Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A little bit of history

    A red London bus drives around Dublin...Destination Paddington.

 1916 The leaders of the Easter rising sit in Croke Park at a time when the British army were looking for them

This smiling lady became an Irish citizen today

50 years ago on this veryday Martin Luther King made the famous speech.

"I have had a dream"

Black people got the vote since then and today the USA has a black leader.
We have all come a long way in 50 years.
It is very hard to believe what the state of human rights were back then.

100 years ago this week big Jim Larkin organized and unionized the workers and the Lockout began.
This was the spark which propelled Ireland to 1916 and the Easter rising.

Though it propelled thousands of Irish men into the British army where they died on Flanders fields.
The only alternative was starvation.

The lovely Nigerian lady was late for her big ceremony in the Conference center, so she jumped out of her husbands car into my taxi and we shot off along the bus lane.
..He would arrive there around 40 minutes later. The traffic was manic.
A really big day for her, her 3 children and her husband have all got Irish passports, today she also got one .
I really wish her well she is very well educated and has taken up nursing.
She is becoming really Irish by being a little bit late.

I read in the paper that a young Irish solicitor Maeve O'Rourke   now aged 26 is to be awarded Pro Bono Lawyer of the year 2013 the highest prize  for her outstanding work in fighting for the survivors of the "Magdalene laundry's" She single handed took the Irish officials through the highest courts in the World in Geneva all alone and shamed the Irish government into admitting that what they did was illegal, inhuman and what was happening was slavery... Good girl,,,,we need more people like her to be willing to fight for our rights.

On the taxi front I had a squeak from my front wheels, the bearings were giving trouble on both sides.When the wheels were off one of the shock absorbers was found to be leaking and the front brake pads needed replacing.. A cool €730 !
Still it is better than to be broken down in the middle of nowhere.
You could see on one of the hubs where it had heated up quite a bit.
It must have been whining like a taxi driver as I was going along.

The business on the street is up as the students are back.
Many say that the school teachers who drive taxis when they are not teaching improve business when they go back to their real jobs.

A pilot teacher was in the taxi the other day, that man has seen the world for sure.
He spoke about when he was younger flying between Peru and Argentina 4 times a week.
He should get a job with the tourist board as he described the places and people of the world.

He has to tell a young guy who has spent around €90,000 on flying lessons and training that he will never make the grade. He started off in that flying in that flying school which went bust and the pupils were left stranded in Floriday for months.
After spending all that cash he just doesn't have the ability to be a pilot and the flying school will not take any more money from him as it is throwing good money after bad..
That is a bit worse than failing your school exams for sure.

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