Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesdays Euromillions

 A fine display of tools in a hardware shop in Mary St.


The Euromillions has rolled over until Friday €150, Million.
No it will not buy you friends, but you will have more interesting enemies.

If you do win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tell no one, perhaps say
"I won €20,000" Leave it at that.
A friend of mine won £4.7 million Punts a few years ago (When money was money) and it ruined his life for a good few years.

It is strange how hard it is to get back into the work!

My timing was a bit off this morning.
I was asked to put on a wash of clothes last night. Which I did.
This morning I went out too early so I came back home to make tea and hang out the wash.
I took some clothes out of the machine and heard a rattle in the drum.
Great! there is money in someones pocket. 
My surprise turned to horror when I found the new key of my wife's car.
God be with the days when a key was a key.
Now it's a mini computer.
This key cost €150, when she lost the original key and needed a new key the garage told her to bring the car in.
"The key is lost, I can't drive it down"
OK in that case we will get a tow truck to take it to the garage, we will have to change all the locks and the immobiliser and it will cost €2500.

Guys are using fishing rods with hooks attached to take the car keys from the hall table, so all this security is easily bypassed in the end.
I have the key on top of the hot tank drying out.
After 24 hours I will try it.
You can also put wet a key or mobile phone into a jar of uncooked rice and put the lid on it. The rice will absorb the moisture in a couple of days. 
Once a friend of mine had a Mrec and her spare key cost over £1,000 back in the day.

Look     Just be careful...

Nice one I had the other day, on the quays I was heading into the marine port at the time and got a lift to the airport instead.
It was rush hour and we took the port tunnel €10 toll, straight through, he was an interesting guy and when we got there I went to the Flyers cafe for TEA.
The girl who works there from Brazil was there and she was on her very last day on the job.
I had left in an old  Roma pass earlier so that she could see what the pass looked like.
She was saying how strange it all seems to be leaving her job, going to Italy and Spain with her friends for a holiday and then straight back to starting a new job on the day she comes back to Ireland.
She spoke about how much she loves Ireland and the Irish people were so good to her.
(We are not GOOD or FRIENDLY we are just dead NOSY and must know about everyone's business)

When I headed back to the city I reckoned that if I put the boot down I would still make the ferry coming in to the port.
Through the port tunnel again (€3 toll going back)
On the way back to the port an information screed flashed up the number of a car which had overtaken me with his speed as well!  That's a first.

So I arrived back at the port to see a massive Garda checkpoint for traffic coming out.
I picked up 2 really good looking traveler girls(You have seen the TV show I am sure) with 2 kids who were just going to the filling station within the port complex.
When we got there there was a blue van waiting.
The problem was that the driver was "under the influence"

That is why he didn't drive past the Garda checkpoint.

These people do not give a damn about anything.
Turning up drunk to bring 6 kids and 4 women on a journey.
No seats seat belts or anything.
I asked the woman that I brought down if anyone else could drive?
She asked why?

"Work it out yourself"

And off I went.

Did you ever hear of Guggi?
It is in the art gallery beside the Westbury Hotel
Having heard about them It is nice to have seen one in person.

If I had it I would put a rubber ball into it and tip the bowl until I could do the "Wall of death" around it with the ball.
Tara who runs the gallery told me that I am a total Philistine, she is probably right.
But if I win the rollover Euromillions on Friday
€160 million, and buy a few.
Then Tara might say.
"My friend John has a keen eye for what is good in art and a wonderful sense of adventure"

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