Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dracula, a story for Dublin

Monkeys playing billiards where else would you see it?

This country cottage is right in the heart of Dublin.
Do you know Where ?

Apartments for sale,not one sold..

That Italian lad I met the other day has a blog find it hereHis photo album is very good. He also gave me a very good website to see photos on Some great photos there too

There was an advert in the paper from the taxi regulator inviting comment on the Goodbody report.
You should order your own copy of the report from 1890 347 347 or go to the website

The report has made no reference to the ratio of taxis per head of population, I had some figures once, at that time we had the highest ratio in Europe, the next closest had half the ratio. ie. Ireland had say 6 taxis per thousand, Hamburg had 3 per thousand and London had 1 per thousand.
When I get those figures as Sarah Palin once said "Ill get back ta ya on that n"

One thing which sticks out is the introduction of tachometers which will record drivers working hours,,,big brother will really be here then.

My day off Tuesday was spent mowing the lawn the first time this year and fixing someones burglar alarm. People are getting more security conscious now after a guy got stabbed by an intruder in Ballybough the other day.
They held on to the robber though.

You know the older I get the more I see the need to bring back the BIRCH, Ah a good whipping would work wonders on the likes of petty thieves and handbag snatchers.

Judges seldom get broken into as their houses are well guarded and alarmed so they have no idea what it is like to be robbed.

There was a judge here in Dublin who was very lenient with young offenders until she had her handbag stolen. In the snatch she was spun around and broke her hip.

On her return to the bench a young handbag snatcher on his first offence got a 12 month sentence, he would have got a caution before she herself was robbed.

I had a guy in the taxi today whose own business has picked up no end,he took a phone call,"Well if those assets are yours all you have to do is provide us with paid invoices and we will allow you for them,, no I can't allow that.
At 10.30 I will be in court for a winding up order, Its 9 am now"

He was of course "The liquidator"

A very well paid job.

And he knows a guy I went to school with. Derek E***.

So you see every cloud has a silver lining ....For someone.

South Circular Road to North Circular road Hanlons corner (Methadone clinic) then to Raheny post office for payments, then back to South Circular Rd...e40...unemployed heroin addicts with more money than me.

It must be a good job.

No! not for a minute, but I would love to know how the system works.

Did you see any of the adverts around ?, "One city, one book,,,,Dracula"

The guy who wrote the book Bram Stoker was a Clontarf man and they are projecting the idea as a kind of tourist attraction......

Wait a minute!!!!
In my mind this is a story about drug addicts,


The pale gaunt ones with sunken eyes who move on the edge of society.
They infect one another and become the living dead.
In order to carry on they supply drugs to other vulnerable people, who in turn create even more addicts.

They are not seen to eat much and live off the blood of their victims.

Do you get the idea now?

I will be like the guy in the movie I will keep a crucifix on the dash and a wooden stake and a hammer in the boot.

Try explaining that to the judge !.

Or perhaps it is this job, driving around in an empty carriage looking for the living while Dracula our evil master,who lives in her big castle on Fitzwilliam square speaks in words which make no sense.

Taxi drivers for change have called for an all out strike on the 30th of March.

KATHLEEN "ITS GOOD TO TALK" Some of these protests are getting violent.
Lets hope you don't have an appointment in St.Lukes cancer hospital on that day.

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