it happens to you.

I bought a Hiwawi phone in February and I was adding things over to it bit by bit.
Coming up to St.Patricks day I started to use the old Iphone again to get me over the busy period.
Then when I looked for the new phone again it had vanished !!!!
I have looked everywhere since the end of March.
St Anthony was promised up to €20 but he did not deliver.
I told his boss (God)still no Joy.

So at last I bought another phone and I am going Android.

I really would never wish bad fortune on anyone but that store where I bought the first phone was in the Clearys building on O,Connell St. The store closed soon after and everyone was was kicked out.

This is just a great positive example of customer service.

Vista print make business cards etc and  I oreded some business cards to promote the blog.
(Have you got one)
So the order was due and did not arrive.
So I contacted the help desk.
"Your order was delivered on the14th"

So a couple more contacts later I got this.

Dear John 
There seems to have been a problem with your order.
As a long time customer of Vistaprint I would like to say sorry.
I am refunding the cost of your order to your credit card and we are reprinting your order today and we will send it to you by express post at no cost.

Now that is service.

With Guinness I had a flat can and I sent it back to them and I nearly had to take them to court to get a refund !

So there is my rant, normal service will resume shortly 

The King of comedy has died

The sad news broke last week of the passing of Brendan Grace
If he was not the King of Irish comedy he was defenately the Clown prince.

I just have to give you a sample in case he is unknown to you.

Have a Google if you want some more

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Happy 4th July

Happy 4th of July to you all

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Gay pride

This is the old synagogue on Haddington Rd

A  little bit of art is great

Believe it or not this is a goat house influenced by a trip to Morocco

This weekend saw the gay pride festival which went down a storm.
Our prime minister is gay and our minister for children is also gay, so different from so different than it was 20 years ago or when a gay man was beaten to death in Fairview park and because he was a gay man the culprit got off almost scott free. There was a lot of anger at the time.
With all the hate against the churches sexual transgerssions sex has become a talked about and more open subject.

Its strange how as they say you speak of someone and suddenly they are front page news.
I was at the Westbury hotel and I picked up an American lady going out to a riding stabeles up in the Dublin mountains.
She has an idyllic life in the States, they have 2 horses a pony a donkey an emu a duck a skunk 4  dogs and a few other animals.
So I told her the story about a Japanese pop star who was making music video here in Ireland.
My van carried the camera man the electrician and the sound man, the chaufer car had the singer his manager the director and a Dutch interpreter of Japanese English.
On day 2 we went up to Meath near Tara to the show jumping stables of Paul Darra.
We waited while the powers that be discussed camera angles and lenses to be used.
A young blonde girl came along on her horse and on the second time around she passed me I gave her a smile and she smiled back. Nothing was happening so she got off the horse and sat down on a bale of hay beside me. After a bit of banter I showed her one of my very favorite magic tricks.
You fold up a €5 note and when you open it out again its a €50..It got a great reaction.

"Its been really wonderful talking to you, but I have to be somewhere else soon.
Tell them that if they don't start filming in 15 minutes I will be gone"

So I went over and spoke to the Dutch girl and she only half listned.
15 minutes later she handed me the horse and told me to tell them that she had gone.
This time when I told them they all woke up and in great panic called her back on the phone.
All smiles I popped her up on the horse ans within 20 minutes the film scene was complete.
She rode the horse over to me and asked me if I would ride the horse around for 20 minutes or so as he was very cold from all the standing around. Then I was to pop him over a few jumpes and take him back to the stables.
She told me that it was such a pleasure talking to me,
"I have to be so careful about who I talk to and where I go"
Strange I thought.
I rode the horse around for 20 minutes then over a few jumps ( I used to work in a National Hunt racing establisnment) and then back to the stabeles.
A stable girl came over and said "Wow the Princess must really like you. No one has ever been allowed to ride any of her horses, you are the first ever"
"Is that her name Princess?" I said.
"God no! Did nobody tell you? That is the daughter of the King of Jordan Princess Haya"

Well the King died a few years later and she married Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum the ruler of Dubai. He has 6 wives and she has 2 children by him.

So what has she done to be in the news?

She skipped off and ran away with her 2 kids and £31 million to Germany where she is lookind for government protection there, now she has moved to London.
The King is very strict and he is screaming blue murder.

The King made the news a while back when one of his daughters made a bid to escape from Dubai by boat.
He got the navy out and brought her home.

The story is told of the beaututiful bird in the guilded cage who is surrounded by beauty but has no freedom.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

First prize Norway

A really super vintage car at MSL motors in Ballsbridge

Cruise ships are arriving in Dublin again

Norway           265

United States
United Kingdom

The other day I looked at the stat counter and Norway once again came first place
More than the USA ?
This often happens in winter as the nights in Norway are long.

