Wednesday, February 25, 2015

First runner of 2015

Wow! Boys and girls,while you worked and enjoyed the Chinese new year I went off to Blackpool magicians festival 2015. Its the biggest of its kind in the world and in fact it is fascinating to see it all in one place. There would be around 100 magic dealers selling books, DVD's,cards and even large illusions which go for £ thousands. Then they have lectures and 3 magic shows covering every aspect in magic.
The final show was Korean magic, plenty of flashes and scarves,balls,doves and small umbrellas appearing and vanishing. When it is all over the long trek home again brings you through Manchester as Blackpool's airport is now closed.

So back to work where I got my first "runner".
I should have known better, but you have to give a level of trust in order to move forward.
She was a 15 year Roma Gypsy from Sutton to Phibsboro €24. Not a short run. But I grabbed her bag and held on to it, the question is.
Do you waste time by going to to the Garda station? Some waste of time that would be.
Or do you chalk it down to experience?

I asked a Garda to stop her as she walked past him,all he said was I should make a statement.
Anyhow I still have to go back to Howth to buy my fish tomorrow.

All the rest of the people were fantastic, but it is funny how you can allow a runner to sour your whole day.

Anyhow they say travel broadens the mind.

The other day I had a very clever girl in the car. She has a masters degree, speaks 8 languages and she can't get a job..
With all this, Where do you go ?

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