Friday, October 10, 2008

Blink and your moneys gone

Nothbrook clinic Northbrook Rd.

This house at the top of Highfield rd.Rathgar.
It has been completely rebuilt it must be the biggest house ever.

It was a funny week, not too funny with vomiting and diarrhea on Sunday and Monday and then still fasting all that time until Wednesday....Then I heard that this started off in Lourdes France where the Carmalite nuns went, and they all caught it and then brought it home.

Makes sense of the expression holy s***.

Doesn't make me feel better knowing that,but I do feel better now at last.

So my lucky spirit keeps sending me work and I can flit around this city and meet people on a mission and get them there.
I went to Grafton St the other day and parked up at the Westbury hotel, I went down to talk to the flower sellers, they sell a sight of flowers, the flowers are all exotic and very special, they do very well.
While I was there a guy of around 17 caught my eye. He had a distant look on his eyes you could really see that he was in a trance. As I watched he started twitching all over,arms,legs and head.

The police really don't care about people like him and if you are reporting something you have to slant it in a different way, or they will never respond.
So I rang them and I explained that I was afraid he might attack someone, but he really needed help himself.
I hung up the mobile and I stood beside the flower sellers for a while.
After 5 minutes he came over and asked for directions to Bewleys cafe and he wandered off..A young Garda arrived after a while and we pointed the guy out but I don't know how well clued in he was (he was very young)this would not be a situation which would end well if the policeman did not use tact.

Back to the car where a Scottish actor who is filming here wanted to go to Portmarnock golf club,, he was getting a bit upset about the drizzle when we arrived and when he paid me I passed him the change and he gave me e5 tip.
Then he had no umbrella!!
So I said take mine and leave it with the doorman tomorrow..
"If there had been no tip there would have been no umbrella", but he laughed and said that he always tipped anyhow,people watch for actors not tipping.
Today after 3 calls to his room today we located it,in the store room.

I went to City West with a guy who sells hardware.
He talked about the sudden recession.

"It is like a curtain fell"

Guys who placed orders for e10,000 per month every time suddenly did not repeat the order, then the repeat order fell to only e1,400 which in hardware terms is nothing.

Accounts are due.

We are on shorter working time, we are dropping staff.
But the big thing is that we see no end to it ....and now the banks want their money too.
He was happy getting out though and tipped well.
(A sign that you have done a good job)

Guess he won't be in the market for a new BMW soon though.

I turned the car and went down to the City West hotel for a pee, I just stopped the car, but before I could get out a group of Dutch people got in going to the Square in Tallagh..
The biggest guy sat in the front his legs were too long to go out straight so he sat with his knees up on the dash..Big in every way, I told him he should go for"The strongest man" instead.
He is a darts player I saw him on telly a few times."180".

I went back into town then and tried to use the toilets in Heuston train station. As I was going in I met someone coming out, we are cousins and she was so glad to see me. we knew each other instantly, so 10 Min's were spent on people from home, by the time we had hugged our farewells the people were coming out of the station,the fare was a pilot going to Weston aerodrome a private airfield, he told me that most of the jets were gone, taken back from their owners and a lot of the other ones were going to be taken back, he was still doing OK though.
I got the impression he worked for the Repro man.

Back to the station.
my next fare took me to Burgh quay to Birminghams cameras where I was presented with my fourth e50 note of the day.
The guy in the shop would not cash the note, so I turned to the customer and said I would bring him to a different camera shop...Look these guys can't be up to much if they can't even change a e50 note..

There was a moment when I told him i would have bring him up to the Camera Exchange on Andrews St."But I have been coming here since I was a lad" said the customer.
The guy behind the counter woke up then, he opened the till and the money flowed. Thank you Moses..
And off I went on to find my next mission.

I went back to the coffee house where I have had my last bad coffee.

I SWORE I would never go back.

I decided I would tell her that her love life was affecting me,she would never see my smiling face again and that I would tell her uncle(Dracula) about her when I went back to Transylvania for my holidays...
I guess people from Transylvania are not great in the mornings!
She smiled at me and said "yes I am still in love with my husband of 14 years"

(I should have said that she should go for more mature men, but it would be in bad taste)

She got quite perky then and the coffee would have given you a blister on your tongue.
Hot drinks. Happy days.

The new taxi fares have been declared,(8% overall) so when I was dropping off at the airport I popped into the meter place.
"I'll do it for you now son"
6 Min's work,tops, e75

Now I have to get it sealed that costs another e60 at least.

I would like to see an international price comparison, but I know this is a rip off!

He was telling me he had done meters for 3 pilots in the last few weeks, 2 passenger ones and a helicopter pilot.
Now theres a sign of the times we live in.

Thought I won the Lotto the other day, yes the ticket looked good, seemed I had 4 numbers though I did not know what the other numbers were.
But my 7 should have been a 17 and the other 2 numbers were out as well...what the heck..I would only spend it.
It was a strange feeling driving around with a e3 million ticket in your pocket for all you knew and you had not having the time to check it.

Yes I will split it between my fan base.


  1. I'll assume you were talking about you being sick, when you mentioned vomit and er.... Here, we say you're not a real cab driver until someone craps their pants in your cab. I did actually have 2 shifts in a row recently when someone vomited in the back seat. Fortunately, both of them got the door open and mostly puked on the pavement. One was even a college girl, that was a first.

  2. Would you post if you actually won the lotto?