Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meeting new friends

The biggest chess set in Dublin is Google HQ on Barrow St.

Oh what a beautiful morning !

Superman on a wall beside Crosby's house, there is a vacant room where U2 like to practice.

In LA this means you are near a crack house.

Sam Beckett bridge a Mecca for photographers.

After "Where are you going?" the next question is often "What country do you come from?" A very exotic lady I spoke with the other day, very beautiful. She was Kurdish. A much persecuted people, a race who do not have to seek their troubles.
Still we had a great laugh and she told me that it was the best trip she ever had in a taxi in her life. The pleasure was mutual believe me.

Here is an example of what I mean when I say she had a certain Exotic look.

Today I picked up a lady from Ethiopia she was a leaving cert student in Crumlin. Soon we were like old pals chatting away. Another country where evil stalks the land. War is a constant thing, famine follows through the region all the time.
Her father was killed in the war of 99, her mother never remarried, his second wife who was younger married again. But before she remarried she gave her baby brother to her first husbands maiden sister to bring up the child.
This leaving cert student saves $25 every week to support her aunt and 1/2 brother.
Every month she sends $100 to them.
The Arabs have a great love for charity, they give away 10% of their income to help people less fortunate than themselves.
As you know Allah will reward you by giving you greater blessings.

But the world is changing and mankind has started to worship money and power instead of God.
"A cup of tea and a biscuit will taste the same in the Sheraton hotel as it will in your own house, but think of the difference in cost" she declared.

I was very glad to have bumped into both of them in my journey around our fair city.

Google is hosting a big meeting at the conference center today and yesterday.
It is mostly facebook people. The first guy I picked up wouldn't even tell me what it was all about. The next guy asked me what I thought of Facebook ?.
"It's all hype, nothing more"
Although he works for them he was inclined to agree.
Ebay for example is providing a service to buy and sell, money changes hands.
Even the advertising that is hosted on Youtube and Facebook sites, I don't think it is so very effective.

Companies need to work on their customer service and look after existing customers.
In recent times I have found that I am far from happy after calling to a bank or utility company.

Like taxi drivers, if you don't work on your ability to communicate with your passingers they won't be taking your number and calling you up sometime.


  1. I manage a restaurant and oversee at least ten to a dozen teenagers. Part of my daily mantra with them is communicating with customers and perception. Part of what people pay for, the value of something comes from the experience getting it. No matter how cheap something is if the service is bad they wont buy it. I always say remember the golden rule;treat others how you wish to be treated.

  2. I met a guy who was employed by among other companies TGI Fridays. He was a motavater, every week he went to a different restaurant. One big thing he got was the ability to vet staff and dismiss them for poor preformance.
    It was only then that they paid attention.

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