Thursday, March 05, 2009

The drive to town

The inside of a model T.
Note the pedals are marked B and C

Another fine Ford.

The Northside taxis assemble.

Yet another protest today, but this time instead of marching....We drove into town from 3 locations. Surprise Surprise it made all the newses!
The other marches got no recognition at all.

The union leaders said that we should not march!

We should wait for the Goodbody report(or whoever it is) to come out.
Delaying tactics is not an option, Taxi drivers in Dublin cannot make a living any more.

Taxi drivers are now coming into the business not knowing where O'Connell St is.
Imagine being in New York and the taxi driver asks you to show him the way to Penn station? Its gone mental.

Just wait until there is a murder, then people will be asking questions.

Why wait until that happens, tighten up the rules now.

I had a politician in the car the other day.He told me that he got into a taxi in Stephens Green and asked to go to O'Connell st."Where is that"asked the driver.
He pointed the direction and the driver headed off down Grafton St,. and only a Garda stopped him he would have gone down the whole way. Every time I said left he went a different way until we arrived in O'Connell St with more than e20 on the meter.
I gave him a e5 and told him to buy a map.

This guy will be telling Kathleen Doyle this story soon, and she will say" No Problem" "That's her answer to everything" he said

You know I think this guy is on our side.
I had to leave the demonstration at, but all the people who spoke to the press spoke well, I hope that someone in power listened too, after all we may not have a voice .


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