Thursday, May 01, 2008

Lotto panic

I think thisis the Guinness coat of arms in St.Annes park

Traveller graves in Kells Co. Meath

May day,the workers holiday.
All Friday will be busy until it gets gridlocked at around 3pm.
Enjoy yourselves you lucky wage slaves.

Remember the horse fair will be on in Smithfield this Sunday.

Loads of interest in the Prius car and she uses very little petrol.

I just run this pas you to see what you think.
I pulled into a busy filling station, put in more than e40 worth of petrol and the pump stopped. So I put back the nozzle and pulled up to let the next person in.
At the cash desk I said pump 3 e41. "That pump is in use."
I know that,I filled up before him.
" Look there is nothing on the screen, next please"
She gave me back my money and told me to go.

If it comes out of her wages she won't be a happy camper.

I bumped into a mate on the rank at Heuston. "I'm the one there talking about"
Then he went on
"The taxi driver who won the lotto.
What happened was this.
I was cleaning out the van when a young lad on a bike asked me if I had won the lotto.
Yes it was me says I.
Then he went down to the newsagents where the press were hanging around and they have put the house under siege since.I had gone off to work while this was going on, it is totally crazy.
I went into the Lotto HQ and asked them to put out a statement, but they won't do it.
To make matters worse, the winner has come forward and he has kept his name secret."

So he has all of the hassle of winning the lotto and none of the benefits.

Still I hope he did win it,he is a good guy and a hard worker.
If it was me I would keep my mouth shut tight.

Tuesday 6th of May will be the best morning ever to get a taxi!
A protest has been arranged and every taxi in Dublin is requested to turn up for work, this is to show the regulator just how many taxis there are in the city.

Here is something for you Northsiders to think about click here

Here is another one,this one has started work. look

Taxi drivers will soon have to know self defence training starts here


  1. John, I have been tagged and have in turn tagged you. Forget it if don't care to join in, but if you do check out my latest post.

  2. A friend once won a lotto in FL when I lived there. Don't think he's ever let many know of it. These days I think you have to agree to publicity, not sure.