Friday, October 19, 2007

Celtic tiger

Two young Polish looking guys spend the night sleeping rough.

Dublin Castle, once the center of British control.

The Celtic Tiger has started sneezing and the weather is getting chilly.
I am beginning to notice people living out on the streets,the Polish. Checz,Latvian etc are feeling the pinch. If you are in Dublin around lunchtime take a look down Bow street where several hundred homeless people are going for dinner every day. They came here with hope,no contacts,no English, no money and no chance.
I will not insult their pride by taking a photograph.

They are like the Irish who got lost in London and New York over the years.

At least communications are not as big a problem with mobile phones,e mails and text.

The old house sales have slowed down and the estate agents are not a smug when they drive past, from now on they will have to "sell" the houses,rather than just show them.
Falling prices means lower commissions.

I am resting today, tomorrow it will be hectic as the rugby final will bring out the punters. England V S.Africa.

I am fine now, so next week I will tell you a good story.

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