Sunday, February 16, 2014

Away for a few days

          Northern Ireland
 Did you notice the wonderful full moon ?
A LED torch on sale in Lidl  3 settings, off, on and SOS. (Morse code)

I was in the local shop the other day checking my Lotto numbers ..No such luck.
But an old guy in front of me did have a good win.
That's great ! the shop girl said "look! if you had the 39 instead of the 38 you would have won €52,000".
I took the results ticket and asked him how much he had won. €2,000 he said and I won €7,000 a few weeks ago!
So I looked at the results..€2,896 was for match 4 + the two bonus numbers.
If indeed he had the "38" he would have shared the jackpot of €25,543,227
1/2 of €25 million would keep us all going for a few weeks.
For true happiness you should keep your win secret.....Lots of nasty things happen when people know you are a millionaire..Friends appear from all over and tell you sad stories and the whole pub expects free drinks. Not to mention threats to kidnap your children.

Once at the bus station I picked up a job and he asked me to take him to the National Lottery HQ.
Its only around the corner I said, but if you really want me to take you there I will oblige.
It is just opposite the Abbey Theater if you really want to know.
Just as he was getting out it hit me how important his journey might be.
Good luck to you I said.
The best advice I can give you is to ask them how to keep it all secret.
But I often wonder, how much he won?
I read in the paper that a homeless man won €2 million and he has donated it all to help homeless and drug addicted people.Good man I say.
The very best advice I can give you if you do win is to tip the taxi drivers really well !

The really good thing about a huge win is that you could help a lot of people in loads of different ways.
There is a book by Connor O'Cleary called "The billionaire who wasn't" It is about a man who made and dispersed a huge fortune. He wanted to keep his scheme secret, but the government passed a law which stated that if you gave away money over a certain amount you had to declare who you were.
Without knowing who he was I brought Mr.Feeney and his wife in from the airport to the Berkley Court.
He gave me advice en route on work life balance, money management, the importance of thanking someone who gives you a lead or advice and many many more useful things.
The next day he got a full page coverage in the Irish Times.
Click here to read just one small biography about him.

That would be around 7 years ago and no one has ever impressed me more, except that I don't usually get "full disclosure" from my passengers.  But then again all people are important in many ways.

So Blackpool magicians convention is here once more.

Tickets bought, flights and hotel booked .

So I will be in the thick of it next weekend life is not all work you know.
You must have a bit of magic in your life.

I will bring you back a bag of magic dust.

Have a look at this  

This is surely a winning act

Now look at the timing, misdirection and comedy of this magic act.
He developed this act when he was in his second year of Circus school.!

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