Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Bigger Gulliver

This is the 15 ft sand sculpture of Gulliver which I missed last time.

Something of beauty a MINI COOPER , a rear head turner!

Recently tarted up HQ of the AIB bank Ballsbridge. Are they giving me the fingers?

Well I got out again and it even takes a while to work up your float!
I have been zipping about and I find that I have lost my rithym.
I find that I am not in the right place at the right time, missing ferries and flights. But like Tiger Woods,
My swing will return.

As I get older I have learned to bend like a willow in the wind!
Like last night I was stopped near Bins Bridge by a group, they kept me waiting 2 minutes ,then said. "We want to wait for a big taxi!"
Well once upon a time I would have said "That will be e4.10"Which is the cost when you stop a taxi.
Or I once might have explained that when you pay all the 1 euro charges per passenger and put it against the time waisted while you wait for a 6 seater you would be quids ahead by taking 2 taxis....

As I say it is not up to me to educate people, so I just drove on and did not resent the other taxi in front of me picking up a fare,which would have been mine had I not stopped for them in the first place.

Still its good to be back.

I worked my butt off but I did not rest enough during the day and found tyredness setting in around 2 am Fri. and Sat.

Then I stopped...........
Virgin radio has a big campaign about driver fategue at the present time.

More people are killed by tiredness than through drunken driving.

This will be a big factor going forward for more pay when the hours one must work to make a living wage become longer and longer.

"How man roads must a man drive down?"

I got a fright last night near the Bleedin horse pub.

There was 3 girls in the back and we saw a girl going through the bins,
I said
"Think you're bad look at that."
Just at that point the lady turned to go to the next bin and we saw her face. 25/30 and I know her!
Where I know her from my mind will tell me later.

But she was a bright and articulate person once, and not very long ago.

Looks like she has had a complete mental breakdown, poor woman.

I hope someone who cares about her finds her soon,it is strange how the best of people fall through the net

Loads of people are loosing their jobs now,many do not know how to cope.

Its really scary.

Look after your mental health!
Thats what the ad says.

I despair of our society when I see elderly and mentally ill people wandering in our streets, it is a direct reflection of the quality of our own lives.

How do we treat our ill or elderly people?

Of all the head cases(I mean passengers) I had one in the last few days one sticks out.
She works on private hire cruisers.
Off to the South of France now where she joins her boat.
She works around the world and has seen a lot.

She even was shipwrecked once!
Boat started to sink,,more and more..Then

Mayday !! Mayday !!and a rescue off the coast of Cuba...
The boat just sank to the bottom of the sea.
They never found out why beacause the boat was never salvaged.

Interesting stuff.

I will try to carry a note book to take observations as they happen, when I finish a shift I am so tired that I sleep and forget what took place.
Normal enough I suppose.


  1. Nice to see you back at it John, But as you say it will take a while to get back in the swing.

  2. They go through the bins at the bleeding horse for magazines... mostly free copies of expensive rags, not necessarily mad just not rich