Tuesday, November 29, 2016

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Trace your roots here in Nassau St

A mural at Coolock recycling plant

Sometimes the best laid plans goes really wrong, through no real fault of anyone.
I had a pick-up to do and had set my alarm for 2 warnings. The first one went as I was dropping off a job
then in an instant another job came in.
Now I should have cancelled the new job as it had come in without me wanting it
BUT I figured that it  might be a shortie and it may be going in the same direction.
Boy was I wrong.Then everywhere the traffic was stopped and try as I could I couldn't get back.
Just as the traffic loosened out I got a call and a heap of abuse from my original booking.
She was right, somehow I should have cancelled the other call and looked after her .
But I cruised on towards her address anyhow, I was there in 10 minutes then as I was coming out of her address her new HailO cab turned into her street.

Then we were busy 4 dudes waved me down, I had a feeling.
"Have you booked another taxi?"I said.
"Yes we booked Uber"
My car is branded head to to toe for HailO.
"Don't wave down anyone when you have a booking. Its very busy now, by the way Uber has surge charging"
When it's busy you pay 3 or 5 times the rate.So off I went.

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