Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rugby on the northside

Well the old unusual cars keep turning up. the red one is a Robin Reliant a three wheeled car, made of fiberglass if my memory serves me well.
Landsdowne Rd home of rugby is being redeveloped and the GAA are hosting rugby and other foreign games in their state of the art stadium. 82500 seats will be up for grabs and it seems again as though tickets are like gold dust. To put this event into context we must look back to history and recall bloody sunday. An event which was the trigger great unrest which would lead us to civil war, which then led to the partition of Ireland and the formation of the Irish free state.
Old Irish die hards will hate to hear God Save The Queen played within the boundaries of the grounds. The officials have made a great gesture to the IRFU, lets hope the gurriers behave themselves
Still if its a win for the boys in green it will be a great event .

I will be working.

I had gone 1/2 way through the process of renewing my PSV licence a few weeks ago all I needed to get was a new tyre. Well I have been going to the same company for a good while, Fast Fit have expanded and taken have the Quick fit chain.
Time to reflect says I.
The last time I had a flat before Christmas they said "new tyre boss"
I said ok.. then they said the wheel was slightly buckled and the allignment needed to be done. Fair enough job done.
The steering was a bit off, so after Christmas I went back. The weights from the balancing had come off. I collered the boss and said that the tracking could not be correct with a buckled wheel so. Put on the spare re allign the steering and rebalance the other wheel.

So after the NCT I decided to try a small guy Atlas tyres in Phibsboro for the new tyre. Price was the same and when he balanced the wheel he stuck the lead on to the cetnre of the wheel. Alloys have to be done this way as they don'thave the edge that steel rims have, seeme like logic.
He did the other side and told me that there was lots of weights on the rim and when it was all taken off it needed very little ballast.
Perhaps it is a case where firms get bigger they get more careless.
So up I went to the NCT place only to find out that that day was the last day before my licence would expire.I thought I had until the 25th.
That would mean an extra charge of around e400.

So now I am all set for another year!

I hope the weekend goes well for you all.

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  1. I'm always happy when my taxi is in good order.