Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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Lidl are raising a million to help children struggling with mental health issues

A Jewish lady who is educating teachers about the Holocaust.

An Irish Lights ship used for servicing buoys around the coast.

This is where Bono grew up before he became God

Sorry for not posting for a while, I got distracted.

Things happen and news travels fast in this digital age.
A 4 car crash on Wellington quay this evening it blocked the citys traffic CHAOS FOLLOWED.
On  of the cars was a police car who was in hot pursuit.
No further news
The video is below.

Yesterday a guy I knew stopped me and said that only for me he was late for work.
A woman had stopped him and asked him for help.
"Help me please there is a body inside in my house and I need your help !"
So as she led him into the kitchen she said "She is lying here on the floor, its my sister, shes dead and I don't know what to do?"
There lying on the floor was an ironing board.
No body to be seen.
She wailed and was hysterical, so he phoned for an ambulance.
When they came they took away the ironing board and herself.
Then they checked the house over and made sure she had her keys and locked up.

The poor woman, a complete breakdown.
Take care of your mental health.

While I am on the subject
The body of a really beautiful14 year old girl was taken from the river Suir a week after she went missing. She had problems and she was being persecuted by bullied through social media.
Her parents had tried to get the police involved and social services with no luck.

This is not an isolated thing, bullies will torment people through text and email night and day.
She had been sexually abused by a person in a position of trust, but that person was never prosecuted in spite of  three other allegations being made against that same person.

There has to be a law that protects people from vicious people like her tormentors.
There has to be a system where the victim is protected.
Elisha Gault RIP

Shit one thing that you thought was important is nothing when you hold it up against other things.

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