Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hurry plss

I went to the airport and when I was called up by a man with a pen in his hand and no luggage approached me. This is not usually a good sign. But it turned out ok. "Go to the VIP area"he said and on the way over he told me the story.
A Japanese business man had boooked 2 limos to take his party into town and while he was in the toilet they arrived and had driven away without him.
He was nice enough about it and as we eased our way on to the slip road on to the Malahide Rd his phone rang. It was the driver from the missing limo and he wanted to speak to me. He was looking for directions to the hotel. "Where are you now ?" "I don't know " says he..I just wanted to reunite him with his customer, but he couldn't even tell me where he was. So I forged on gallantly into town.
They had been staying at a hotel at St.Andrews, playing golf when all the politicians from Ireland England and N.Ireland landed in on top of them. With all the security the golf and business had come to a halt. Tomorrow they are off to the K club(where the Ryder cup was) for more business and golf.. Hope they have a better driver to take them on the trip to the K club.

I met a guy from Niagra Falls who is getting married today to a Polish girl..This will mean that he can work here legally, It is hard for Americans and non europeans to get work permits even though they have Irish parents etc.. His bride was in hospital and he was doubtfull whether it would be going ahead at all. After all to think of getting married on Friday 13th
He wanted to tip me but I said "Keep it for luck" He shook my hand and I could see they are all having a tough time of it. Getting married in a foreign land away from frends and family.
I hope it works out for them, at least the day is fine for it.
The Polish girls are all very good looking.
A girl yesterday caught my eye, when she spoke she had a London accent. I said I thought she was Turkish and was suprised with her acccent, but she told me her father was from Armenia which explained her exotic looks, we were both suprised at how accurate my guess was.
We are lucky now with all this new blood coming into Ireland, we will have great looking grandchildren, hopefully they will be able to play football and run races, roll on the olympics,(we should be ready for Beijing).

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