Sunday, January 04, 2009

Take down the Christmas tree.

Who remembers this game? It was invented by a taxi driver,looked like it was going to make it to the big once upon a time.

A 2to3 mile traffic jam of cars from the republic crossing the border to get bargains in Newry.

All the garages in this group have put on a super Christmas display.

Well if you are reading this you have made it through the mayhem that was Christmas and new year.
This year we got a bonus in that on Christmas Day, St Stephens day and New years day started off om Sunday rate then the meter went quickly on to c rate. It meant that a e10 fare became more like e13.Punters were not best pleased, even though you explained that treble time is paid in industry for working Christmas day.
This year I did not have day release prisoners looking for heroin, like I had the two previous years. Its really sad I hope drugs never blights you or your familys lives.
On new years eve into new years day there was plenty of work when the clubs shut.
The plan is that you drive with your light off and try to spot someone walking who looks reasonably sober. Coming down Charlemont st. I saw a Chinese girl who looked OK. "Hop in"I said and she started waving at her mates to hurry up. This allowed 2 junkie girls with their 2 Lybian looking escorts to jump in. The other girl standing on the road was as startled as I was.
The next 1/2 hour was every ones worst nightmare.
They insisted that they wanted to be brought to another night club. They changed the law a while back making all the clubs and pubs close earlier. In the end they went to Oliver Bond flats complex where I got around 1/2 the fare in coppers. Glad to be rid of them I drove past James'es Gate where they make Guinness. The sign writer had changed the date in the middle of the night. 1759////2009. there is a multi million advertising campaign coming,250 years in business.
Sales of Guinness are falling anyhow as they have been putting up the price too often. The smoking ban have driven people home to drink as well. The Thomas Reed group of pubs is in trouble. They own many of the high profile pubs.
This recession may sober up the Irish, which would be great.

Tragic deaths and murders over Christmas, on Christmas day the body of a young mother and her 7 and 2 year old daughters were found in their burnt out farmhouse. The mother was dead before the fire it has now been confirmed.
I hope they solve that one soon.
Sadness continues for the family of Sophie de Plantier who was killed before Christmas around 10 years ago.Her killer has not been brought to justice.
The state Pathologist could not travel to examine the body for 2 or 3 days at the time as the roads were slippy with ice.
I feel that the government ministers were using the available helicopters at the time to attend to their business.
This country is really badly run I feel. You would get really upset if you thought a 5 year old could do better.
Nice to think of them away for 60 days holidays at this time of crisis.

Over the holidays I made a trip up to Northern Ireland to see My sons in laws. The photo of the traffic jam heading to Newry tells it all. Around an hour and 1/2 to clear it. The British Pound and the Euro are almost on par now.Prices are much lower in Newry so people are voting with their feet.
I bought 1,000 Pounds the other day and the difference was only 10 euro or so. A big difference from this time last year when it was around 1/3 extra..

Still this is a long way from taxi driving.

I hope to revisit the stats which were in the paper a few weeks ago, they could not be right.Starting with 13,637 licences in Nov 2000.
in the years up to Nov. 2008 they issued 150,112 new licences and they reckon that there are 46,583 licences in use.
Where did the other 103,529 licences go?

Well did you get your new safety pack yet?
Garry in Bond St told me he sold more than 200 in one week.
He sold out but he has new supplies now a few euro dearer, but still the cheapest around.
2009 Taxi drivers get plasters.

New years resolution to carry a note book and diary and keep accurate records of my actions.
Sunday night will be busy as the workers return to the city, the airport should be hopping too, though I am still happy I did not renew my pass.(e400).

I must make a plan on how to get through the coming 2 months,"Herring days"it will be so dead it won't be funny.

Will post some videos of the taxi jams in the new year.

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  1. I've put a video of the jams on my blog, stolen from someone else.....great video though...take a look!