Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Visitors and happyness

           Spring when the boats cross over the road in Clontarf
                      A great name for a tea shop
                     Now that is what I call a truck..Poles for wind turbines.
                        Facing you as you come down Dawson St. I like it.

Word has come through a 3 day blitz on mobile phone use in cars.
Then on1st May a e1,000 fine comes into force.

Here we are April almost gone and May will soon be here.
I have seen a few swallows around so glorious Summer will soon arrive.
We have had visitors so I had to spend loads of time going through loads of crap.
My house is not as untidy as the ones in the TV program but given time I am getting there. You have to go through clothes, papers, books and shoes or one day you will find that they have taken over your world.

But you would not believe what I found in the middle of a bundle of papers !
Hard work has its rewards.

                             Old Punts                   50s on the left and 20s on the right

I picked up a lady going to the Ordinance Survey office in the Phoenix Park the other day, I had her before and she is an absolute pessimist, moaning all the time. She was worse than any taxi driver !
"Lovely day" was met with its very very cold Bitter it is.
Then everything is wrong in the world..In her life, in my life, and in her nieces life as well.
I regretted picking her up for sure.

I remember bringing a woman home from a hospital whose husband had just died.
She had just said goodbye to him and then stepped into my taxi,
I thought it was a bit odd that she had no one to bring her home.
I am so lucky to have had such a wonderful husband, he gave me 3 wonderful children and we had a great life together. She talked all the way home to Teranure.
When she was getting out I felt wonderful.

Have a look at the book "regrets I've had a few"written by a hospice nurse in Australia.
Click here for a taste
Very few people wished they had worked harder!

Yet other people rant and rave about all the great things in the world.
Others are forever moaning about everything.
One Polish girl in Lidl was always happy, her job is not great, she is far from home and friends yet she asks me about my grandson and is upbeat every day and as sure as hell she must have bad days like us all.
I said to her that she was a fantastic person, far too good for this job, you should look for something better.
She said "Such is life"
Then a month later she met me on the bus and sat beside me.
" I have to thank you for telling me to quit my job! I found a new job when I looked the next day. Now I am a dental nurse, I worked at this job before in Poland"
Our worlds move in different orbits now so I don't see her any more.

Sometimes we need to have a bit of faith in ourselves.

There is a belief that a positive attitude attracts positive things

Have a look at this.

A lady told me about how her life was going downhill rapidly and she read his book "The monk who sold his Ferrari" She just flipped her life around in a month and became the new person she was when I met her.

Though when the shit is hitting the fan it is hard to be positive.

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