Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Death and Taxes

Remember remember the 8th of September that is the date for the special children's outing and its the 50th one.
There are stars in big cars lined up Don't miss it.
086 8432175.

Every year at this time my heartburn gets worse and worse, I gather jotters and cover the dining room table with receipts which are fished out of drawers in the kitchen, bedroom and garage.
Then they are lined up with the totals from the meter and all totted up. The medical receipts clutch repairs and other great things are totalled and balanced and I go to the accountant and in a few hours later I emerge relieved making myself a promise to do the accounts weekly and monthly so there will be no pressure on me later.

I came across this from Australia.
I had a guy working on my extension a few years ago,Felix, his mate was a taxi driver they got together for a few pints every Thursday,at that time the tax clearance cert was coming on stream. Felix's mate had been driving a taxi for over 20 years and signing for unemployment benefit at the same time. Over 20 years drawing benefit and driving a taxi without paying tax.
He was as they say "between a rock and a hard place"

He decided that he would sell his own taxi and drive his brothers car when his brother had time off.
After all he couldn't declare 20 years of unpaid tax and fraudulent benefit payments.

Some pay tax, others use forged permits and because there is so little enforcement.
The people who cheat the system are well rewarded.
Those who comply die from a million small "knife cuts"

I must send for my "drivers manual" and it is for certain that I will have to do a course which will include first aid etc., at a cost to me.
While cloned cars and bogus taxis cruise past me all the time.

There needs to be roadblocks and guys with computers to properly verify documents.
Forged documents are good copies, too good to be verified with a glance of the eye.

A few weeks ago when cars were being stopped the number of taxis working dropped by a very noticeable amount, I then had an OK night..

All this illegal activity is bad enough until something happens, like a murder by an unregistered driver, then the Herald will be full of "Taxi driver scum"
Joe public will be making other arrangements and it will be harder times for all.

Oh yes I saw the Google Earth camera on the north strand today.
Its a red car with 4 cameras on the roof pointing each way. The cameras are on a stand around 5 feet up from the roof of the car, so they will be looking over the hedge at you.

Good luck with the twins.

I was just wandering around you tube and I found this haunting tune for you.

Perhaps I might become a magician too Lesson 1

And if you get really good you might become brilliant.

You just have to see Mr Green.How can he do that?

May there be magic in your life allways

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