Saturday, September 04, 2010

Hurling Final day

Canpers heading off to the electric picnic in Stradbally.

This is from the Butterfly farm of course.

They were building the estate when the great event took place.
You must remember. 1969 the Apollo space craft landed on the sea of tranquility and man walked on the moon.
30 years later we put wheels on suitcases !

Well here I am at home on a Saturday night, my Mojo is not working.
For some reason people stand while my taxi drives only to hail the car coming behind.
I stopped for a Chinese guy who was just standing there and he got in. "Why didn't you hold your hand out?" I asked him.
"Because I knew you saw me" was his answer.
Maybe I am tired.

I was on the rank at Foster place and 3 guys jumped in, reeking of drink and I got one of those jobs that every taxi driver hates.
"Hey mister go here, then over there."
Then they paid me e20 and a mobile phone to act as security until they came back.
Then over to the general post office where they tried to cash a cheque.
Tony Blair was going to sign copies of his book and half of O'Connell St was closed off "Whats goin on?".
"Tony Blair is signing his book" The guy in the back must have been the dumbest in his class.
What he said next was classic.
"Wasn't he the fella in the white helmet who was James Bond, and he drove the racing cars?"
Well no he was not the Stig he was the British prime minister that's who he was.
Well when they went off and left me to wait for them I hid my money in the boot and armed myself with my big flashlight. Then I plugged in my seat belt so that I could jump out if I needed to and the car would not be beeping because the seat belt was not plugged in.
It all came to a calm end when they decided that they would wait for their dealer in the stairwell of an apartment block.

It was hard to figure out whether they were dealers or addicts.

If a fight had kicked off I would have 3 times the strength of any one of them, I am well built and I get very angry when anyone tries to rob me.
Still you don't need that kind of shit.

Tomorrow is another day.

Tomorrow will be the hurling final in Croke Park where Tipperary take on Kilkenny
Kilkenny who are nicknamed the cats are going for 5 all Ireland's in a row.
Taking the video of that mad woman who put the cat in the wheelie bin, the Tipperary people are putting out their wheelie bins.(for a joke)


  1. That one fare sounds like it was a rough one. Glad it all turned out OK. I can't imagine having to worry about getting robbed and prepping to defend yourself. Yikes! Here's hoping you have a good weekend.

  2. Cabs the world over mate. Have a good day and be safe.

  3. Sounds like a rough fare would you fellas get many jobs like that?

  4. This happens when you are caught off guard. If I was not tired I would have not pulled off the rank with them. remember when I had the six seater I was landed with 4 of them but I had a baton and before the threats got too obvious I took it out.
    "Mister if you hit us we will do you for assault"
    I just explained that murder would be the charge, if their bodies were ever found. The result was cash up front an a special offer of 4 roses whisky for €4..
    As they were leaving one said." You should learn to relax mister, your'e too intense"
    I am in fact more scared of drunk women than drug addicts.

  5. Wow, hurling! That's a new sport for me. It looks a little bit like lacrosse and a little bit like field hockey...big stadium! Is it a sport unique to Ireland?

  6. Oh my goodness, that sounds scary! All in a days work, eh?

  7. A great win for Tipp Go to you tube to see clips tomorrow. Today was one of the best days for months. It just goes to show you I could have taken to my bed after last night. I couldn't even get home for my dinner.One out another getting in.
    Happy days.

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