Saturday, September 30, 2006

Through A Windshield, Darkly: They're back!!

Through A Windshield, Darkly: They're back!!
If you really want to see drunken head cases come to Dublin.
Absalutely totally wrecked on drink...I asked another driver one day.How can they do this night after night? His answer was...John its not the same people.. its just when they are drunk they seem like the same person.
John Dublin


  1. Each drunk is unique unto themself.

    Some are loud, others quiet.

    Some are obnoxious.

    Some are mean.

    Some can be threatening.

    All of them are stupid, thats the only common denominator I have encountered.

    Dealing with drunks is an art form.

    If they become more than I can stand, then I pull to the side of the road and kick them out. Usually in the darkest, most forlorn place I can find.

    Oh, I have added you to my links.

  2. Anonymous5:33 PM

    When i was driving i would never let a bouncer put a drunk in the cab unless they were coming to take them out at the end of the trip.And money up front.