Monday, October 06, 2014

I only want my Christmas presents with red tape.

 Could it just be me? Its a bit early for Christmas.
Couldn't loads of goods be bought and sold on this floorspace in the next 2 months ?

Two famous doors of Dublin one in Merrion Sq. the other is Trinity College some nutcase aged 66 drove a car into the Trinity doors causing thousands of euro in damage..

Well I am still grounded, I passed the NCT and went to do the next stage.
Among the things he told me was that I had to bring in the green discs from the old car.
I told him that  I shredded them and that if they were to be brought back they should have printed a notice to that effect on the back of the disc.
I may have this wrong but it seemed to me that he said that I have to pay to have them replaced so that they can be destroyed..
"After all how do we know that the old car is not still being used as a taxi?"

I was tempted to ask him that if he stopped the illegal taxis driving away from checkpoints he would do more good rather than stop a legal tax paying and insured driver from working.
But I wouldn't say that.

Now today after 3 phone calls and an email to the transport people a TP2 form was issued and signed.
So I rang them back again to book the suitability test.

Guess what?

Now they tell me my income tax number is incorrect !

A few years ago they had the wrong number and it was corrected at the time but not it seems in their records.

No No they will not accept my tax documents as proof, or my sworn oath.

I am sure there has to be a play there somewhere.

How the big machine that eats more and more paper causes the servants to look for another ruler.

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