So the yearly renewing of the taxi licence has come arrived.

Get your papers together John !

Not as easy as it seems, I am looking everywhere I hope I will be ready.
Perhaps I will buy a motorised rickshaw instead.
No liscence, no insurance, no meter, no tax. No joke!

But next year my son may be taking over the taxi, he is studying the knowledge, he is studying online through the MyTaxi online tutorial.
I was telling a customer about it and he told me that they got a taxi one night and the driver was going around in cyrcles, when they were passing the same landmark for the third time they asked the driver to stop.
They gave him the choice of letting them out there and then or they would call the police.
They had come from Cork to attend a function, he had not one clue wher he was or where he was going.
I checked with them and they said that they did not pay him,

God to think how little the streets are policed.
Unfortunately a foreign guy raped 3 women at Christmas.
This happens when you decide to take shortcuts.

In Spain you have to have lived there for 5 years, be able to speak Spanish, hold a full Spanish driving liscence ie. have completed a Spanish driving test.
All that before you sit your PSV test in Spain.

My son is having problems learning the ropes and he has lived here all his life.
I went into Easons our biggest bookstore for city maps.
"No we have cleared off all the travel maps to make room for the school books."
The schools will not be back for 6 weeks.

If you need city maps you can go to the office of the Ordinance survey in the Pheonix Park.
I went to Amazin.

Its not all foreign drivers tht cause the problems, I know a good few Irish drivers who have the motto

"I go that extra mile"

Here is the mother of all taxi tests.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Cruise ships are back

A stork takes abreak before his next delivery

Free Beer! Read the small print

DO you need a lift? Plenty of cranes in Dublin port

Every so often I see something and you have to scratch your head and say.
"Well I've seen it all now" and then a short time later you see something which makes you say it again.
A huge cruise ship came into Dublin port. These ships can hold 3,000 people.
SOS Taxis needed!
So I did 3 runs and when I was heading back for job nr.4 3 people stopped me.
"Please help us. We ordered 2 cabs and the man told us to stand here and we hav been standing here for 2 hours" The three of them were all over 70 years old, So I loaded them up.
As I drove past the guy from the port in charge of taxis he started to shout abuse at me.
I had not joined the queue and brought the people he wanted me to bring, so he was annoyed.
A little further another port employee stopped me.
"He wants to talk to you"
I just said that I would not be shouted at like that as I am not a dog and drove out of the port.
The couple were Isreali so I told them of a their wonderful singer who had a voice from God
Ofra Haza. Then we spoke of her sad death from aids.
"Her husband gave aids the bastard" Said the Isreali man
So we drove to their hotels.
The woman who was on her own said that her grandfather was Jewish but the faith passes on through the blood ie. your mother has to be Jewish for you to be Jewish.
I knew all this as my wife once taught the Jewish children in Broomfield Ave national school for a while.

First call was the hotel near Google the Royal canal hotel.
How much?
The couple paid what was on the meter to the other woman so that she could pay everything at the end of the journey.
So we arrived at the Arlington hotel.
"Now we have to work out the fair?"She said.!
I was surprised.
"Yes indeed. What length of the journey did they take me out of my way?"
I am still surprised as I had rescued her and now she had this strrange attitude.
"From the ship to their hotel they paid for all the journey, for your part of that journey as well.
All I am asking you to pay for the final leg."
Then she loostned her purse and paid me. NO TIP.
The Jewish couple slipped a couple had slipped a couple of euro into my hand and they did thank me 2 or 3 times.
I think in the taxi regulations state that each person who share a taxi pays the full fair, though I have never pushed that.
Hundreds of people were waiting to be evacuated from the ship.
Mostly airport jobe €20 a pop. But I had had enough.
But the airport is another story they can have hundreds of people waiting and the guys that are in charge of the queueing system do not call up the cars in time. 600 cars waiting to come up and 200 passengers waiting for taxis.
When I started driving an airport permit costed £10 per year. You paid 70p as you entered the holding area and you agged on an airport pick up caharge of £1.50 plus an allowance for each bag carried.
Now an airport pass costs €440 every year and no airport pick up fee and no baggage allowance.

The port queueing system should be looked at 5 or 6 buses taking people to the airport for €5 a pop and a few other buses going to the stations.

Philomena Lynott was buried the other day.
She was the mother of Phil Lynott the rock star.
If you ever met her you would never forget her.
She was in my taxi twice, the second time for free.
I told her that my 13 year old son had gone wild  and without missing a beat she gave me her phone number, a few days later she gave David an hour of her time. I think it helped him.
She used to go to prisons to talk to young offenders.
Later on she visited local hospaces to cheer up the old people.She was a star
She was over in England to visit her son and he overdosed on heroin.
There was panic and she rang a local doctor who thought he had a chill.
If she had rung one of his friends they would have directed her to the correct doctor who would have known what to do.
I bet she gave Philo a good kick on the arse when she met him again.

