Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas day

Well I hope you have had a quiet Christmas.

All I can say that it was a very different day for me.

I got up late and cooked the breakfast and I got a call from my old pal Mabel.
She is aged 100 and 10 months.
She is very young at heart and always up for a laugh.

"I'm sorry to bother you,I had a bit of a fall, could you come over? There's no hurry"

Knowing her I went over straight away.

She had slipped in her bedroom and broken her arm. The bone had cut through the skin. She had wrapped the arm in kitchen paper and dressed herself before calling me.
Her arm was like a dogs hind leg,all to one side.
So off to the hospital we went. And we spent most of the day there people watching.

You cannot believe how tough and independent this lady is they sure knew how to make them back in 1909.

One thing I will say we were well treated, though there seems to be no follow on from one doctor to another because one doctor was going to discharge her as he had not known the bone had come through the skin.
Now poor Mabel is on all kinds of drips to get antibiotics into her.

Anyhow a word to your God would not go amiss.


  1. of course, and one for you being so good, makes me believe in your Godde

  2. Beautiful, beautiful! And I think you wrote about her about this time last year (and maybe other times)? My mother is 93, still pretty sharp mentally, very frail physically.

  3. God bless Mabel, speedy healing energy to her form the USofA! How lucky she is to have you on call too, blessings on you as well.

  4. Anonymous4:10 AM

    we need guys like u at this time in Irish history good luck.