Monday, May 05, 2008

Sunday Times

A protest march to the regulators office a while ago.

Taxis queue to infinity at Heuston for the train

Just to hand.
From the Sunday Times.
Top 10 + 1 taxi cities.
number of people per taxi.

Dublin 98
Oslo 112
Mexico City 123
Paris 136
Seoul 148
Tokyo 232
Madrid 233
Athens 243
Copenhagen 279
Wellington 292

Istanbul 572 people per taxi!

Kathleen Doyle comes out with statements like.
"radio cab companies can't get enough drivers"

Well if I was getting e80 from every car which had my radio I could not get enough cars either.
Don't forget you don't have to have work for all the cars you have.


  1. Hopefully I'll catch you at the work in this morning. i'll look out for the prius, you keep an eye for the boot sticker!

  2. best of luck tomorrow but any drivers i talked to dont know about it. great idea with plenty of notice and publicity. not sure if i'll be up that early, but if i can drag myself out of bed i'll be on the green.

  3. Hey John, Hope today goes well for all the Dublin Taxi Drivers, I support ya all 100%.

    BTW please change my radio link, it should be :



  4. Anonymous6:42 AM

    hello john just left NRC due to the lack of work. Like your site fellow collegue 25127 blue merc
    regards James

  5. Lads its time for the tail to stop wagging the dog .All the full time drivers should set up our own cab company .The accounts would have to come on board because the other companys would have no cabs.The airport would have to drop their fee or they would have no cabs.We own the taxis not them its time to pull together .One man one share .cheap base for everyone better deals on cars ;fuel ,insurance,Its time to stop being on your own lets stand together and work me if your intrested in putting things right and pass the word on.Hoping to her from everyone soon .We can only help ourselves nobody else gives a f**k if we starve.So come on lets get the finger out