Now for the voice of an angel Ofra Haza

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The man who gave and gave

The history of MSL motors, the guy in the middle once dragged me into the garage to get a good photo of a vintage car.

News on the street is that it is very cold

A Citroen 2CV
About the top photo, Stephen the founder of the MSL became the richest man in Ireland.

 Years ago I bought a 2CV van after its first service it was hard to start.
I went back twice but all they said was "There all like that"
Not much help.
I asked around and found a Lebanese air frame mechanic who worked at the airport.
I phoned him and he told me to buy points and  spark plugs and to come to his house in Stepaside on Saturday morning. I arrived and he held up his bandaged hand.
He had cut a sinew on the back of his hand and could not work for 6 weeks.
I was disappointed and turned to go.
Then I had a flash of insperation and went back.
I became his hands and he coached me through the service.
He was happy for the company and told me all the little things that there was to know about the car.
It is a 2 cylinder air cooled engine.
When I took out a spark plug he jumped off his chair. Who put that plug in? I said the garage.
That is a short reach plug. You should only use Champion L87Y a long reach plug.
For the next 10 years she ran like a Swiss watch.
Another thing is that it takes a very special brake fluid, never mix it with a different type.

Every week I say a prayer for a passenger who got into my taxi 16 or more years ago.
Last night I wrote a letter to him as his Dublin office is closed down, mission complete.
Before the office closed I used email to stay in touch.
I would hate for him to die and not know how much he affected my life in a positive way.
Now I asked a mutual friend of his to pass on my letter.

If you know me I am talking about Chuck Feeney the man who made and gave away $8 billion.

So for heros I aim high.

 Crime rears its ugly head here all the time.
2 Boys of 13/14 are on trial for killing and raping a 14 year old girl
A man was stabbed in O'Connell St and died
A girl was raped at a Luas stop the other day.
The gang land shootings go on

It is very hard to keep your mind on the positive.
I have told many people to listen to Robin Sharma, he is great

Ah she is playing my song

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

D day

I was distracted and was unable to post to remember D day

25 years ago we crossed over to France in the car ferry and it happened to be the 50th anniversary of D day. The kids were small and they talked to Canadian and American soldiers about that day 50 years ago.

It was no picnic for sure, when they landed they were mown down and those who survived were never the same people again.

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Some rough angels

These murals are on the celling as tou enter the Costa Coffee on Dawsin St 

People pop in and out of my life every day, most are soon forgotten. But today i had a chance meeting that has stayed with me.
I got a fare to the Mater hospital and just as I dropped off a rough enough pair of lads jumped in.
Constitution Hill was the destination.
"Jesus lads give me a clue I've hit a blank"
Turns out that we were all hitting blanks all the time, directions were given and when we arrived I knew where it was.
Now this pair were no ordinary pair, one was very sick and I told the  skelaton one that I wished I could give him 4 stone of weight, then he showed me his colostimy bag and tubes hanging out of him.

They could have been brothers, but they were very close and caring of each other, there was real love there.

One thing that kills me in this job is tipping.
I really don't care if the do or don't, but the people who do are golden.

€8.20 on the meter. "Give us a €5" and they insisted on paying me €10

God bless them the sick one has very little time left on this earth.

MyTaxi the app is changing its name again.
It was Hailo now it will be known as I'm free.
Apps have changed the way we work but today the maps were not placing the people in the correct location, then the job changes itself half way through.
I could send them an email but I don't think they really care about anything but their 12% which they charge the driver.

Sunday, June 02, 2019

Cars Cars and more cars

I dropped off a job on Shelbourne Rd the other day and I spotted the Mercedes car above in the window of the MSL garage. I saw a parking space and went in to have a goo.

The last time I was in that garage I was trying to take a photo of a vintage car in the showroom and I was brought in by a man.
"Are you mad! you can't take a photo through the glass.
Do you know anything about this car?
I'll get the keys"
Coming back with the keys he said 
"Any time you are passing please by come in.
Tell one of those lazey boys to get the keys.
They don't know that a person dressed like you could most likely be rich !
But we both know that you are a man of good taste."
He turned out to be Nigel O'Flaherty the founders son.
He has died since then.
A driver went in there many years ago.
His parents had died and the family home was sold and he had cash for a treat.
As he walked into the showroom a salesman walked over to him and told him to turn around and walk straight back out again as he only wante to waste their time as  he couldn't afford anything in the garage.
I have no doubt if this story had reached management the salesman would have been out the door first.

