Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Over the hump.

These are Martello towers, they were built to protect Ireland from being invaded by Nepolian.
They are in Malahide and Portmarnock.
So after all these fine fortresses were built he decides to go to Moscow in the Fall instead.
Not a good idea.
Now they are converted into very desireable homes, cannon proof with 8ft thick walls !.

Today is St.Davids day so if you are Welsh you can celebrate. I don't know why any of the links to would not work. But go have a look. Wear a daffodill for the day!
Yaki da

Thursday on the horizon the weekend approaches we are over the hump.

St.Patricks day came early for Dublin taxi drivers last weekend with a fantastic win for Ireland in Croke park. I worked from early morning, taking a break for shopping and lunch and out again. Unfortunatly I got tired and had to quit when things were still frantic, but not before I had collected a good bundle. One fare alone was to Balbriggan for e63.00, the punter slept most of the way and paid up without any agravation. Then I got 4 runs from the airport which was like a scene from the evacuation of Dunkirk!
A lot of people had taken the week off for mid term break, now not a taxi in sight to take home the holiday makers. The dispacher was upset and was shouting at me. Why is there no taxis?
All I could say was this is what it will be like all the time when taxis refuse to pay the e500(per year) charge.
I met Richie again the man behind Green and gold radio in Australia. His site is not back up yet but he expects to launch by Paddys day,17 March.
I have a link near the bottom right of the page.

Another retired man from Clare who could recite all the teams who won the All Ireland GAA finals since 1913 for Hurling and Football. He said he used to know all the minor results but was a bit rusty now.

Another young man who is traning to be a racing driver, told me of crashing at 150 MPH! Then racing the next weekend. There is a lady who trains racing drivers near Ashbourne and he was signed in !.
I really should bring my note book and write in the names and supply more photos with my new camera phone.

A New York taxi driver and a Cardinal die in the same second!
St. Peter walks down to meet them,
St.Peter walks up to the taxi driver and embraces him warmly.
Welcome to heaven Paddy Reilly.
I have been looking forward to meeting you.
Come inside, go over there and shower, you will find silken vestments all laid out and a silver orb and sceptre. When you are ready sit at the top table.
Welcome again.
Turning to the cardinal St.Peter says, welcome father your changing room is over there, your vestments are cotton and your orb and sceptre is copper and you sit on the lower table fourth row down.
Hold on a minute St Peter says the cardinal. This can't be right I have served God all my life and you give the taxi driver the pride of place over me.
How can this be?
Up here it is reckoned on merrit says St.Peter.
While you worked half of your flock slept while the rest of the flocks minds wandered off to other thoughts.
Paddy Reillys customers on the other hand, from the moment the door slammed cried

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