Saturday, January 12, 2019

Herring days

I Know that I have met her. She died recently and left €3 million to charity

Find this book on Amazon, I met Denis and it is an education

Irelands eye off Howth

Good morning Dublin
Its 6 AM and I went to bed early so I am up before the work starts.

These are the "herrring days" The time when the work drops off and we have so little work that we cannot afford meat and only eat herrings.
Well that comes from the London cabbies, not as bad here.
We have Google and Facebook and 100 other Hi tec companies giving out work.
For myself I feel that if our flawed tax regime changed that they would be gone in a flash, this would turn vast areas of our city into ghost towns. So until then I will not rock the boat.
I picked up an interesting lady going out to UCD university in Bellfield. She wanted the science section, I said that I didn't know where that was, she said that her fone did not work here so she put in the information to my fone.

"Its in Dublin 4" she said

Now what I meant was that I did not know where the science block was.
On the way she told me that she was a scientist and was looking for a backer who could help her to encourage pharmasutacle companies to produce drugs which would tacke the causes of illness rather than treat the sysmptoms.
A very clever observation and I wish her good luck with that one.
I know a few high level thinkers, but I know that anything coming from me would be not well recieved coming from a taxi driver. (Perhaps its me)

Damn it a whole section delieted itself

So I stopped for a cup of coffee in Cafe Java in Sandymount where the best coffee is found.
I parked outside the butchers opposite and when I came out a lady approached me with a greayhound in tow. "How are you today Master McGrath?" He is very well John.
Someone I had not met in 20 years, then I remembered her.
I was on a job in Blackrock and a complete nutcase owned the house we were working on. The builder had a row with her and pulled out. 
Then he sued her. 
She had charged all the work to her store, he won the case and the sheriff came to retrieve assetts from the store. 
Then the shit hit the fan.
"No work was done in the store"
But she had charged all to work to the store.
Well when the fraud squad  were finished with her it cost her around 1/2 million punts.
Then the lady said said to me
"Whats my name?"
Shit! I couldn't think of Clodagh, when she said it I said "You have a fantastic memory"

If I took you by the hand and walked you for a mile throught this city even I would be surprised at how many people I know.. An American girl wanted to know if I was a film star?
"No! I just know a lot of people ".

There is an exam center near Dennis Mahonys garage in Finglas.  
I have been there before!
I got a call to go there today from Sandymount and the address that the people the gave her was no help at all.
My hopeful prospect was a doctor who was doing an exam to allow her to work in England. 
She seemed bright enough, no problem I think 

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