Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Going to America

At present they are making a film set in the time of Charles Dickens.I took the photo just as the carriage was passing and was deligthed to see the kids "Scudding" on the back like their grandparents did..

The other is a giant head from the government of Chilie. It represents one of the figures on Easter island.

What are you doing in the big smoke ? was the casual question, the answer brought home how vulnerable we all are. A friend of ours lost his 15 month old baby, so we are here to give any support we can. The child was perfect going to the creche next minute they were trying to get it to breathe. SIDS who knows? We are here to lend support,a lot of official paperwork and searching to be done, friendship was needed and they had come to offer their help.

Strange to say the lads were joking before I brought up the reason for their visit. "Gallows humour."

My own cousin by marriage has had a triple bypass and my aunt who is in her 90s has had to get a leg amputated above the knee after she neglected a scalded foot.
But they are doing well now.

Worked the weekend through the nights again and I must say I am converted. The work is there and you can put in the miles as there is no traffic outside the city limits.
It is a pleasure to sneak through the red lights at 4 am as you head back to town at 50 MPH. Instead of shufelling around bumper to bumper and your passenger cursing you for bringing him this route.

Met a girl from Chile. Irish grandfather, Spanish mother and Italian father.
She got the green eyes from her Irish grandfather, you would think the brown eyes would be the stronger gene!
The world comes to me yet I am going to travel.

Off to the USA Boston and New York.2 weeks and 2 days to take in the 4th July.
Looking forward to it, so I had better get my ass back into the driving seat now.
Never been to the states.And with the dollar falling it makes sense to go now.

Stevie Wonder came to Ireland because he wanted to count his money by himself.

(American notes are the same size)

I put a thing called Stat Counter on my blog and it gathers information about visitors to the site. One thing is the global aspect of the visitors to the blog.
New York. Washington,San Francisco, Canada, Scotland, Britain Wales, France, Italy.Spain,Hawaii and Australia.

Good day to you all.

I will post again before I go.

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