Saturday, February 07, 2009

Ireland 30 France 21

A motorcyclists visor, every picture tells a story.

We have had snow on the ground for 3 or more days now.
People were stuck in cars for 5 or 6 hours doing a 5 mile journey on the first day, I really don't know why we can't get our act together a bit better.
The airport was closed for the most of the day and then when the runway was cleared they couldn't move the parked planes because they had compacted snow on the aprons.
Just as well I am staying on the ground.
Well there will be sore hearts in Paris tonight, Ireland beat France 30/21 at rugby in Croke park.
After all the snow rain and frost I felt sure that it would not be played, but the new pitch has underground heating and excellent drainage worked wonders.

I worked all last night and did not get enough sleep to tackle tonight.

Driving a taxi is not a job to do when you are tired, one small error could cost you your money or your life.

Last night I picked up a guy covered in tattoos with big rings stuck in his ear lobes,when we got to his apartment complex he hopped out to open the gates, they won't open I'll try from the other side, as he left my sight I thought I had picked a runner. But he came back round and paid me, what a relief it was a e17 fare.

Others were a French girl who has lived here for 8 years. It was funny to hear her French/Irish accent, she seems to really like Ireland, that is for sure.

One other girl was Irish , she had a great job a master brewer with Diagio (Guinness).
She was just back from Australia, next off to Africa and then in the summer she is going to visit her cousin who just as it happens is a hot Irish Hollywood star.
She painted me a thumbnail sketch of stars life,living in big houses or groups of houses with private roads and security guards everywhere.

Isolation is the main problem, they have gardeners, cooks, housemaids and all kinds of personal assistants and personal trainers.Her cousin had told her to watch out as some people would use her to get to him, there is a sense of mistrust everywhere and loneliness.There is a downside to most things.

I should have told her to visit the Magic Castle on Franklin ave. in Hollywood.

Later on in the night I went up to the Dublin mountains to Stepaside and on to Kilternan, the snow was heavy up there ans all the cars from the apartment complexes were parked on the roads as the roads within the estates were too slippy with ice.
The freeze continues coldest I have seen it in Dublin for a ling time.

Another march is planned for Monday at the same place
The story continues.


  1. Ah Stepaside 0 I think we used to play pitch and putt up there and a few pints in the 70's.

    We could do with a bit of that snow in Victoria - shocking disaster there.

  2. Anonymous5:30 AM

    @ SAM
    you should see stepaside now its full of apartment blocks .i dont think theres a pitch and putt course left up there .