Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sunshines.. Gone Home

This has to be the GREENEST car in Dublin

Palmerstown House near Johnstown Co Kildare, That's a house.

This is just beside the putting green, so you can see its a nice place.

The weather is hot and I am working at home.

Some people might think I am gloating about how the motor trade has fallen.
Not so,if a sales assistant cannot be bothered to look after his customers they go elsewhere. No matter what product you are selling. Tale a look here. They sell 12,000 cars a week worldwide.

Golf clubs opened all over the country became"exclusive" members only....Well the money ran out,I was told that golf clubs are heading for the courts as they have no money to carry on.They cost money to keep going .A lot of money.
The K club were charging e300 for a round of golf now it costs e99 .
My passenger was a leading golf captain,he lives just up the road from me.
He filled me in with regard to the extent of the present economic crisis.

As with good company time travels fast and it was a very short trip.

Every driver must have had the moment when you Know you Know that person from someplace, but you don't know from where, perhaps it will come. 20 minutes later you could kick yourself because the Pope just got out of your taxi and you forgot to ask him for the method used to make good sauerkraut or his autograph even!

It has happened to me a good few times, probably best not to labor the point, just ignore them, don't beat yourself around the head.

One guy who was a comedian got into a taxi in London and asked for Heathrow.
The cabby was glancing into the mirror from time to time, he recognizes me, thinks the comic. A few minutes later the driver says "Give me a clue mate?"
The comic replies "You might remember me from that show the comedians, though I have been on a good few other shows too."
"Not that mate which bloody terminal are you going to?"

Farley put him in his place.

Once I picked up a girl that I fancied like mad when I was 12.
I didn't recognize her.
Once she was everything to me.

Now she was carrying 4 stone in extra weight and was very bad on the feet. She had smoked a lot and her face was like a map of the rivers of Ireland.
Wrinkles everywhere.

Oh I Know I am no film star either, I guess we both had a lucky escape for sure.

Here's one I found.
You know the feeling, I know her. Then you find out that you know her too well.
Good lyrics

Just goes to show you he should have taken the old couple.

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