Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas tree all lighted up

The tree has been turned on, it changes color, red, green and white.

Grafton St lights.

Talbot St lights

Grand canal at Ringsend

Ducks crossing. Portmarnock

Well another week is over for me, my days off are Tues and Wed as a result I can go into quiet shops and pubs without all the hassle of the weekend crowds, not that I have money to spend though.
The weather here was a disaster, flooding in Cork, Galway, Gort etc. Along with the floods comes the power cuts and the drinking water has been contaminated, the supply has been shut off in many areas, we had no water on Sunday.
But homes have been flooded out which is very bad news indeed.
In Cork water containers were €6 each then they went to €12 then they went to €24 for the container that was €6 a few days before, bad shopkeepers, people will remember and shop somewhere else in the future.

At least we can blame the government for all this!

The O2 venue helped us out at the weekend with Bill Bailey and Boyence providing some of the people for us.

A pale girl got into the taxi in Fairview this morning,"I normally cycle" she said though she did not mention until she was getting out why she was taking a taxi today. She had a cross on the center of her forehead with black marker and a line above her eyebrows her with what looked like tippex.
Radiation therapy? I asked.
No she had been knocked off her bicycle and had spent much of her weekend in hospital. Now she just had to go to work though she was unwell.

You just never know what's going on in peoples lives.

On Saturday a guy got into the taxi going to Terenure cross roads and he told me that last week he stopped a taxi and asked to be dropped at the Stephens Green shopping center. The driver wanted the passenger to give him directions.
Now he thought quickly and told the driver to pull over and stop.
He got out and told the driver that he must not be a legal taxi driver if he did not even know where St.Stephens Green was.

He didn't pay.

Every few days I come across similar stories, that guy told me he had daughters and he would not feel safe if they picked up a taxi in the street, not with so many illegal drivers around, so the legal drivers suffer with the illegals.

Nice one Kathleen Doyle taxi de regulator.

This is what we need, the knowledge.

Here is an interesting one.

Someone told me this one the other day, I was amused.
A works outing took place from Belfast to Portstewart for the day.
One guy studied the racing page on the way down, he had the paper all marked out when the train stopped.
Looking around he couldn't see a bookies office so he asked a local.
"A bookie" said the man scratching his head,
Then he remembered.
"Do you see yer man over there on the corner with no arse in his trousers?

Remember this? over 32 million hits on you tube.

Now they have made a sequel

I don't know if this will work but here is a good radio programme about Harry Crosbie the owner of the O2

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