Thursday, October 02, 2008

Could do better.

Blessington basin used to be the reservoir for the Jeameson distillery

A good judge of a restaurant.
Well getting back into the swing of things though "she who must be obeyed"is pointing to jobs to do.Not a hell of work on the streets so I can keep everyone happy.

The photo is of a toilet in a Chinese restaurant in Parnell St.
What a mess! The walls had little bits of toilet paper stuck to the walls.
That's the kind of mess you get from clearing the drains......But then you are supposed to hose down the walls and spray a bit of disinfectant around.
That's another place I won't be visiting in a hurry.

Sign of the times I see sandwich bars and high price coffee houses closing down.
Restaurants are feeling the pinch now too.

I got an e mail from Japan Z4 BMW sports car waits at Dublin port no reasonable offer refused.
Must be bought today.
High spec too.

Talking of Japanese imports, did you know that the electrics, radio, sat nav,TV etc. will not work in Ireland. I had a wave band expander fitted in my car radio and I can now get the full range of FM stations instead of just one.
The guy laughed when I asked for a radio with a tape deck,"Living in the stone age,its I pods now"

Still my old cassette tapes were great.(Not 8 track)

Then there's the banks,safe and sound.

Every man woman and baby have promised to bail them out if they go under.

When I see what these fund managers were paying themselves in spite of the losses that they were making.
And the salaries of the top executives it makes me quite angry.

A lady going to the Bon Securs hospital started thinking I was bringing her the wrong way, be patient for a second says I, coming off Botanic Rd. That's it on top of the hill.
I thought it was somewhere else she says.

Well I never heard that before.

You bring a person to the place and they tell you it should be in another geographical location altogether,,,,even though they are there.

I can't fathom where the traffic blockages are coming from,when you get through the hold up there seemed to be no reason for it to be there altogether. Except in Capel st where the last 2 lights are out of sync again it makes me mad.

So keep your chin up your eyes on a distant star, stepping boldly forward.

Mind the dog shit.

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  1. It's a good rule of thumb that, if the toilets aren't up to standard the food isn't either