Friday, July 10, 2015

Sunny days in Dublin town

      Old American cars in Cuba
                    These mad machines fly around  !
Fine dining in the National hotel
                              Tobacco leaves drying in the tobacco houses
No! Cigars are not rolled on a dusky maidens thighs, more likely rolled on a wooden block with moist hands

Hooray its Friday !
Not that it makes much difference to me.

So I was outside a well known Dublin hotel when an extended American family who engaged 2 taxis to take them to Blackrock.
So off we both went in search of the address..
I thought the other guy had a handle on it and he thought the same about me, after looking around a bit they said that they had a phone number so we tried to ring 00 353 1 xxxxxx no ring tone.
We tried again, the same thing.  
The granny of the group was getting very sharp, I have rung that number a thousand times,
Its the right number.
"But it only has 6 digits, Dublin numbers have been 7 digits for more than 20 years !!"

Then we tried to Google the address, "Albert terrace upper" and into the sat nav
Then we asked a few people, then a lady who was passing said "You are looking for Prince Albert Terrace upper."

The puzzle had been solved !
"We are dreadfully late said the granny and it is all your fault."

So with a wrong address and a wrong phone number it was after all our fault that they were late,

The other day I had a job to Stillorgan from a very smartly dressed lady.
As I asked the usual questions, then she told me that she worked in the Royal household in Saudi Arabia,
Your skin is fantastic I said...Good God man I don't go out in the sun.
She told me how the Royals treated her with great kindness and respect and how if you can manage the lifestyle for 5 years or more you become one of them,after a fashion.

It is a very strange part of the world where a woman can be put into prison for driving a car alone.

On the other hand I was looking at this beautiful girl walking past me then she asked me if I was available? You bet I said.
I asked if she was Brazilian?
No !
Ah Saudi Arabia !
How did you know?
Old men know about beautiful women..
She had a great laugh and told me I had made her very happy and she thanked me.

Then I remembered "Shochran Habibi" translated Goodby honey.

God she would have made a wonderful model, but she has brains.

Sometime the job as a few perks.

I asked a girl from Argentina   if she danced Tango?
No you don't understand Tango dancing is for old people !!!

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