Thursday, June 14, 2007

What if ?

What if we believed that there is nothing new to discover?

Now that would be a strange world.

When Mr Hamilton was out walking with his wife it came to him in a flash. "Yes! why could I not see this before?"
So he got a stone and scratched the formula on the bridge in case he forgot it before he got home.Rowan Hamilton is so famous that if you Google him you get the biggest amount of hits than anyone else.
Well this therim is a crucial to higher mathamatics as addition is to lower sums.
Man would have never walked on the moon and space would never have been discovered without his formula.
I had a girl in the car the other day and she knew all about it."Its so simple really" Quantam psyics (Dizzy already)

Broom bridge in Cabra..

I crossed the bridge a 1000 times But now I stopped to take this photo of the inscription. Funny thing I always thought he wrote the formula on a Southside bridge.

Not one in Cabra.

So keep thinking that next idea might just be yours and could make you a millionare.
The lotto here in NY last week was $.90 mill.
I must go and check my ticket.

Oh yes they are still making the movie in Dublin.
The trip to America is nearly 1/2 over, We went from Boston to New York by train and explored the canyons of glass and steel that they call Manhattan. I was on Radio free Eireann telling the good people there how there is in in excess of 15,000 taxis operating in Dublin. New York for a population of 18 Million? has 12,250 yellow cabs.

Cab drivers in the Big Apple mostly rent their cabs for $108 a day plus gas. and at 12 mpg you could on a bad day, work all day and finish with less money than you started your day with!

So in 10 or so days I will give you loads of photos of America and new adventures from the mean streets of Dublin.

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  1. Hi John
    Id heard that tale a while back and had forgotten about it, a nice little anecdote for the customers.
    hope you're enjoying /enjoyed the trip, and look forward to reading about your adventures both there and back in the Battleship.