Sunday, May 26, 2019

May is almost gone

Its 6 AM and the people have come from the ferry, only one person took a taxi

Take a good look at this website.PCP is the biggest con job ever

There are hundreds of homeless people sleeping on the streets of Dublin.

I woke up early and went down to the ferry, the boat had landed and around 40 people were waiting.
There was no bus but no one moved for a taxi and it was blowing a mist of rain.
Then one girl walked over to the first taxi and I drove off as well.
They had had their chance and we all know how taxi drivers are robbing bastards. Still 4 people into town by taxi is cheaper than the bus.
I drove over to the other terminal where a Welsh lady was very glad to see me.
Thats life, swings and roundabouts.
Did you know that we had the Spice Girls in Dublin ? Something like 75,000 people came.
Wow they really enjoyed it. One girl in the taxi paid €200 for her ticket.
Just as well it was good.

Personal Credit Plan
Have a look at the website on the back of the bus or watch the video.

I bought nyfirst new car using a bank loan 8% for 3 years.
I borrowed £800 at say 7%
Yes the nice bank manager said its £800 +3 years intrest £168 for3 years /36 That will be £26.89 per month.. My old dad made me write it down.
First of all on day one you do not owe 3 years intrest
When you make your first payment tou dont owe £800 because you have made a payment off the loan.
Go back down and tell him that he misrepresented the situation and misslead you.

Well at 20 I had to do it.
The manager said that everything was explained to me and I took the loan.

Lucky for me my old school teacher happened to overhear the conversation.
He suggested to the manager that as he had indeed misled me he should give me a term loan.
As you repay the princaple is reduced and you only pay intrest on the remaining balance.

He didn't want to do that but changed his mind when we decided to go to the newspapers.

A guy in my taxi around 16 years ago gave me this advice

"Live within your means, whether you earn €100 or €1000 per week.
Debt is the one thing that will drag you down.
People who live beyond their means will have to work 15 or 20 years longer just to pay off their debts."
That great guy as it turned out to be a multi billionare and one of the nicest people I ever met

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