Monday, February 25, 2019

Missing person.

This guy came from Iceland to play poker .He walked out of his hotel on the 9th and vanished.

In nead of a little lift. Kavenagh is your man.

How would you like this job ? Plenty of fresh air,

It is really tough on that Icelandic guys folks, after the first 24 hours things are looking worse.
I hope he will turn up happy, safe and well.

A story from the taxi rank last week.
More and more Indian and Pakisyani drivers are coming on stream.
A driver told me that the guy in his local shop was going for his PSV licence.
A few weeks later he passed  ! Smiles all round.
The taxi driver wondered how he got through so fast and the guy told him that he had an interpreter,
he said theat he had problems with English and was provoded with an assistant. 
The assistant provided the answers and he flew it.

In this mad country I am living in I really could see it happening.
Like the time FAS sent me an apprentice who was colour blind !
He was very dangerous.

If I was in charge I would  require that you have lived in the country for 8 years with no criminal record, have a clean driving licence, be able to speak the language of your country.
Then you can sit the knoweledge and off you go.
Like the way it is in Spain. 

So lets raise the standard !

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