Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Goodbye Bertie

CHQ, shopping centre in the IFSC, they have sofas where you can sit and talk.

A recently cleaned doorway in Christchurch cathedral.

The other day I had a girl from Paris in the car, she was bringing her daughter into school late as they had been to the eye doctor, she had a "lazy eye" which involves covering up the good eye to make the weak eye stronger.
Talk with a French person comes in always comes back to food, they have such a passion for cooking and baking. Paris has so many pastry shops and coffee shops it's a dossers paradise.
There is a new French bakery on Exchequer St. Yes she had been there. A pain au chocolate and a few pasteries, she handed up e5 but the bill was over e12.
In Paris you would have change from e5!
Now its something when you hear a Parisian telling you that Dublin is so much more expensive than Paris.
There was a cookery program on the telly just now. In the French market the lady bought 4 quasants and the man asked for e1.

If prices keep on going up like this we will suffer very badly.
Things are bad for the Americans and the English coming here (happy st. Georges day)with the Euro so strong.

Good time for us to visit the USA though!

Goodbye Bertie.
Well you would think Bertie Ahern our prime minister had died and gone to heaven, his last day in the dail and everyone has lovely things to say about him.
Not even one word about "Corrupt payments" or "Whip arounds" to help a mate in need.

Still he and a few others brought peace to Northern Ireland and that was no small achievement.
Perhaps he will head off to negotiate with the Talliban! who knows.

Other news of the week is that in Crumlin childrens hospital a doctor removed a kidney from a child. But it was the good kidney, can anything be worse?
Pressure = Mistakes.

An old guy looked the worse for wear flagged me down at Hearts corner, "ll show you the way, round the corner,Whitworth road. A journey of 150 yards. In the 8 minutes it took he told me his story,that loads of empty taxis had passed him. One stopped and told him he did not know where Whitworth road was and drove on even though I told him I would show him the way.
Then he dropped his bombshell.
"My stepdaughter died yesterday 27 years old, a beautiful girl, we don't know it was suicide or a heart attack...I'm fucking devestated"

As he got out he pusher e5 into my hand keep the change and thanks again for stopping for me.
Guess he needed to tell someone before he exploded with grief.

You just never know, I guess we all would look down and out in the same circumstances.

Here is a lucky guy

I wonder did he do the Lotto as well.

Stay lucky!!!


  1. Did I see you?
    05 silver prius, picked up a pretty thing in a lime green dress I think it was around midnight, grey hair glasses?

  2. Anonymous5:06 AM

    Yes Roy, sounds like me!!!!!

  3. Another few years of the 'oily' crowd in office here now and you folks could buy the US rather than just visiting. Have to outbid the Chinese though.