Thursday, May 17, 2007

Simone from Brazil

Oh the glory of Summer. Here we have a girl from Brazil called Simone!
She asked me to hurry up and put her photo on the internet.Looks like she is dressed up for Formula 1 and I hope we will find her a better job than selling newspapers. One of my Brazilian friends will be ringing her tonight.People should stick together when they travel and help each other.
The other photo is of an undertakers shop in Wexford St. When I looked over the owner was looking out through the window, looking for new business. I was not quick enough to get him into the shot.

I met a Hungarian girl on crutches the other day. What happened to you? I was crossing the road at the lights and was struck by a car. They didn't see the lights at all. I broke my leg.
When they brought me into hospital in the ambulance they checked my spine and head. Its ok you have only a broken leg, so they left me on the trolley until 2 o'clock the next day. When they spoke to me again I said I was very sore, then the nurse noticed that I had not been given anything for the pain.

You should be in bed I said.
If I am not at my job I will get the sack. I must have money to pay for my apartment.
No sick pay and no rights. I hope she gets good compensation, but the ladies legal team who struck her will say she can't be too bad if she went to work after a few days.
When you are a non national and you are living in limbo life can be very hard.
Think of the many Irish living in the USA who are in the same situation.
Well we have loads of people here who have no rights to social welfare.

On the other hand all these willing workers are helping our economy move forward, I hope the exploitation that is going on will soon be stopped.

Had to act as the good shepherd yesterday,some people going to the Davonport hotel from the Westbury hotel. Its not far on the map but you have to go around the world to get there. I drove ahead and they followed, thought I had lost them but the traffic was so slow, this must be like what traffic in Bombay is like.
They were very good paid me a e5 tip. Safe home.

The other strange one was a lady and teenager asking to go to a riding stable in Wicklow..Where in Wicklow?...we don't know...Do you have a phone number? No.
Go up to the tourist information office and they will find it for you.
She didn't really want to do that.
Then one by one we became engaged on other jobs as she moved down the line looking for someone to bring her. Well you do need a rough idea of where you are going. Wicklow is a big area to get lost in.
I wonder how it all worked out. I got the feeling that she did not trust us anyhow.

Well I am off to the Airport.

This was a quick blog for Simone the paper seller.
Good Luck