Sunday, September 25, 2011

Man on an Island

Theres a man who is a castaway in the middle of the Liffey.

Every taxi driver in Dublin will remember the moment when he saw this house.
Tucked away in a suburban housing estate with its dragon gates.
Well as you see it is for sale, 8 bedrooms and all that.
Other properties for sale can be seen here. One of note sold in 2005 for more than €58 million in its day is going now for €15 mil. But if you had a good bit of cash you would get it for 7.
The ones I feel sorry for are the young people who bought for say €700,000 and now they have a house worth €450,000. They cannot sell the house and they cannot buy it either.

There are auctions taking place of "Distressed" properties. They sell your house for any price they can and you are turfed out. Then they present you with a bill for the amount owing to the bank.
The big developers on the other hand have had their assets taken into care by the state to protect the banks.
While all this was going on the bankers were paying themselves huge salaries and bonuses, yet they get off Scott free.

The only reason that stiff prison terms were not handed down is that the gouvernment ministers were getting big backhanders (Brown envelopes) from the developers.
Its enough to make you spit !

In America they are going through this as well. A friend told me that the system they used to determine if someone was fit to get a loan was. "Can they fog a mirror?" ie if they are alive they get the loan. Though in the USA you can give the keys back and owe nothing. People were doing that, then when the bank sold the property they bought it back themselves.
Nice one !

Do you notice a lot more road rage going on?
A guy on a bicycle outside the Kevin St.Garda station. Punching the car and calling the lady driver a stupid and dangerous. He could find himself in big trouble some day. She may not have a gun, but plenty of ladys carry Mace. Some other driver might have decided to come to her rescue. But it was all over in less than a minute.
People who behave like that cause great harm to come their way.
Did you ever herof the law of attraction? Or "The secret?"
By thinking peacful posative thoughts and being in a positive mood will attract positive things to you.By raging and causing distress to others you attract bad things to yourself.
I don't know if it works but there are plenty of people on the net selling courses.

There is a big grain of truth in it all, but the snake oil sales men push this one too far for me.

On a different subject. What would you do if you found out you were going to die?
At the Tango Fiesta last weekend they paid tribute to one of their pupils.
She took tango lessons all through her illness, she never complained then at 29 she died.
Julian and Kristina danced at her funeral as a tribute to her bravery.
Here they are. Good ?

Here is a clip from an eirlier Fiesta. Geraldene would be one of the very best tango dancers in the world. I didn't know it was on youtube..

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  1. I think the law of attraction works although I couldn't explain how.

    Friday I was in a really bad mood because of an incident at work, so I decided to go hiking in one of my favorite spots. About 2 minutes after I pull up, some other person pulls up, but they never leave their car. 1/2 an hour later when I come back, they're still sitting in their car with it idling. OK, odd at best. So I took my time getting back to my car and they got the hint and left. Well, maybe someone's lunch hour is up. As I'm leaving a white pick up shows up and pulls just past the entrance for the park and stops as if they're looking for someone. OK. Odder still. So I'm flying, OK doing a whole 35 mph, out of there on the gravel road keeping an eye in the rearview mirror. I think a truck is behind me, but I figure it's the one I saw waiting at the end of one of the farm driveways. Nope. Dust clears and the little white car that first left the scene is behind me. OK. I could have sworn they were ahead of me. Then I get on the freeway and they go across the overpass. Whew. Just paranoia. Maybe. That's when I swore I saw the white truck go by.

    Next time I take down license plate numbers. I have no idea what I ended up in the middle of, but I'm glad I'm in one piece. And I'm convinced I would not have had the pleasure if I had not shown up there all bent out of shape from earlier events.