Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Its Tuesday, but not for long

 Sorry there is no photos, computer problems.
I guess you will have to come to Dublin to see it for yourself/

Things are good.
I have renewed my licence for another year, so the paper hunt is over until next year.
I bought a Kindle fire a few years ago,it is a fantastic piece of kit.
It holds up to 600 books!
Then when they find out what you are interested in they funnel books towards you.
So it was that 4 books came to my attention one called  Please let me go a story about a 14 year old who was trafficked and sold to hundreds of men for sex.
Now I have a hard time with the Garda and how they don't deal with this problem.
I have had 4 instances of children and adults being transported in a drugged state.
My suspicions were never enough.
We need proof in order to act.
Still if I saw a 3 year old child running down the road alone I would have no hesitation in grabbing that child into my taxi..As if I would need proof that the child was in danger.

In one case a few years ago the Operation Quest could not find St.Johns Rd in Sandymount after 2 days searching !

Anyhoo as they say in Canada I will read the book and perhaps find some insight into the situation.
There is  website called Stop the traffik which I support on the right hand side of this blog, have a look see for yourself.

I met a right headbanger the other day on Annsley Rd She was going to the medical center in Smithfield.
Turn right here
Theres no right turn there.
Which way are you going then?
Straight ahead turn right into Buckingham street into Parnell St, if the traffic is heavy I will go up Hill St on to Dorset St
No No No
OK I said you show me the way I should go then?.
Stop the taxi !
How the hell are you driving a taxi if you don't know where you are going?
She slammed the door so hard it was like an explosion....Lucky me
She got into another taxi 2 cars behind me and no other taxi or bus came down that bus lane for 15 minutes or more.
I know she is not well.
But that is part of taxi life. 
Everyone else was normal !!


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