Saturday, October 06, 2007

First date

My 2 best pictures taken early morning in Clontarf.
I published one before now you have the set.

This is for the girl who is into web design and photography.

Friday got off to a hit and miss kind of session.

A young couple got in very polite going to Smithfield with loads of goodbyes and promise to ring tomorrow,he got out.I had hardly got the car into gear,"that was our first date".It seemed to be going well."Yes I think it did go well,time will tell"
Well you are wondering how it all worked out,perhaps in 2 years time we will meet again and she will say "I remember you,you are the man with the blog".
Then we will all find out how it worked out.

Did some runs from the airport, nice sober people returning from holidays.
Another taxi driver asked me where Dylan hotel was
Its just off Baggott St and I was told that its a 6 star hotel.I told his passengers that I hoped they were good tippers. The rooms are cleaned 3 times every day.They must have celebs as they said they were not paying.Fantastic website that 10 course taster menu seems the best idea yet.
Got a run back into town and then just by chance a run out to Rathoth e43 theres e45 driver keep the change, the houses out there are great it used to be a village 10 years ago, but you could get lost out there now.
I went to the airport and was dropping off a fare at around 10 pm two ladies just back from east Africa. The Greenhills road has a small garage where they have a couple of classic cars all the lights on at 10 pm. I slowed down a bit but saw nothing unusual except that all the lights were on. Well at that time a gunman walked into the garage and killed 2 people fired 8 or 10 shots and then off on his motorbike.
On the other side of town in Ballymun 3 raiders arrived to rob a security van which was filling a ATM machine at the garage.Bang fired a shot over their heads and grabbed the cash.
Problem one of the two motorbikes wouldn't start.
Then they had forgotten to bring a bag to carry the money.
A Carry on movie plot,but it gets better.
Leaving the money behind 3 robbers get on to the one motorbike and fly up on to the M50 and down the off ramp thus driving up the M50 the wrong way on the hard sholder.

Never a dull moment!

Later on in the night I had to bring my son out to the airport, I know he should ring a taxi but the taxi companies are hit and miss on weekends so I offered to bring him.He dosen't live with us so I arrived at this house in good time.
"Hi dad come in and wait while I LOOK FOR MY PASSPORT" which took almost an hour.
My blood was boiling and I know every parent feels abused by their kids,you put yourself out and they are far from ready to act.You only hope that their own kids will be the same,then you can say "you were 10 times worse".Hows that for revenge.

I don't think another taxi man would have waited for him,perhaps I am just growing up to be a grumpy old fecker,but I know Bob has missed many flights, his thoughts are on other things.

This knocked a hole 3 hours out of my busy night,just when the action kicked off.


Be kind to you children now and they will pick a nice nursing home for you later.

Tonight was different It was flat out from the start. We had the "Police" in concert in Croke Park and queues at the ranks from 10 pm till 4 am and later.
A lot of the runs brought me southside so the poor tippers were out in style.
You would think when they were rescued and brought home they would hand you back the shrapnel. No way, the southsiders have the money because they will wait for their 20c
Though I complain here I will never withold 10c change, I push the 10c back into their hands.
I worked as best I could but in the end the punters were getting a bit angry about having to walk so far that I figured that that the rest of them could just walk home all the way so here I am home at 5.30.

Tomorrow is another day.

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