Sunday, November 05, 2006

Not Again

Last Friday ,another bomb scare on Dorset St. at around 3.30.
I was out and there was no notice about it on the radio. My last car radio came from a top of the range BMW. It had a button "TA" which would inerrupt your tape or radio programme with urgent traffic alerts.
Sarurday saw me at the car auctions where I bought a cheap car to keep my wife going until I fix her car. Her Car has been like driving a sauna around, as it fills up with steam when it warms up.The problem is that the small radiator for the hearer has a leak.Repair quote? e700
" Cos the whole dashboard has to come out" I bet I will have it out in 2 hours tops.
Auction rooms are dodgey places there was a X type Jag03 reg with 51,000 miles on the clock.
The interior was very rough,drivers seat worn to the point where the seat was coming through the leather. The owners manual was in the glove compartmert with the service manuel ....60,000 miles when it was 2 years old ! Still some people could not see that the car had been clocked and the bidding went to e16,200 but she was not sold at that price.
I will see how I go with my treasure. 00 Megane Coupe e3000
This weekend should see the airport busy with all the builders and teachers who have had a week off workcoming back from their autmn break.
The traffic on Monday morning will be mental.
Next week I should be back to normal work.


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