Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Farewell 2015 welcome 2016

                 Once again Dublin is looking great..
                         Clontarf yacht club held a suicide awareness day.

      A new member to the €uro its Lithuania and Latvia is in as well.

    Here is a great idea if you're taking a month off. A solar powered battery charger

There will be a big festival in Dublin to celebrate the new year click here for details.
The site is not great all I need to know Where? Who is on? and When?

Looking forwards and looking back at this time can waken you up for sure.
John Lennon died 35 years ago..Many of us can remember that shocking moment.
By the way The Beatles are now on Spotify...Strawberry fields forever.

Soon the work will vanish for 3 months.
Many of my older mates head off to Spain to rest. An old guy explained to me that there are bargains to be had at that time of the year. "But don't go out in the sun or there will be no tips when you come back".

This year I have a plan.
Instead of just saying that I am writing a book, I will just finish it off.

All of my 3 sons went to Mount Temple school. The famous school where U2 met.
 youngest lad David was in the same class as Jack Doyle the son of Roddy Doyle the creator of the book and film "The Commitments"
We met in the supermarket. "How's the blog going?
"Not too bad I am working on the book, its very hard, writing, correcting and writing all over again."
All he said was "Tell me about it"
A funny guy to say the least.

We all know that there has to be at least 3 books in it.
From the tragic to the comical and on to the farcical. 

Today I brought a Brazilian girl to the airport, going home for good.
Often customers become friends and it is not a money making job, its a freebie.
Brazil is very very wealthy country but it is so corrupt.
She told me that one of her friends belongs to a wealthy family and the father groomed and had sex with a young girl. The father was never punished,"my friends brother is a judge and he quashed everything... I said this is so wrong, is there no God? But nothing changed,"
So many things pass your ear every day, still it is an education..

Best of luck for 2016  

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