Monday, May 28, 2007

Same old faces.

Well there you are Bertie Ahern back for another 4 years.
Here is a photo of his Palace is the office of the taoiseach (primeminister) It looks just like the headquarters of a Junta in South America.

Now I know how the people of America felt when Bush romped home the last time.

The other photo is a rack of taxi roof signs awaiting their new owners.
I cannot believe the number of taxis there are in this town. This is the most taxis per head of population in the world, the new boys keep coming out.We now have taxis well in excess of New York, we must now have at least 2,000 more taxis than NY. The population of Dublin is only 2 million.

Somethings gotta give!
There will have to be a bit of a cull soon to lessen the numbers.

The way they race back into town on a Friday & Saturday nights would put the Monaco Grand prix to shame.Cutting across lanes etc.
A traffic control cop with a speed gun in Fairview would make a fortune for the exchequer.

I change links at the side of the blog from time to time. Sometimes people give up, sometimes they are just resting. I almost cut out the link to DC cabbie a while back, well now he is back in good style again.
The real interest is to hop through the links, some great stuff to be found there.
The New York hack Malissa has been writing a book for the last 6 or 7 months.

We had a taxi driver here in Dublin who wrote a book a few years back.
Tales in a Rearview Mirror Donal Ruane. It sold well and is still in print, he has written 2 more books now, so I would say he is not driving any more..

A new link today is to "blank top dispatcher", she tells tales which might explain how frustrating it is to deal with the public, she does it so well.

Well If you had been in my cab in the last few days you would have noticed a funny smell.
Not my fault I swear. I had had the seats steam cleaned ate floor vacumed all for nothing.
I had the seats shampooed and still could not trace the source until I was looking for something in the boot and found it.
A plastic bag of dog poo.
Part of you civic duty is to clean up after your dog. Helps if you can remember to bin it though.
Sorry bout that, not my fault.
At least I can drive with the windows closed now.

A few years ago an old lady who lived down the road would bring her dog into my front garden to do his business. The boys were small then and they would get covered in dog shit when they were playing.
I caught her one day and I picked it up in a bag and ran after her.
"If I ever find dog poo in my garden again I will rub it on your front door".
I was known as "The angry man" from then on.

One mans anger is often not even a concern of the person who caused the uproar.

I brought my own dog to the vet as she was not herself, he examined her and then said I will check for diabetes and Bingo.She is now on insulin and I will have to work longer hours to pay the medical bills. I suppose we will get the summer out of her and then she will be put down before she suffers too much. Strange thing is that she is galloping around the garden full of the joys of spring as I write.

One other thing which caused consternation at the airport last week.
A white 7 seater taxi with tinted windows pulled up to pick up a passenger,the man got in and jumped out again and got into the car behind.
The car in front is first car said the driver.
I am not going in that car she has a baby in a baby seat. No way said the driver who opened the back door only to confirm what his passenger had seen.
Ten drivers saw it.

As I say things are getting mad around here.
2 nights ago load of cars without airport passes decended on the Airport to take away passengers who arrived in on a late flight.
Now loads of questions need to be addressed. Why were they allowed in? Who called them up to the airport?
Will this be the new rule? every man for himself

So it will be coming to a head when the summer holidays come around.
Will there be a free for all or a boycott at the airport.

A plane after takeoff.
The poilot gives his talk and then (Thinking the intercom is off) says. "Now all I need is a cup of coffee and a blow job".
The stewardess rushes forward to tell the captain of his error, when she is stopped by a little old lady near the front of the plane. "Take your time honey, he needs to finish his coffee first"


  1. Wow - how in hell did a bag of dog shit get in your trunk?? And how do you know it was dog shit and not - I hate to bring this thought to mind - human shit? That being said, are you really coming to NYC? If so, let's get together for a beer!

  2. Our dog was brought to the beach andd I guess there was no bin to dump it into. Whoever put it in the boot forgot!
    The dog jumps out of the car,so I guess the guilty party didn't think of it again.

    One of lifes little problems!.

    Yes I have been invited to Behans on Sunday. Exactly which Sunday is not known, but near the end of the month.