Thursday, February 14, 2008


Blackpool tower and the other thing from Egypt

I hope we won't have to fly home on this plane again,look at the tape.

Well I am on a countdown to the Blackpool magicians convention now.
Held on the last weekend of February it is the largest convention of its kind.
Magicians from all over the word appear, thousands of the feckers.

For one weekend of magic.
Loads of magic dealers come too.
What is a magic dealer?

A person who sells magic tricks and illusions.

One like this
Or even like this

I won't do stats here but If it can be halved, vanished,doubled,substituted or even penetrated it will happen here.
Here is a really good magic act.
I wonder if that ship Riverdance that ran aground a few weeks ago can be levitated back to sea?,don't hold your breath.
There is nothing like a good magician.
There is nothing as good as seeing someone who is good at their job in action,thats for sure.
Be they singer, dancer,taxi driver or magician.

This man lost his arm from the shoulder, he drew himself up to become one of the greatest magicians in South America. He works cruise ships all the time.

Well Spring is here and it is time to take out the paint brushes and sweeten up the house and garden.

Just as well really as last night was so busy with taxis all over the place.
400 taxis every month coming on to the streets and thousands waiting to do the PSV test.
Lets hope they have English as a requirement.
Last night the conversation was about Arnotts store in Henry closing down this summer and 600 jobs going.
How many will dream of earning e200 a day driving a taxi only to find that they are lucky to take in e60.
House loans will still have to be paid!
The kids won't understand that daddy made a big mistake.

With the way things are going we will have more taxis than New York AND Paris combined.

Come on, number crunchers work it out.
For a population of 2 million.
More taxis than New York AND Paris combined.

Talking about good taxi drivers.
Not like poor Jim Still more and more taxi drivers like him are passing the PSV test.

Paul Golden the hypnotist died last week and at his funeral the Cantor spoke these words.

Anyone who has lived and not loved someone
or had not been loved by someone in return,
never lived.
Anyone who loved and was loved in return
never died.

Still it would be nice that someone would say nice things at you passing rather than "Where's my money going to come from now?"

Here is a moment from a taxi journey a few days ago.

I picked the girl and her little daughter close to Brunswick Street.
Very chatty, the type of person who will tell you their whole life story,in the most intimate way, because a burden shared is halved.
Within 3 minutes she told me she had been a Heroin addict and when she found out she was pregnant she stopped and went for treatment.
She was homeless staying in the hostel beside the North Star homeless shelter.
The single girls get art classes and different things to stimulate their days.
The women with babies cannot go to classes because the creche was not open.
They are bored with little to do and as you can imagine there is a lot of pent up energy which sometimes finishes with punch ups.

I am not a criminal all I am is a homeless person she said.
One of the women in charge said to me "You are the kind of girl who would be taking cough bottles behind our backs"
I am clean, they take urine samples from me when I go to the Methadone clinic, she can't even take that as proof.
To add insult to injury she sent me up to the Methadone clinic today even though I feel well enough to go another day without it.
I wondered was this person a frustrated nun,"No she's not"
Still i do think it is very important to treat everyone fairly and to supervise and train your staff properly.
Journey over., The fare was e8.
"Heres a e10 keep the change, and God bless"

Now I just thought You would like to know what its like in a Russian jail

Well this must be every Parents nightmare, the cop dosen't seem too upset.
If the picture goes blank click on the blank screen and it will come back.

Here is something to keep all you hot blooded men going until the summer


  1. Are you a magician! I didn't know that....COOL!
    I'd love to go back to Blackpool I haven't been since I was 16

  2. Anonymous5:41 AM

    are you into the magic thing john could you make afew people in the dail and the regs office stick their heads between their legs and vanish up their a#se .blackpool was a very popular place with the irish before the spanish sun holiday took over sure did,nt i meet the misses there

  3. Christopher Columbus was the worlds greatest magician.
    He sailed away not knowing where he was going.
    When he got there he didn't know where he was.
    When he got home again he didn't know where he he had been.
    He did it all on borrowed money.\

    Try spinning a yarn like that to your bank manager.

  4. Love magicians. I used to pilot myself and others and worked on the aircraft as well. You'd be amazed by what's out there, if you only knew:)