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When I was in Boston I was crossing the bridge towards Boston MIT.
On the way back I saw this plaque on the bridge.
Harry Houdini was the best magician for publicity that ever lived.
He made his escape handcuffed, from inside a bag which in turn was in a wooden crate. Nailed shut with chains around. Now theres a thorough for you.
He escaped but he tells the story that he came up under the ice and he found a pocket of air and took a breath of air.
Then he herd his mothers voice calling him, he followed her voice and found the hole in the ice where the crate crashed through.
Much to everyones surprise.
In fact there was no ice on the Charles river that day.

Well hardly in May.
But he would never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

Many magicians are mad. Genius and madness are very close.
Houdini made up stories all the time.

I am reading a great biography about him at present.
"The life and many deaths of Harry Houdini". By Ruth Brandon. Random Press.

My hobby is MAGIC I have loved it for years.
My wife hates it as it involves bondage penetration.Making something out of nothing and making nothing out of something.
I used to do the odd magic trick in the taxi until an American lady nearly had a hysterical fit in the car,I really thought she would die.

Yes she thought of the only 2 of clubs in the deck..Big deal, she was holding the deck in her own hand at the time.
No really look.
Then the magic.
Look at the rest of the cards,she had named the only printed card in the deck.
All the other cards were in fact blank. Not only on the front but on the back as well.
For ages.
I thought she was going to die.

In case you don't know if you click your mouse on any colored word it will take you to a magic act from you tube.

I wish I could do this when stopped by the police
Stay with me for a while. With a deck of cards you could amuse people for quite a while
by doing a simple trick or three.
My wife asked me to get her something with diamonds in it, so I bought her a deck of cards.
Do you get the idea now?

You don't have to fly like David Copperfield or own lions and tigers like Seikfreid and Roy to do magic.You just have to entertain and these people are working all over the world

Steve Martin did a great magic act

Korea has a magic hero in Cyril Takayama
Look at some of his work he is great, and quite modest too, that is important.

Don't try to be like Penn and might die from lead poisoning,or worse.

For my friend in Madrid I introduce the rest of the world to Juan Tamariz

One of my magic heroes has only one arm from S America Rene Levand. I saw him at a magic convention, later on in the day he was talking to some people on the steps of the Winter Gardens(Blackpool). He stepped back and came falling down the stairs into my arms, I caught him in a bear hug as I did not want to catch the false arm and loose him.
All I could say to him was "I am one of your greatest fans". He is a very old man now see him if you can, he works cruises mostly out of S America..
One of the English magicians said, he's not bad but why the bloody hell could he not speak English.
He thought he was finished when he lost his arm. He is a hero in magic, the audience here in this clip are magicians, if he performed to real people they would go through the roof.
One arm only. How can he do it? His left arm as well.
His translator is Tina Lenert who has a fantastic magic act which is so magical origonal and funny. It has brought her around the world many many times because it is a silent act.

From The USA look at Fred Kapsand who would not laugh at Tom Mullica

Well then there is Paul Daniels and who can forget Tommy Cooper.Tommy hated people to look at him and he suffered badly with nerves.We had a great trip once from an old WW2 cabby who worked for Thames television, what a job he had to get Tom to the studio on time.

And our very own Keith Barry back at work after his horrific car crash.

So learn a magic trick, make your customers change vanish and take if from behind their ear!

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  1. Thanks for these clips - very entertaining indeed! BTW, I'll have you know my grandmother's grave is right next to Houdini's grave in a cememtery in Queens.

  2. Hi Gene.There is so much magic in New York.I must go to Tannins magic shop. and I will visit Houdinis grave when I come back.There is also Monday night
    and Fantasma magic 421 7th Ave2nd floor. But go see the blue man group foe a fun night.Try to sit near the fromnt downstairs.

  3. I was in New York a long time ago. Expensive place. Dublin is like NY now, very colourful culturally. I'm afraid its a little much for me, nice blog.

    Don't know how I found you though!!

  4. sorry about the bad link.

  5. Well Hannah. "I once was lost but now I'm found"
    I didn't know I was lost and you didn't know how you found me!
    Hope you have a good day.

  6. Zaira4:53 AM

    Hi John,

    Sorry it has taken me so long to check out your blog. What a great idea for a blog!

    I am the girl you mention in August that was from Florida and born in Costa Rica. There is one small error as I was born in the Dominican Republic.

    The Cliffs of Moher and The Burren were absolutely amazing and magnificent! It was a brilliant day! Ireland is a special place! I can’t wait to go back!

    Thanks for mentioning me on your blog and thanks for the pleasant taxi ride to the train station!

    Take Care and God Bless