Monday, November 05, 2018

So Virginia got the ring

Time for Coffey in Cafe Java in Sandymount

Virginia from Brazil bought a Barn Brack and at Halloween there is a ring in it, she got the ring (She will marry soon for sure ) and went mental thinking that the baker had dropped the ring into the bread by accident.
She took some convincing for her to calm down.
4 Americans were amazed how we celebrate the festival.
"But this is a Celtic tradition not an American one"

Halloween went off with a bang.
Fireworks are illegal here so they buy them in Northern Ireland or from the dealers on Moore St.
It was like the 4th of July in Boston, with all the bangs and flashes.
My poor old dog used to go mad with the noise and the local vet used to sedate some of the more nervous dogs.

There is someone who has a shop in Liffey Valley and she asked me if I could find her someone to help her to work there.
I asked a really decent taxi driver if he knew anyone and his answer floored me.
"I have 3 sons and they are all useless, all drug addicts. The eldest lad is just out of prison again and he broke the terms of his parole, so he is going back down tonight.
God knows I did my best with them, they are 3 skeletons. no flesh on any of them"
He is a very decent hard working guy you would never think he had that kind of problem.

If everyone went to the magic table and put their problems on it.
You could view everyone's troubles.
You could take someones problems home instead.
Then you could see what problems the other people put down, you would be happy to take your own problems home.

There are a hell of a lot of Sex crimes coming to trial at the moment.
A Priest in his 80s went down and a father went to prison for having sex with his daughter from the age of 9. There was another similar case of child sexual abuse as well.
I hope there is a special hell for anyone who would destroy a childs life in  this way.

Anyhoo as they say in Canada.
Here is some simple advice from a fool. (Me)

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