When I was going out I spoke  to a guy at the desk and asked him if he had met the other great car dealer that I met in the taxi.
Arnold Clarke (Google him)
No Never heard of him.
Starting off with £70 he bought a second hand car and refurbished it.
He sold it and with the help of his dad he went on to be the biggest car dealer in Europe with a turnover of £3 billion in the year I met him. He sold 270,000 cars that year.
Getting out at Brown Thomas I directed him to Louis Copland as I thought that BT staff were a bit aloof. "Come on Dad, we'll buy you a new coat"said his daughter
"I don't need a new coat, I have 2 coats at home"
"Dad its very cold and you didn't bring a coat"
"It looks like were buying a coat"
He turned to me and put €20 into my hand
I said that it was only €10
"John its €10 for et fare and €10 for et tip"
Off he went Sadly he died a year later.

I read a quote from him today.
"I had no choice but to go into business for myself
It was Hobsons choice
No one would give me a job."

So there you have it.
The great ones walk among us.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

May is almost gone

Its 6 AM and the people have come from the ferry, only one person took a taxi

Take a good look at this website.PCP is the biggest con job ever

There are hundreds of homeless people sleeping on the streets of Dublin.

I woke up early and went down to the ferry, the boat had landed and around 40 people were waiting.
There was no bus but no one moved for a taxi and it was blowing a mist of rain.
Then one girl walked over to the first taxi and I drove off as well.
They had had their chance and we all know how taxi drivers are robbing bastards. Still 4 people into town by taxi is cheaper than the bus.
I drove over to the other terminal where a Welsh lady was very glad to see me.
Thats life, swings and roundabouts.
Did you know that we had the Spice Girls in Dublin ? Something like 75,000 people came.
Wow they really enjoyed it. One girl in the taxi paid €200 for her ticket.
Just as well it was good.

Personal Credit Plan
Have a look at the website on the back of the bus or watch the video.

I bought nyfirst new car using a bank loan 8% for 3 years.
I borrowed £800 at say 7%
Yes the nice bank manager said its £800 +3 years intrest £168 for3 years /36 That will be £26.89 per month.. My old dad made me write it down.
First of all on day one you do not owe 3 years intrest
When you make your first payment tou dont owe £800 because you have made a payment off the loan.
Go back down and tell him that he misrepresented the situation and misslead you.

Well at 20 I had to do it.
The manager said that everything was explained to me and I took the loan.

Lucky for me my old school teacher happened to overhear the conversation.
He suggested to the manager that as he had indeed misled me he should give me a term loan.
As you repay the princaple is reduced and you only pay intrest on the remaining balance.

He didn't want to do that but changed his mind when we decided to go to the newspapers.

A guy in my taxi around 16 years ago gave me this advice

"Live within your means, whether you earn €100 or €1000 per week.
Debt is the one thing that will drag you down.
People who live beyond their means will have to work 15 or 20 years longer just to pay off their debts."
That great guy as it turned out to be a multi billionare and one of the nicest people I ever met

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Another milestone

So my birthday came and went, its really just a number. If you are healthy age is no problem.
I got a right kick on the arse last week when I dropped in to see my plasterer Ray. He had been in hospital but I didn't know for what and he didn't tell me.
I pulled into his street and rang his mobile and I didn't get a reply.
Then a man came to his door and waved for me to come in.
I honestly did not recognize him.
His cheek bone and his jaw bone had been cut away, no way did it look like his real self.
Ray was a heavy smoker in his youth and canser had struck him with utter devestation.
So there are a lot of worse things than putting on another year.

So a story from the time when Punts was money
I got a lady from Heuston station going towards Tallagh
She told me her destination and said nothing else.
Heading towards the Spa well roundabout at the Cheshire home there is a bus stop.
Hiding behind it was a copper of the law A Garda.
He ran out from his hiding place and stopped us.
Why have I stopped you?
I have no idea Garda
What speed were you doing?
I was doing 40 mph
What is the speed limit here ?
40 I said.
I will ask you again
What is the speed limit here ?
Well then it must be 30
If you knew it was 30 why were you doing 40?
I was sure it was 40.
Well I will show you now for sure.

So taking out his note book and pen he started to write down my reg, roof sign number, my driving licence details. Then he spotted that my photo on my faire card was affixed with a paper clip instead of glue.
Puffing up his chest he said
"that's an offense as well.
And for not wearing a seat belt you're getting a £40 fine"he roared at the lady in the back
 Just at that moment it was like an explosion in the car, she screamed at the top of her voice and wailed like a banshee, He jumped back and I stood out of the taxi.
"Quick ! Take that woman home"
I got back in and when she got her breath back she told me what had happened.

"My best friend dropped dead in Kerry and I only found out by chance on the day of the funeral.
I went to the funeral and I was in shock, I couldn't cry all day until that bastard stopped you.
I have some power in my job, so give me your details.

I don't know if she shook his cage but they are still doing it at that spot, so be careful