Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Holloween

Its the bank holiday and 1/2 of the city is  in lockdown  thanks to the marathon.

I am in a bit of a rush at present, so I will just share a few small  things with you.

I had a guy in the car that I was sure I recognized, when I said his face was familiar he said that this was the only face he ever had. He was with 2 or guys who were as pissed as parrots he was stone cold sober. I knew I knew him from somewhere.

70 last weekend Brush Sheils of Phil Lynott fame and many top line groups.

Brush would not drink or take drugs and Phil Lynotts love for both lead to a bust up in their friendship.
Click here to read about him .

In reality he is like a Honda 50 doing 120 mph.

Holloween you may know is an Irish tradition, exported to America and back home again

Here is a tale from Uruguay sent to me from Argentina (Don't turn off the light)

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