Thursday, August 23, 2007


Preforming on the trapeze in the shadow of the spire to celebrate Bloomsday a few years ago

The special criminal court. Used to try IRA and gangland criminals.

There are a few of these garden ornament places springing up.
Just everything for the lotto millionare.

The other day I picked up a guy from the UK going into Bewleys hotel in Ballsbridge.
Straight through the port tunnel and we were there in a few unstressed moments.
On the way he told me about where he lived in Woodnewton in Northhamptonshire.
It is almost in the center of England and is now famous as being the last resting place of Coco the clown. As a tribute to the great entertainer the town decided to hold an annual clowning festival, so people young and old pack up their sponge bricks and strings of sausages and head off for the festival. When they go they visit the grave and pay their clowning respects.The true hero of Briitsh comedy Norman Wisdom opened the first clowning festival and at 92 he is still an utter gent.He had a very hard life but is a great ambassador for Britaian, when I was writing this I found that he is not well. If true it is a very sad end for a wonderful person.
Be sure that you create a safety clause when you enter a pact with your children.
I hope that someonre in the Isle of man makes him a ward of court,then at least his rights would be taken care of.

A good friend of mine comes from a circus family and he takes great pride in tracing back his family tree to the early 700s where they toured Italy and Europe entertaining as they went. He is the magician Fred Corvenieo, he has some stories to tell of the great hardships suffered by people who live the wandering life.
With each passing generation the circus tradition gets weaker, its hard to get people to come out to be entertained, the telly keeps them away from seeing real life, soon you will only find live acts in Circus museums.

A small boy approaches his granddad.
Make me a sound like a frog..I can't do that one..Try granddad try....
Why do you want me to do it so badly ...
Well I heard mum and dad say that when you croak we can all go to Disneyland.

With the Rolling Stones in Slane last weekend we had a bumper night.
One thing I observe and often comment upon is if a taxi gets a fare to Tallagh for example that car is out of commission for 1 hour. Well I got Tallagh then got Ashbourne e18...e50 That took me out of the frame for 2 hours when things were hopping in town.
The fare to Tallagh still has me wondering.Man and woman,Polish very good looking girl,man as ugly as could be.
She was a bit drunk and started crying, he shouted at her and threatened to hit her unless she stopped. If he had hit her he would have been at the receiving end of my new no violence against women policy. He would have been crosseyed lying in the ditch and I would be bringing her home alone.
The Polish guy I reckon was a pimp and the girl I would think was with him under duress. His job was to bring her "home". She was drunk more from desperation than anything else. Human relationships I will never understand, I wish her well.
There are links on the bottom right of the site which will direct you to people who are combating prostitution and sex slavery.
Educate yourself.

Many years ago I was working for a radio cab co. and I pulled up between jobs in D'Oleer St. I had reclined the seat and was just nodding off when I herd a couple "having words" she was saying I wasn't laughing at you etc. then, BANG I sat up in time to see him ramming her head into the side of the phone box.
I called the dispatcher to get help and he had dragged her into the phone box and was going to whack her on the head with the telephone recever.
His eyes were wild,like he was in a trance and he did not even notice me coming up behind him.
With my nightstick I hit him so hard that I jumped off the ground with the effort. He went down straight away and I only got another whack at his knee to keep him in the same place.Then the screaming started.
"You bastard ! Thats my boyfriend you hit." 2 Garda arrived and started to assess the situation.
No she would not press charges, the Garda explained that this guy should be locked up etc,then he came over to me, look this is going nowhere you will be in trouble if he decides to do you for assault. This other dimwit he was beating is not going to thank you either so drive away quietly before I get a chance to notice your number, so off I went.
The modern boys in blue would the arrest the taxi driver as they see a cut and dried case of assault, even though the driver is helping someone.
In the times in which we now live you would loose your taxi licence and your taxi plate for having an "offensive" weapon,even though taxi drivers are attacked every day.
You are supposed to tap them on the sholder and say"I say old chap could you stop sticking your knife into that person before I get really cross"

Get real !.

Perhaps I should join "Expert taxis" they have an integrated camera GPS and panic button. The images are stored at the base, so ripping out the recorder is not an option.

Good news another new bar is opening in Dublin called floridita its at the Abbey St side of the Irish Life Mall. With a Cuban theme they promise to sell good Cuban cigars and bring the best of Cuban music to Dublin.
Did you ever listen to the Buena Vista Social Club?
To get you in the mood they are giving Salsa lessons on Wednesday at 7/8pm e10 no partner required,.thats my day off!.
Seems like there will be a cover charge to get in though!
You won't get a kute whore of a Cavan man paying a cover charge to go into any pub.

Oh the other news, my middle son proposed to his girlfriend and she said yes.
They are mad about each other and I am sure they will be very happy together.
So the family is getting bigger!

After a drive up to Northern Ireland we met the "in laws" on the shores of Lough Neagh. All went well all are great people.

Time to reflect on the day YOU met your in laws for the first time.

Good luck have a great weekend.


  1. Dublin Taxi

    I have not commented before, but I never miss a post, really enjoy reading the blog from Japan. Brings back memories of Dublin during some of my happiest ever times. Keep it up! or as we say in Japan. Gambatte!

  2. Its great when I get some comments.
    How else do I know that anyone is reading?
    Wow my car comes from Japan too.
    Toyota Avensis, really good car.
    What were you doing in Dublin?
    For 3 days now it has stopped raining!Really bad summer.

  3. Mauro Castro3:17 PM

    passing here to read the news. One I hug of the Brazilian taxi cab.

  4. Anonymous3:18 AM

    forget about expert taxis, they took the panic buttons out of their cars because too many drivers were messing with them.